Pick proof locks prevent burglary attempts like this.


Key takeaways

  • A pick-proof lock is a lock with specialized keys and safety features that prevent lock picking and bumping.
  • The best pick-resistant locks to buy are the Medeco3 Cam Lock, BiLock deadbolts, and the EVVA MCS locking system.
  • ButterflyMX access control systems are the best alternative to pick-resistant locks because they secure access to your whole building, preventing lockpickers from having access to any possible pickable locks in the first place.


The cleverness of thieves keeps many property owners up at night. Security cameras are blockable, second-floor balconies are climbable, and locks are pickable. As a result, the idea of a pick-proof lock for access points at your property or for your key lock box is highly appealing.

In this post, we’ll explain what pick-resistant locks are. Next, we’ll explain how pick-proof locks work and whether there is a pick-proof lock. After that, we’ll give an overview of the top pick-proof front door locks. Lastly, we’ll go over the best door lock alternatives.

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What is a pick-proof lock?

A pick-proof lock is a type of specialized door lock that claims to withstand lock picking, bumping, and other malicious lock manipulation techniques.

A pick-proof lock has special security features that make lock picking extremely difficult. For a truly secure setup, pick-proof locks are best paired with multiple devices, such as deadbolts, security cameras, and alarm systems.

Pick-proof locks often take the form of high-security locks, smart locks, lock boxes, and electronic locks.


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How common is lock picking?

According to the FBI, over 60% of criminal break-ins involve forced entry, while over 30% involve lawful entry. The frequency of lock picking isn’t recorded in statistical data. Keep in mind that most cases of lock picking might not be reported or even noticed if nothing is stolen or vandalized.

What we do know is that the art of lock picking has been made popular thanks to movies and other media. Lock-picking guides and videos on YouTube and TikTok get hundreds of thousands of likes and views. In other words, lock picking is available for anyone who wishes to seek it out. As a result, if a lock isn’t pick-proof, then somebody can break in after putting in some light research. Scary, right?


What is lock bumping?

During your journey toward a better key-locking system, you’ll often run into the major security concern known as lock bumping. Lock bumping is a form of lock picking that involves taking a key that has been specially cut to fit into most locks.

The intruder inserts the key almost all the way into the lock and then strikes the lock with their hand or a heavy object. This can release the pins that hold a lock in place and grant the intruder entry. Key bumping is a cruder method of lock picking that takes way less skill (which is why it’s so concerning). It’s a good idea to purchase locks that specifically mention that they are “bump-proof.”


How do pick-proof locks work?

Pick-proof locks are built in a way that makes lock picking extremely unlikely. For starters, most pick-proof locks are high-security locks that use different-looking keys than you are probably used to. These keys are often thicker, with intricate grooves. Moreover, these keys are often not easy to duplicate at your local hardware store. As a result, they are expensive to replace.

A pick-proof lock will often feature sidebars that prevent pins from being jostled loose if someone attempts to lock bump. Pick-resistant locks also often feature an extra set of tumblers within the key cylinder that makes typical lock-picking tools useless.


Learn how ButterflyMX works:


Is there a lock that is pick-proof?

Yes, there are many locks that, by all intents and purposes, are pick- and bump-proof. However, you will find very few that actually make this claim. Instead, most “pick-proof” locks on the market are labeled as “pick-resistant” due to legal purposes.


Can anti-pick locks be picked?

Anti-pick locks are, conventionally, unable to be picked even by a professional locksmith. However, there are plenty of tools that can still disable and break a lock. Nothing is ever truly impossible, just highly improbable. With that being said, you should feel pretty safe from being lockpicked with an anti-pick lock.


How do you protect a lock from being picked?

The best way to prevent a lock from being picked is to purchase a pick-proof lock or install an access control system that utilizes electronic door locking technology and other security features. Locks within buildings that are secured by an access control system are less likely to be picked because only authorized people can enter the building.

Electronic key lockboxes within the building are the perfect storage place for keys so that they are not stolen and cloned.


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The 3 best pick-proof locks to buy

As we’ve revealed, there are high-security locks that are extremely pick-resistant. The best high-security lock will depend on the needs of your unique property type, as well as the number of users you expect to have on your property.

In addition to this guide, professional locksmiths are also a great resource for finding the best lock that is pick-resistant.

The top pick-resistant locks to buy are:

  1. Medeco M3 Cam Lock. This lock features triple locking action and claims to be highly difficult to duplicate a key for. They feature a sidebar that protects them from lock bumping. Their website features a step-by-step process for fitting a Medeco lock to your doors.
  2. BiLock deadbolts. These locks use 12 pins in two rows, which makes lock picking extremely unlikely. It also features a sidebar system that also prevents lock bumping. Only authorized dealers can provide replacement keys for this device. You can also easily change the core of your BiLock if you have a contractor or other designated person coming and have provided them with an alternate key.
  3. EVVA MCS Locking system. In addition to being both bump and pick-resistant, this locking system has a ton of other benefits. It features patent protection through 2035, cannot be reproduced by 3D printers, and features magnetic and mechanical codings that only work with specially designed keys. The system itself can be customized for your property before installation.


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The best pick-proof lock alternative

ButterflyMX access control offers the best pick-proof lock alternative. The best way to prevent lock picking is to prevent unauthorized people from having access to your door locks in the first place.

The ButterflyMX access control platform includes:

  • Video intercoms
  • Card and fob readers
  • Keypads
  • Vehicle readers
  • Package rooms
  • Elevator controls
  • Smart locks

Features of ButterflyMX access control systems include:

  • Cloud-based technology that stores data in the cloud and updates automatically, allowing you to receive updates remotely and new features over time.
  • Date- and time-stamped videos of every entry event, allowing you to know who has entered your building and when. In turn, you can maintain a more secure environment for tenants.
  • 156° wide-angle video cameras that give you and your residents a view of who is trying to enter the building, offering peace of mind for everyone.
  • Remote access features that allow guests and delivery drivers to enter the premises securely while still being monitored.
  • Mobile-based entry eliminates the need for physical keys to the building and allows residents the convenience of entering by tapping a button on their smartphones.


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