Does ButterflyMX support OSDP?


As an installer in the access control industry, you have to be familiar with various protocols, technologies, and standards. One widely used communication standard to familiarize yourself with is open supervised device protocol (OSDP). This method has become more popular in modern installs.

Keep reading to learn about the benefits of OSDP-supported devices and how it relates to ButterflyMX and our access control products.

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Does ButterflyMX support OSDP?

Yes, ButterflyMX supports OSDP. Our hardware supports open supervised device protocol (OSDP). By supporting this method, installing new devices is seamless and simple for both you and your customers. 


What is OSDP?

Open supervised device protocol (OSDP) is a communication standard in the access control industry that was developed by the Security Industry Association (SIA). The primary objective of this protocol is to enhance access control interoperability while allowing devices to provide bidirectional communication.

Benefits of OSDP:

  • Bidirectional communication: By using OSDP, access control products can communicate with devices from other manufacturers. This feature enhances compatibility among different vendors.
  • Higher level of security: OSDP is frequently monitored for security, making it a highly secure protocol.
  • Ease of installation: Installing OSDP devices requires minimal wiring, which makes installation easier and more affordable.


How is OSDP different from Wiegand?

Another method of access control communication to be aware of is Wiegand. Unlike OSDP, Wiegand technology operates by using magnetic fields to transmit information from a credential to a reader, limiting communication to only one direction.

Alternatively, OSDP communication is bidirectional. This allows for data transmission between the reader and controller in both directions, and monitoring of the state of the reader. Additionally, OSDP uses a 128-bit encryption algorithm to authenticate the identity of the reader and credential, providing a more secure communication approach.


Which ButterflyMX products support OSDP?

All ButterflyMX products support OSDP including the access control system, keypads and readers, and vehicle access control system. 

This protocol is a highly secure and interoperable communication standard in the access control industry. Because of its ability to easily integrate with new devices, it’s also a future-proof solution for both installers and customers. By supporting OSDP, ButterflyMX products are a more reliable and secure option for access control installations.


For more information on installing ButterflyMX products, visit our installer resources page.


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