Read this post to learn how to open your door/gate using just your voice on your Alexa device.



  • Say ‘Hey Alexa, open my front door/gate’ to remotely open your ButterflyMX Smart Intercom.




How to connect Alexa


Step 1:


Open the Alexa app on your smartphone. If you don’t already have it you can download it on the App Store or on Google Play



Step 2:


Go to ‘skills’ from the menu.



Step 3:


Search for ButterflyMX.



Step 4:


Select the ButterflyMX ‘skill”




Step 5:


Hit ‘enable’




Step 6:


Input your username and password.




Step 7:


Wait for a message confirming ButterflyMX has been successfully linked.





Step 8:


Closeout the window and then hit ‘discover devices’.




Step 9:


Wait while Alexa searches for devices to connect to.




Step 10:


Look for your device on the list of devices found.




Step 11:


Select a lock, hit settings (top right).




Step 12:


Enable both ‘Unlock by app’ and ‘Unlock by voice’.




Step 13:


Click ‘Ok’ for ‘Enable Unlock by App’.




Step 14:


Click ‘Ok’ for ‘Enable unlock by voice’.



Step 15:


Create a pin code for 2nd step of Unlock.




Step 16:


Settings screen will reappear after creating pin.




Step 17:


This is now what your lock screen looks like, you can tap it to unlock. You are now able to use Alexa voice-enabled devices by saying ‘Alexa, Unlock front door intercom’. You will then be prompted for the pin code set up in step 15.





Step 18:


You will see this once the door has been successfully unlocked.




For more ways to open the door using ButterflyMX, check out our list of resident features.



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