(Note: not all ButterflyMX intercom displays look the same, as some buildings may have customized their display. Please use this post for guidance and feel free to contact support if you have any questions).


How to use the ButterflyMX intercom display

When you approach a ButterflyMX video intercom, you will first see a welcome screen.  Once you tap to begin, you’ll see yourself on video as well as a set of buttons on the right.

The buttons on the intercom screen include:


Surface intercom homescreen


Leasing Office

The first button we will cover is the ‘Leasing Office’ button. When you click on the Leasing Office button, the intercom will call the leasing office, who can then give you access to the building.


Intercom call



The next button is ‘Directory’. When you click on the Directory button, you will find a list of all tenants who live or work in the building. You can scroll through the directory to locate the tenant. You can also use the search bar and type in the tenant’s name to find them quickly.


Resident directory


Once you have found the tenant that you’re trying to reach, you can tap on their name, which will give you a couple of options.

You can either:

  • Send the tenant a text message
  • Leave them an audio message from the intercom
  • Call them, and they can let you in directly from their smartphone


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Next, you have the ‘Delivery’ button. Package carriers or delivery drivers use this button to gain access to the building. When you click on the button, it’s first going to ask if you have a PIN. If you do not have a PIN, click on ‘no’. From there, you can call the tenant from the directory to let them know that there is a delivery.

If you do have a PIN, you can click ‘yes’, and then enter the PIN that was given to you. That will release the door for five seconds, granting you access to the building.


Delivery PIN


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Virtual Key

Next, you will see the ‘Virtual Key’ button. Tap this button if you received a virtual key from a resident. Open the QR code you were sent, hold it up to the panel camera, and align it in the box that appears. Once you have aligned the QR code inside of this box, the door will be released and you will have access to the building.


Intercom QR code


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Door PIN

The last button we will go over is ‘Door PIN’. If you are a tenant, enter your unit number, click ‘next’, and from there you will enter your PIN to gain access to the building. Click ‘OK’, and then the door will be released.

Note: Door PINs are meant for resident/tenant use only. If you need to provide access to a visitor, please create a virtual key for them instead. They offer you more control and can be issued to multiple people.


PIN code


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Customizable button

The blank space that you see is there for buildings to add a customizable button. For example, you can add a button labeled ‘Front Desk’’, so that a visitor or delivery can call the Front Desk directly from the intercom and to gain access to the property.


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