Can ButterflyMX open my apartment door?


Yes, with ButterflyMX you can open your apartment door.

We offer many ways to open your apartment door through our smart lock integrations as well as through our own products so that you can ditch those keys for good.


Ways ButterflyMX can open your apartment door:


Salto KS Smart Locks

Our integration with Salto KS smart locks allows you to open all of the locks associated with your Salto KS account directly from the ButterflyMX mobile app, allowing you to gain access to both your building as well as your apartment door (if your apartment door has a SALTO KS smart lock).

How it works: Once connected, your Salto KS Digital Key will appear on the ButterflyMX app home screen. Simply tap the Digital Key and hold it up to your Salto KS smart lock and wait for the confirmation that the door has been unlocked.

Learn how to connect Salto KS to your ButterflyMX account »


VIZpin Smart Locks

Our integration with VIZpin allows you to manage all of your VIZpin controlled doors from the VIZpin app. With one app, you can access your building as well as your individual unit via the VIZpin Entegrity Smart Lock.

How it works: Add the ButterflyMX plugin within the VIZpin app setting and enter your ButterflyMX login credentials. You can then use the VIZpin app to access your ButterflyMX-enabled doors.

Learn how to connect ButterflyMX and VIZpin »


Other smart locks

ButterflyMX is compatible with various door types, credentials, and lock hardware from leading smart lock brands. Open your smart lock-equipped apartment door through the ButterflyMX mobile app. For help connecting your smart lock to ButterflyMX, contact our support team.


Key locker

Key Locker is a metal locker system located in your building lobby or mailroom that stores apartment unit keys for either you or your visitors to access.

How it works: Use ButterflyMX’s video intercom to access your property from your smartphone, and then enter your six-digit PIN to open up the Key Locker and retrieve your key or fob.

Learn more about Key Locker »


For more assistance on how to use any of these integrations, please contact our support team.


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