• Open your door by double- or triple-tapping the back of your iPhone




Your iPhone is constantly offering new ways to make life easier. Recently, a new feature has changed how we complete simple tasks: iPhone Back Tap. This feature enables you to create a shortcut and trigger actions by simply double- or triple-tapping the back of your phone. With ButterflyMX, you can enable this feature to make opening doors faster and easier by just tapping your phone, eliminating the need to open an app at your entrance.

Read this post to learn how to set up this feature for your ButterflyMX door.

Follow these instructions:

  1. Create a shortcut on your iPhone
  2. Go to your iPhone settings
  3. Set up the “Back Tap” shortcut


Step 1: Create a shortcut on your iPhone

iPhone shortcut for ButterflyMX


To begin setting up your iPhone Back Tap feature, you will need to create a shortcut on your iPhone. First, open up the ButterflyMX mobile app on your iPhone and click on the door that you’d like to create a shortcut for. Then, tap ‘Add to Siri’ and select ‘Done’.


Step 2: Go to your iPhone settings

Next, within your iPhone’s settings, locate the accessibility tab. From there, find the “Touch” option.


Step 3: Set up the iPhone “Back Tap” shortcut

iPhone back tap feature Unlock main entrance with iPhone double back tap


Finally, select the “Back Tap” option at the bottom of the screen. Then, you’ll have the choice between a Double Tap or a Triple Tap preference. Select your preference and then scroll down to choose “Unlock Main Entrance” under shortcuts.

Now, double- or triple-tap the back of your iPhone to unlock your ButterflyMX-enabled door.


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