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Key takeaways

  • LiftMaster’s Dealer Program is a strong contender in the access control industry.
  • Some of the LiftMaster program’s key features include partner rewards and installer discounts.
  • LiftMaster’s focus on garage access might dilute its focus on other types of smart access hardware. ButterflyMX has the best partner program.


In the competitive landscape of access control solutions, it can be difficult to narrow down which partner and dealer programs you should join as a security system dealer, installer, or reseller. However, LiftMaster offers one such partner program designed to empower installers and dealers.

This LiftMaster Dealer Program review explores the program’s key features, benefits, and drawbacks. We also go over its pros and cons and compare it to ButterflyMX’s Dealer Program.

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What is LiftMaster?

LiftMaster is a renowned name in garage door openers and access control systems. Founded in 1967 in Oak Brook, Illinois, LiftMaster has expanded to serve customers across the country and internationally.

Across its history, LiftMaster has consistently innovated and used the latest technology to serve building residents. LiftMaster helped popularize the analog garage door opener in the 1980s and 1990s. In 1984, LiftMaster was acquired by the Chamberlain Group.

Today, LiftMaster has continued to embrace technology by expanding into wireless and smartphone-based access. As such, they now offer support to installers and dealers who want to help them expand via their LiftMaster Partner Program.


What is LiftMaster’s Partner Program?

LiftMaster’s Dealer Program is tailored for access control installers, integrators, and dealers looking to expand their offerings. Moreover, it provides access to a variety of tools, resources, and support to facilitate seamless integration and installation of LiftMaster products.


LiftMaster Dealer Program review

Registering for LiftMaster grants benefits such as:

  1. Product training and support
  2. Marketing and lead generation
  3. Discounts
  4. Partner rewards


1. Product training and support

LiftMaster offers comprehensive technical and sales training to equip dealers with the knowledge required to effectively market and install their products.

Furthermore, technical support from LiftMaster ensures that dealers can resolve customer issues promptly, enhancing customer satisfaction.


2. Marketing and lead generation

The dealer program includes assistance with local marketing and online advertising, helping dealers to reach potential customers effectively.

Log in to LiftMaster’s portal and access dealer locator and lead generation programs, which enhance visibility and generate valuable leads.


3. Discounts

LiftMaster offers a manufacturer’s discount to their authorized dealers and distributers, allowing you to save costs and improve your profit margins.

Plus, they offer free freight options for qualifying orders. This will improve operational expenses, contributing to your overall profitability.


4. Partner rewards

Participation in LiftMaster Partner Rewards programs offers opportunities to earn premium brand gift cards, cash rewards, and prizes based on performance.

Co-Op funds are available to qualified partners, supporting local marketing efforts and enhancing brand visibility in their respective locales.


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Pros and cons of the LiftMaster partner program

Before you sign up for LiftMaster’s dealer network, make sure you get the full picture.



  • High levels of support. After joining the partner program, count on LiftMaster to help you out with marketing support, training modules, and more.
  • Referrals. Specifically, LiftMaster runs a separate Partner Rewards Program that gives you a chance to win cash rewards.
  • Networking with other dealers. Join LiftMaster’s dealer extranet to discuss industry events and new technologies with fellow partners.



  • Limited product range. LiftMaster’s focus on garage door openers and related accessories may limit market reach compared to broader access control solutions.
  • Competitive market. Intense competition from other access control providers might impact your margins.
  • Questionable support for newer features. In 2023, LiftMaster’s parent company discontinued many types of support for MyQ, their in-house smart tech platform. Some customers are finding that they need an extra piece of third-party hardware to fully take advantage of LiftMaster’s smart capabilities.


What is the best dealer program?

The best dealer program is the one by ButterflyMX. While LiftMaster’s Dealer Program offers substantial benefits and support, our Dealer Program presents several additional advantages you won’t see with other programs

ButterflyMX’s Dealer Program benefits include:

  • Broader product portfolio. ButterflyMX offers a wider range of access control solutions beyond garage door openers, catering to diverse customer needs. A more robust catalog of products means your customers feel they can make the best choice.
  • Advanced technological features. Our innovative cloud-based platform includes features like video intercoms, smart locks, and comprehensive visitor management systems. This ensures that our dealers and installers are selling the very best technology.
  • Tiered dealer system. We can deliver personalized levels of support that depend on the size and capabilities of your installation company. This gives partners a chance to scale up at their own pace.
  • Enhanced marketing and support. ButterflyMX provides extensive marketing materials, co-branded opportunities, and plenty of installation referrals to drive the growth of your business. This helps partners get a marketing boost early on without having to do the work themselves.


Join ButterflyMX’s industry-leading dealer program

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