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Key takeaways

  • The best gate entry system is ButterflyMX.
  • A gate telephone entry system is a device that enables tenants to use their phones to speak with guests before remotely granting access.
  • The pros of implementing a gate entry system include better security, convenience, remote access, and visitor management.
  • Drawbacks of telephone entry systems are a lack of video functionality, limited delivery access, and the cost of maintaining a phone line.


Whether you’re focused on commercial or multifamily buildings, tenants leasing space in a gated property prioritize security. So, you should consider a gate telephone entry system to maintain a level of security for tenants.

This buyer’s guide will detail what the best gate telephone entry system is. Additionally, you’ll discover how these systems differ from other types of access solutions, how they work, and the pros and cons of such devices.

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Best gate telephone entry systems

Empower tenants to speak with guests before granting access with a gate telephone entry system. Below, we outline the best gate telephone entry systems on the market.

Best gate telephone entry systems on the market:


ButterflyMX Access Control CTA



The best gate telephone entry system is ButterflyMX.

Unlike traditional telephone entry systems, ButterflyMX enables tenants to open the gate with a mobile app. Moreover, the ButterflyMX gate intercom system supports two-way video calling, letting tenants see who they’re speaking with before letting them inside. The 156° wide-angle camera fully captures the gate entrance, ensuring your tenants can clearly see who is requesting access.

The ButterflyMX video intercom also features the following:

  • Audit log. Track who enters the gated property through ButterflyMX’s detailed audit log, which can be viewed for 365 days. It encompasses every entry into the property with time- and date-stamped photos, the tenant who granted access, the credentials used, and more.
  • RFID. Enable your tenants to also use a key card or key fob for accessing the property rather than just the ButterflyMX mobile app.
  • Built-in WiFi. Simplify the installation process by connecting the gate video intercom with WiFi. This way, you won’t have to run additional wiring to the intercom, reducing installation costs and time.
  • Integrations. Optimize property management when you integrate ButterflyMX with your PMS or security hardware. The ButterflyMX video intercom supports integrations with a wide range of third-party software and hardware, making property management easier and faster.
  • Delivery PINs. Grant independent access to major couriers. That way, your residents won’t experience delayed or missing packages.

Most importantly, ButterflyMX creates a unified property access experience that extends beyond the front gate. Our video intercom works in tandem with all of our other products, from elevator controls and access control to vehicle readers and package rooms. As a result, you can manage access to your property in a single platform, reducing operation costs, simplifying management, and delighting your tenants.



Established in 1948, DoorKing is a leading manufacturer of access control solutions. While they offer a full range of products, DoorKing’s 90 Series entry system serves as a suitable option for gate telephone entry solutions. This device can store up to 3,000 different phone numbers and 8,000 codes, giving properties of all sizes the gate entry solution they require.

Additional features of DoorKing’s telephone entry system include:

  • Integrates with DoorKing elevator controls.
  • Tamper and weather-resistant.
  • Optional LCD heater for colder climates.
  • Capable of accepting multiple types of credentials.
  • Optional high-resolution camera.
  • Optional card reader.



LiftMaster is a leading manufacturer of garage and gate products, ranging from access control solutions to gate openers and operators. The CAPXLV smart video intercom from LiftMaster offers a modern first impression when residents and guests approach the gate.

The intercom’s easy-to-use display is intuitive to use as it’s touchscreen. When residents want to access the property, they can use the myQ community app. Of course, residents use the same app to review guest requests and grant access remotely.

The LiftMaster CAPXLV also encompasses:

  • Built-in WiFi for minimal wiring.
  • Allows access when the internet is down.
  • 10” high-resolution touchscreen that is customizable.
  • Real-time tracking and security alerts for property staff.
  • Remote management from the myQ app or online dashboard.


gate telephone entry system base station


What is a gate telephone entry system?

A gate telephone entry system is a device that uses a phone to enable communication between a tenant inside of a building and a guest seeking access at the front gate. It also enables tenants to open the gate remotely for their visitors.

Traditionally, telephone entry systems for gates would use a telephone service over a phone line to operate. However, modern gate entry systems use the internet to send and receive signals. Now, tenants can speak with guests by using a mobile app. Of course, those without smartphones can still use a modern gate entry system. However, they cannot take advantage of more advanced features, such as two-way video calling.

Controlling access at a gate requires unique considerations and solutions. For example, the entry system may be installed at a front gate that’s hundreds — or even thousands — of feet away from buildings or units within the property. So, the gate telephone entry system must function across those long distances. This means running extensive wiring or maintaining a powerful, consistent signal for wireless gate entry systems.

It’s also common for gates to control access for cars, so gate entry hardware might be installed next to a driveway. Ensuring that outdoor gate access control is convenient and reliable for both pedestrians and drivers is a complex task.


