At ButterflyMX, our goal is to make property access simple. So, we’ve tackled all of your access challenges by creating multiple different ways to open the door. You’ll never have to worry about leaving your phone or keys behind, having your hands full, or not being home when a guest or delivery arrives. Read this post to learn all of the ways to open your door or gate with ButterflyMX.


Ways to open your door or gate with ButterflyMX:


Swipe to open the door or gate from the ButterflyMX app.

Swipe to open your door or gate


Use case:

Open your door from anywhere in the world; no keys needed.

Learn how to swipe to open »


Virtual key

Send friends, family, and guests a virtual key that can be revoked at any time.

Using virtual keys to open your door or gate


Use Case:

Your dog walker comes every Tuesday and Thursday at 12:30. Send a virtual key that will only be active on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:20-2:00.

Learn how to create and use virtual keys »


3D or Haptic Touch

3D or Haptic Touch is a technology on Apple products that lets you use an app’s functionality without opening the app. So, on an iPhone, you can open the door just by holding down on the ButterflyMX app on your home screen.

Using haptic touch to open your door or gate


Use case:

If you don’t already have the ButterflyMX app open, you can open the door directly from your iPhone home screen.

Learn how to use 3D/Haptic Touch »


Apple Watch

Open the door/gate with a tap of the wrist.

Using an Apple Watch to open your door or gate

Use case

You go for a walk or jog without your phone. 

Learn how to open the door from an Apple Watch »


Door PINs

Enter a PIN code into the video intercom system to open the door or gate.

Using a door PIN

Use case:

You phone or Apple Watch is out of battery.

Learn how to use door PINs »


By Voice (Siri + Alexa):

Connect your Alexa or Siri-enabled device to unlock the door/gate with just your voice.

Open the door or gate by voice


Use case

Your hands are full. Or, you’re driving and don’t want to take out your phone to open your gate.

Learn how to connect Siri »

Learn how to connect Alexa »


Delivery Pass

Delivery Pass is a single-use, automatically generated PIN that you can provide to your delivery carriers so they can easily and securely access your property.


Create a delivery pass with ButterflyMX


Use case:

You’re ordering food delivery, or anything that’s not delivered by a major carrier (UPS, FedEx, USPS).

Learn more about delivery pass »

iPhone Back Tap

With iPhone Back Tap, you can open your door by double tapping on the back of your iPhone.

Open the door using iPhone Back Tap

Use case:

You want to open your door without unlocking your iPhone.

Learn how to set up iPhone Back Tap »

And there you have it – the various ways to open your door or gate with ButterflyMX. Now you can easily and safely open the door at any time from anywhere.


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