(Note: we’ve changed the ButterflyMX mobile app since this video was created. While the video is similar, please read the post below to learn how to view your ButterflyMX visitor and delivery history until we update the video.)

When you have a visitor at your ButterflyMX-equipped building, there are a few ways they can gain access:

  • They can look up your name in the directory and call you
  • You can issue them a virtual key which they would scan onto the intercom

In the ButterflyMX app, you can view a history of who has called you or messaged you through the video intercom. Follow the instructions below to learn how.



How to view your ButterflyMX visitor and delivery history:

  1. Open the ButterflyMX app
  2. Hit the notifications icon
  3. View your call and door activity history

Step 1: Open the ButterflyMX app

Open the ButterflyMX app on your smartphone.


Open the ButterflyMX app

Step 2: Hit the notifications icon

Next, hit the notifications icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen.


View notifications in the ButterflyMX app


Step 3: View your call and door activity history

This is where you can see a full view of your call history.


View Butterflymx call history


Hit the ‘Access’  tab to see all of the instances in which you or a visitor/delivery accessed your building as well as how they gained access.


View Butterflymx visitor and delivery history


If you click on any of the individual activity lines, you can see a time and date stamped photo of who accessed the building.

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