Gate telephone entry systems have 3 parts:

  • Base station. Base stations, also known as master stations, are installed outdoors near the gate. Guests use base stations to call the residents they’re visiting so they can speak with them.
  • Substation. Substations are the hardware that residents use to speak to guests. Properties can have different substation configurations. For example, some properties might direct all visitor requests to a central security office or front desk. Other properties install substation hardware in every resident’s unit. Another popular choice is connecting tenants via a landline, phone number, or mobile app. This way, when the tenant receives a call from a visitor, they can simply press ‘9’ or their mobile app to open the gate.
  • Gate release. You’ll need to connect the entry system to a gate release device to enable tenants to open the gate remotely. Many properties have motorized gates, which either slide or swing open. This ensures that a visitor doesn’t have to manually open the gate.


What is the difference between a telephone and an intercom?

The difference between a telephone entry system and an intercom is the technology they use to send and receive signals.

Most gate telephone entry systems use a phone line, while intercoms use the internet. With that said, both of these systems could also use either method to let visitors communicate with tenants. Ultimately, it comes down to the manufacturer and the technology they implement.

For the best experience, find a telephone entry system or intercom that utilizes the internet for a longer-lasting solution.


How much does a gate entry system cost?

A gate entry system costs anywhere from $1,000 to more than $7,000.

Of course, the cost of your system will depend on many factors, such as the technology, manufacturer, and features. Not to mention, the system costs do not include installation, maintenance, or ongoing subscriptions.


Watch how ButterflyMX works:


How does a gate telephone entry system work?

A gate telephone entry system works by sending a signal from the base station at the gate to a resident’s substation, which they use to remotely unlock the gate.

Here’s how a visitor uses a gate telephone entry system to contact a tenant:

  • First, a visitor selects a tenant using the base station at a gated entrance. The visitor finds a tenant within the base station’s directory. Most systems provide a call button or a code to enter that dials the tenant’s substation.
  • Then, the base station connects to a substation. The base station and substation connect to each other using the internet, a cell network, radio signals, or wiring.
  • Next, the tenant uses the substation to talk to their visitor. The base station and the substation send audio back and forth, allowing for a real-time, two-way conversation. Gate intercoms with cameras let visitors and tenants see each other in addition to hearing each other.
  • Finally, the tenant grants entry. The tenant presses a button on their substation, which sends a signal to the motorized gate. Then, the gate unlocks, allowing their guest to enter.


Does an intercom require internet?

Yes, an intercom requires the internet to send and receive signals. Depending on the system, an intercom may require a hard-wired connection, or it could rely on WiFi. For the best experience, choose an intercom that supports either type of connection.


Are intercoms wired or wireless?

Intercoms can be either wired or wireless. Nonetheless, the best intercoms are wireless as they are easier to install — especially for gated entrances.


Pros and cons of gate entry systems

As gate entry systems have advanced over the years, they have offered a vast range of benefits for properties. Unfortunately, if you’re using an older system or the wrong type of system, you could experience serious drawbacks.

So, it’s vital you know what to look for when choosing a system based on the pros and cons.



  • Improved security. Limit access to your property with a gate entry system. These devices are ideal for controlling access to authorized personnel only. That way, your property will stay more secure and safer. However, if you want greater security, opt for a gate entry solution with a wide-angle video camera and audit log.
  • Remote access. Having the capability to grant access remotely is extremely convenient for your staff and tenants. Not only does remote access satisfy tenets, but it allows them to easily let their visitors in without having to physically do it themselves.
  • Visitor management. Let residents manage their guests with a telephone entry system. A built-in directory allows visitors to request access from the tenant they are visiting. In turn, the tenants can easily let them inside after speaking to them. To further manage visitors, look for a system that features virtual keys that are customizable. Then, residents can offer their guests independent and temporary access to the property.
  • Convenience. Both visitors and tenants will find a gate entry system extremely convenient. Tenants can easily grant themselves access or their visitors no matter where they are. For greater convenience, look for a gate entry solution that grants access via a mobile app.



  • Lack of video functionality. Even the most advanced internet-enabled gate telephone entry systems only transmit voice data. In other words, telephone entry systems don’t support two-way video calling. As a result, your property is less secure, with no way to record entries or for tenants to feel safe when letting in guests.
  • No solutions for easy delivery courier access. Managing deliveries is a crucial aspect of any property manager’s job. While residents can grant access to couriers using a gate entry telephone system, they may need to be within their homes to do so. Additionally, phone entry systems don’t offer single- or recurring-use delivery PINs for simplified courier access. To solve this problem, seek out a system that supports access with a mobile app.
  • Phone line costs. For telephone entry systems to operate, they require an independent phone line, which can be costly to operate. So, maintaining a working phone line is a must for a telephone entry system.


If you need a gate intercom system, choose ButterflyMX

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