Read this post to learn how to open your door/gate from the home screen of your iPhone.

At ButterflyMX, our goal is to make your life easier. When you’ve just walked five blocks somehow defying the laws of physics by carrying four Trader Joe’s bags with just two hands, the last thing you want to do is fumble around to find your keys or fob when you get to your property.

Yes, you can Swipe to Open from your ButterflyMX mobile app, but when carrying four bags of groceries, that extra tap could be the difference between having a fresh omelet when you get up to your apartment or accidentally making fried eggs on the sidewalk.

In order to save time (and eggs), read this post to learn how to open the door directly from the home screen of your iPhone, a feature also known as Force Touch.




How to open the door from the home screen of your iPhone:


Step 1:


Find the ButterflyMX app on the home screen of your iPhone.

To make it the most easily accessible, we recommend putting it on the first page of your home screen outside of any folder.




Step 2:


Press and hold down the icon (hence the name: Force Touch) until you see a menu appear. Select the door you’d like to open from the menu that appears.





Step 3:

This will automatically launch the app, and open the door you selected. When done successfully, you will see this screen:



The door will be released for five seconds and you or your guest can enter the building.


That’s it, a fast and easy way to open doors/gates at your property!


View our resident resources for more ways to use your smartphone to open and manage doors/gates.

Meredith Murray


Meredith Murray

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