When you have a visitor at your ButterflyMX-equipped building, there are many ways to let them into your property. You can either issue them a virtual key, swipe-to-open the door, or grant them access after they’ve called you from our video intercom.

If your visitor calls you from our video intercom, you’ll either receive a video call via the mobile app or a regular phone call. You can change whether to receive a video call or phone call by adjusting your settings in the mobile app.

When you first registered for ButterflyMX, you were asked to enter a phone number. If you’ve opted to receive a phone call or if you don’t have the mobile app downloaded, the phone number you used to register is the number that the intercom will call when you have a visitor.

If you’d like to update the number that the video intercom calls, follow the instructions below.

How to change your ButterflyMX phone number

  1. Open the mobile app
  2. Hit ‘account’
  3. Press ‘Change Phone Number’
  4. Enter your phone number
  5. Hit ‘Text me’
  6. Check your text messages to find a 6-digit verification number
  7. Enter the code into the mobile app
  8. Hit ‘Confirm’

Step 1: Open the ButterflyMX mobile app

Open up the ButterflyMX mobile app.


Step 2: Hit ‘account’

Go to the account section of the mobile app.


Hit 'account' in the ButterflyMX app

Step 3: Press ‘Change Phone Number’

Hit ‘Change Phone Number’.


Step 4: Enter your phone number

Enter the phone number you would like to use when visitors call you via the ButterflyMX video intercom.


Enter your updated phone number

Step 5: Hit ‘Text me’

Hit ‘Text me’, and we’ll send you a 6-digit verification code.


Step 6: Check your text messages to find the verification code

Check your text messages to find the 6-digit verification code.


Check your text messages to find the 6-digit verification code

Step 7: Enter the code into the app

Enter the 6-digit code into the ButterflyMX mobile app.


Enter the code into the ButterflyMX app

Step 8: Hit ‘Confirm’

Hit ‘Confirm’.

That’s how you change your ButterflyMX phone number. This is the number that our video intercom will call when a visitor or delivery arrives at your building. You can change it again at any time.


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