Register for ButterflyMX
If you live or work in a building with ButterflyMX, follow these five simple steps to get started.


How to register:


Step 1:


Provide your email address to your property manager or building owner. (Note: only your building can provide you with access to ButterflyMX)


Step 2:


Once you have provided your email address to your property manager or building owner and they have confirmed you’re in the system, you can either register your account here.

Or you can wait for a registration email to be sent to you by ButterflyMX. If you have trouble finding it, you can search for the subject line “Welcome to ButterflyMX!”. Be sure to check your spam if you don’t see it.



Step 3:


Click “Set Up Account” in the welcome email, and then follow the instructions from there on to register for ButterflyMX. The instructions will include how to set up a password and how to set up contact preferences. You can always change these settings at a later time.



Step 4:


Once you’ve registered, use the links below to download our mobile app 


Step 5:


Once you’ve registered and downloaded the mobile app, sign in to the mobile app using the email address and password you created during registration.




And that’s all it takes – you have officially completed the ButterflyMX new user registration!


Now you can sit back, relax, and easily let in that pizza delivery you ordered earlier.


For training guides and videos designed to help you learn how to use some of the most popular features such as video calling, virtual keys, and door access PINs, visit resident resources.

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Meredith Murray

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