ButterflyMX IP65 Rating

ButterflyMX video intercoms are usually installed at a property’s front door or gate. This means our intercoms are often outside. So you might be wondering: How does the intercom withstand the weather, like rain, snow, or dust? The answer is the ButterflyMX IP65 rating.

All ButterflyMX outdoor intercoms are IP65 rated, meaning they are designed to withstand rain, cold, heat, snow, dust, and cleaning agents and can be installed in areas where temperatures range from -40ºF to +140 ºF (-40ºC to +60 ºC ).


We break down:


What the ButterflyMX IP65 rating means

IP rating system (defined by the IEC) ranks a device’s level of Ingress Protection. An Ingress Protection rating refers to how protected a device is against elements, particularly dust and water.


IP65 has two descriptive components:

  • The ‘6’ component
  • The ‘5’ component


The ‘6’ rating refers to dust protection and means that the intercom is fully protected against dust.

The ‘5’ rating refers to water protection and means that the intercom is protected against low-pressure water from any angle (for example, rain), but it is not protected against high-pressure water (think power washers) or full submersion into a pool.


Why the ButterflyMX IP65 rating matters

The ButterflyMX IP65 rating ensures that your intercom has a long lifespan regardless of weather conditions. However, you should still take care not to install the intercom where it may be exposed to any unnaturally strong water jets. Also, avoid mounting it close to or underneath drainage pipes.

When you select an intercom for your building, it’s important to choose one with an IP65 rating. This way, you won’t have to constantly replace your intercom, which is both costly and time-consuming.


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