Commercial security alarm systems come in many different types.


Key takeaways

  • Commercial security alarms alert users and the authorities when an unverified entry event has occurred.
  • The best security alarm systems to buy for commercial properties are Rhombus, Guardian Alarm, and Solink.
  • The top security alarm installers are Security Camera Warehouse, National Security and Alarm Installers, and National Security Systems.
  • Systems that integrate well with security alarm systems include the ButterflyMX video intercom and the ButterflyMX elevator controls.


One of the easiest ways to improve safety and security awareness at your property is to install a commercial security alarm system. However, there are quite a few different commercial security alarm systems to choose from. And it might not be the only device you should consider adding to your commercial building security system.

In this guide, we’ll briefly go over what a security alarm system is. Next, we’ll provide you with the best commercial security alarm systems to purchase. Finally, we’ll provide you with some additional business security systems and access control technology that will benefit your property.

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What is a commercial security alarm system?

A commercial security alarm system is a physical security device that will emit a loud sound when an unauthorized entry event has occurred at your property. It will also notify both you and emergency services. Alarm systems are meant as a deterrent to theft. Most devices include warning stickers that you can place at the entry points to your property.


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The top commercial security alarm systems to buy

The type of commercial security alarm system that you choose will depend on how big your property is and how many customizable options you require. Furthermore, many available alarm systems can be set and operated by your mobile device. Additional users at your building can be granted access to control the alarm system. Moreover, most commercial properties pair alarm systems with additional devices.

The best security systems for a business are:

  1. Rhombus
  2. Guardian Alarm
  3. Solink


1. Rhombus

Rhombus features a number of unique, high-tech alarm systems that range from $69 to $698. What’s more, all of their devices offer wireless Bluetooth connectivity, which makes them pretty easy to install.

Additional features include:

  • Door sensors and motion sensors
  • A100 audio gateway deviceto detect the sound of breaking glass.
  • A panic button that will alert emergency services.
  • Environmental sensors and air quality sensors.
  • Further, Rhombus also offers the option of live professional monitoring starting at $1,799 a year.


2. Guardian Alarm

Established in 1930, Guardian Alarm allows you to customize your commercial alarm system based on what your property needs.

The products they offer include:

  • Motion sensors
  • Door sensors
  • Glass break sensors
  • Window sensors
  • Water sensors
  • Temperature sensors

Additionally, Guardian also offers 24/7 monitoring for all of your alarms. They also include their own professional installation. Unfortunately, pricing for their products is not currently listed on their website.


Solink offers a unique commercial video alarm system with a variety of helpful features and security solutions.

In addition to basic alarm functions, the Solink video alarm system also:

  • Sends you video screenshots and recordings. You recieve these screenshots when a suspicious entry event has occurred. You then have the option to quickly alert the police.
  • Features a 24/7 monitoring service. 24/7 monitoring can help prevent false alarms as well as increase a culture of awareness
  • Is easy to program. Solink alarms feature a system that aligns with your business or commercial property’s opening hours. The alarm activates when your property is closed. Of course, it can also be manually set.
  • Features remote video monitoring. With remote monitoring capabilities, you can check the cameras at any time.
  • Integrates with your existing cameras. Integration abilities increase the efficacy of your system and do not require an external alarm panel.
    Pricing depends on your unique property and how many video cameras are necessary.


The best commercial security alarm system installers

When it comes to installing your new commercial alarm system, you should leave it to the professional installers so that you know your building is at its most secure. There are several nationwide security alarm system installers that you should be on the lookout for.

The best security alarm system installers are:

  • The Flying Locksmiths. The Flying Locksmiths are a leading access control installation and commercial locksmith company. They provide 24/7 commercial locksmith support. Plus, The Flying Locksmiths integrates with ButterflyMX for secure, convenient, affordable access control from a smartphone. 
  • SCW (Security camera warehouse). SCW offers a wide variety of security system installations, including alarm systems. In addition to installing all types of alarms, they offer security system products of their own for you to purchase. They can also provide 24/7 monitoring for alarms that they install.
  • National Security and Alarm Installers. This installer provides installation for a wide variety of security systems, including CCTV cameras. As a plus, they offer free installation estimates and support. They also have their own commercial-grade products for sale.
  • National Security Systems. As with many professional installation companies, National Security Systems also offer their own products, which include a wide variety of security and fire alarms as well as security cameras. They also offer 24/7 support for your devices, plus live monitoring.


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What are the benefits of a commercial security alarm system?

Commercial security alarms are extremely popular for a reason, including convenience and 24/7 monitoring.

Further benefits of commercial building alarm systems are:

  • They deter theft. Studies show that the majority of burglars are on the lookout for security cameras and systems and will actively avoid breaking into properties that feature them.
  • Easy installation and operation. Security alarm systems are easy and intuitive to use. Professional installation is often non-intrusive to your property.
  • Tenants will feel safe. Business owners at your building will be relieved that you have security measures in place to protect their assets.
  • Simple integration. Alarm systems pair well with other security devices, such as security cameras and access control systems.


Business security systems that integrate with commercial security alarm systems

ButterflyMX products, such as their video intercom system and elevator controls, offer smart integrations with security alarm systems.

The ButterflyMX video intercom features:

  • 156-degree video. Tenants can see who is requesting access to their workspace as well as anybody who may be standing with them.
  • Keyless entry. Users can enter via the ButterflyMX app on their mobile devices or via their unique PIN code.
  • Remote entry. Guests and visitors are let into the building remotely from a user’s mobile device. Additionally, visitors can be granted temporary PIN codes.
  • Cloud-based software. The intercom updates automatically and stores information that can be retrieved at any time
  • Audit trails. A date-and-time-stamped recording is taken at every entry event for enhanced security.

Additionally, the ButterflyMX elevator controls only allow users to access the floors of your building that they have the proper credentials for. This can help you keep offices and workspaces separate while still allowing access to communal spaces.


Learn how ButterflyMX works:


Commercial security alarm FAQs

Here are your top frequently asked questions about commercial security alarm systems:


How do commercial security alarm systems work?

Business security alarm systems typically feature three components:

  • The control panel. This is how the alarm is set and managed. Some control panels are located within apps that are available for download on smart phones.
  • Sensors. These are how intrusion detection occurs. Sensors can take the form of infrared detection, motion sensors, or thermodynamic readers. When they are triggered, they set off the alarm.
  • The Alarm. This is the device that sets off the infamous alarm noise that we are all familiar with. When paired with a smoke and carbon monoxide system, this will be the device that detects each element.


A control panel is one of many components for a commercial security alarm system.


What are the two types of commercial security?

Commercial security covers two wildly different types of threats to your building:

  • Fire. This includes fire, carbon monoxide, flooding, and storm dangers.
  • Physical security. This includes threats from people such as burglars and vandals.

Some commercial security systems for sale can cover both types of security threats.


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