If you live, work, or manage a property equipped with ButterflyMX and find yourself asking, “How do I use ButterflyMX?”, read this post to get started.


ButterflyMX lets you use your smartphone to gain access to your building and to let visitors in. You can receive video calls, unlock the door from anywhere in the world, and even grant managed access for delivery people and service providers like cleaners or dog walkers.


Because our mobile app includes so many features, we want to show you how to get the most out of our product. Read on to learn how to use the ButterflyMX smart intercom and mobile app.


How do I use ButterflyMX?


  1. New user registration
  2. Ways to open the door or gate
  3. How video calling works
  4. Changing whether you receive a video call or phone call
  5. Viewing your recent door activity
  6. How to see who has called or messaged you through the intercom




The first step is to register and download the mobile app to access all the features ButterflyMX has to offer.


Register for ButterflyMX



Ways to open the door or gate


ButterflyMX allows you to easily open the door or gate from your smartphone from anywhere in the world. But we didn’t just stop there – we’re constantly taking your feedback and adding new ways to open the door because we are on a mission to make your life easier.


Ways to Open the Door or Gate



How video calling works


When your visitor, delivery person, or service provider approaches the smart intercom mounted at the building’s entryway, they simply use the touchscreen on the intercom to search for you. They can search for your name or your unit number. When they click ‘call’ on your name, the intercom makes a video call directly to your smartphone.


How Video Calling Works with ButterflyMX



Customizing your settings


Now you know how video calling works, but there might be times when a video call is not necessary an audio call will do just fine. You can change your settings at any time to switch between receiving an audio or a video call as the default. Make this change within your account.


How to Choose Whether You Receive a Phone or a Video Call



Viewing your recent door activity


In the ButterflyMX mobile app, you can see your door activity history. This gives you a time- and date-stamped log of your deliveries and visitors. You can view who has opened the door and how they entered the building (i.e. whether they called you through the directory, used a virtual key, entered with a PIN, etc.).


How to View Your Recent Door Activity



How to see who has recently called or messaged you through the intercom:


As we established above, when you have a visitor at your ButterflyMX-equipped home or office, there are a few ways they can enter the building:

  1. They can look your name up on the directory and call you.
  2. You can issue them a virtual key, which they then scan on the directory.

In the ButterflyMX app, you can view a history of who has called or messaged you through the intercom.


How to See Who Has Recently Called or Messaged You Through the Intercom



And there you have it  a high-level overview of how to use ButterflyMX. Be sure to come back to this post, as we are always adding additional resident features based on your feedback!



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