A church like this needs a church security camera system.


Key takeaways

  • A church security camera system will deter crime and keep your congregation safe.
  • The three best church camera systems are the Lorex Fusion Series, the Defender Vision, and Reolink.
  • ButterflyMX access control technology pairs best with church cameras.


Security cameras are one of the top security tools for multifamily properties, commercial businesses, and single-family homes. Churches are no exception. Every church security plan should include a church security camera system.

In this post, we’ll review additional reasons why churches can benefit from a security camera system. Next, we’ll tell you about the best church cameras to buy and how to install them. Finally, we’ll provide an overview of security technology that pairs best with a church surveillance camera system.

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Why do churches need a security camera system?

Approximately 20% of Americans attend church on a weekly basis. As a result, a high number of users can result in increased security risks and concerns at your property. It’s your responsibility to keep your congregation safe, and we believe that a security camera is an excellent starting point.

A church security camera system allows you to:

  • Ensure that worshippers feel safe
  • Deter crime
  • Help identify criminals or suspects
  • Protect church property and staff


What is the best church security camera system?

The best church camera system will depend on your unique place of worship. The size of your church plays a big factor when determining the best camera system. The number of daily visitors that your church receives and the location of your church are also important. A multi-camera security system is likely your best bet.

The three best security cameras for churches are:

  1. Lorex Fusion Series
  2. Defender Vision
  3. Reolink


1. Lorex Fusion Series

The Lorex Fusion Series features a 4K 16-camera compatible system that is excellent for a large property with multiple entranceways, such as a church.

Features of the Lorex Fusion Series:

  • Motion-activated floodlights
  • Motion-activated warning alarm
  • 4K full-color night vision
  • Microphones and speakers in each camera
  • IP67 weather-resistant rating

As you can see, the Lorex Fusion Series can be placed both indoors and outdoors and features additional deterrents to trespassers, such as a siren and floodlights.

Cost: $1,012.99


2. Defender Vision

Defender Vision cameras also offer a 4K 16-channel wired system. While the following features specifically examine the 16-channel camera system, Defender Vision also offers different systems that could benefit a smaller church. Their eight-channel and four-channel systems can benefit smaller churches.

Features of Defender Vision security cameras:

  • 4K Ultra-HD resolution
  • Night vision
  • Empower app that allows for remote viewing capabilities from a smartphone
  • 2 TB of data storage

Cost: $949.99


Reolink offers a variety of different camera systems, including a 16-channel system.

Features of Reolink security cameras:

  • Person and vehicle detection
  • Audio recording
  • Mobile phone monitoring and alerts
  • Night vision
  • 4 TB of data storage

Cost: $799.99


Learn how ButterflyMX works:


Church camera system FAQs


Should churches have security cameras?

Churches should have security cameras. As with any building that receives a large amount of visitors, a security camera will help keep people safe.


How much do church security camera systems cost?

Church security camera systems cost between $150 and $3,000. The type of camera system you choose plays a big role in the cost. A bigger camera system with more in-depth features will cost more. Additionally, installation can cost upwards of $1,000.


Is it illegal to film inside a church?

No, it’s not illegal to film inside a church. However, church attendees do expect a certain level of privacy. After installing surveillance cameras, it’s important that you post appropriate signage to let people know that they are being filmed.


Are churches allowed to have cameras?

Yes, churches are allowed to have cameras. Churches are able to film and record as deemed necessary. Worshippers are not entitled to privacy when they attend church. However, it’s important to make sure that anybody who enters your church is aware that they may be on camera.


A church security camera system.


Where should security cameras be placed in a church?

Whether you have wired or wireless security cameras for churches, they are all going to be placed in the same general locations.

Your security cameras should be installed:

  • At all entranceways
  • Outside of amenity spaces
  • Outside of staff-only areas such as a bell tower
  • Within parking facilities


How to install a church security camera system

We recommend finding a professional installer to install your security camera system. Professionals will not only install your cameras quickly and efficiently, but they will also know where to install your cameras in order to best keep your property safe.

Factors you will want to consider when installing your camera system:

  • Lighting. Churches aren’t always well-lit. An area with more light will allow your cameras to function properly, even if they have night vision.
  • Integrations. If you have other security systems, you will want to make sure that your camera setup does not interfere with them. For example, cameras that move independently could trigger other motion sensor devices.
  • Obstructions. The angles of church architecture can be different from other property types. Keep this in mind so that your cameras get a clear view of all entry areas.


A good placement spot for a church security camera system.


What church security equipment pairs well with cameras?

ButterflyMX access control products integrate well with security cameras. ButterflyMX products are currently installed in over 10,000 buildings. Access control technology will feel right at home in your church.

ButterflyMX products include:

  • Vehicle readers and windshield tags. These provide keyless entry to your church’s parking facilities.
  • Keypads, key card and fob readers. Secure private rooms from the public and choose from a wide variety of different access credentials.
  • Video intercom system. Secure private entrances to your church with a video intercom system that allows face-to-face video communication, remote entry, and keyless entry from a mobile phone.
  • Package management system. Store church deliveries in a secure storage area accessible by a keypad.

ButterflyMX features include:

  • Remote management. Manage and monitor access to your church directly from your mobile device. So, even on days that you’re not onsite, you can ensure your church is secure. This can save your team money that would otherwise be spent on security guards.
  • Amenity reservations. Church members can reserve amenity spaces for private functions such as baptisms, first communions, and weddings. This makes it easy to invite your congregation to celebrate milestones onsite, leading to higher member retention rates. 
  • Time- and date-stamped audit log. Everyone who uses ButterflyMX access control systems has their user data and entry time stored in the cloud, which you can review at any time. So, if any nefarious activity happens at your church, you can review the log to see exactly who was onsite at the time of the mishap. 
  • Automatic updates. ButterflyMX products connect to the cloud and receive automatic software updates, reducing maintenance concerns. This especially comes in handy if your facility has older members on your staff because automatic updates eliminate the need to update technology manually and leads to a more intuitive experience.


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