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  • ButterflyMX offers the best dealer program for security system dealers, installers, and resellers.
  • Security system dealer programs are collaborative initiatives between security system providers and security system installers.
  • Benefits of becoming an authorized security system dealer include access to marketing materials and seller support.
  • The ButterflyMX access control dealer program is ideal for access control installers, security system dealers, and potential partners.


In the realm of security systems, the role of security system dealers is indispensable. These professionals serve as the backbone of safety, providing access to cutting-edge technology and expertise in securing homes and businesses.

But what sets successful dealers apart? The answer lies in their participation in dealer programs offered by security system providers. Within this guide, you’ll discover the top security system dealers and find out what security system dealer programs are. Then, we’ll outline the benefits of becoming an authorized dealer for the top providers and how to get started.

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Who are security system dealers?

Security system dealers specialize in the sale, installation, and maintenance of security systems for residential and commercial clients. These dealers often partner with security system providers or manufacturers to offer a wide range of products and services.


What is a security system dealer program?

Security system dealer programs are collaborative initiatives between security system providers and security system installers.

These programs aim to empower installers with the tools, resources, and support needed to deliver exceptional service to their clients. By joining a dealer program, installers gain access to resources that boost their revenue and enhance their selling power.


How to sell security systems?

You can sell security systems by demonstrating their reliability, scalability, and innovative features. of the security systems. Moreover, building trust, providing exceptional service, and offering solutions that meet or exceed customer expectations is key to selling any product.

However, when you’re partnered with a reputable dealer, your selling power can increase because of the benefits that come with being a part of a dealer program.


Benefits of becoming an authorized security system dealer

Becoming an authorized dealer of some of the top security system providers provides an array of benefits. Not only will installers enjoy the advantage of having a reputable partnership, they’ll also receive support in their endeavors to sell and install more products.

Benefits of becoming an authorized dealer include:


Training and support

Dealer programs offer comprehensive training modules that equip installers with the knowledge and skills to deploy, configure, and maintain security systems. With the help of technical support teams, installers have access to troubleshooting services, ensuring smooth installations and customer satisfaction.


Product incentives

Dealer programs often include special pricing, discounts, and incentives for participating installers. These cost-saving benefits allow installers to offer competitive pricing to clients while maximizing profitability. Additionally, manufacturers may offer incentives for achieving sales targets or demonstrating top-notch performance, further incentivizing participation in the program.


Marketing assistance

Participating in a dealer program provides access to marketing resources, co-branded materials, and lead-generation support. These resources enable installers to promote their services, generate leads, and enhance brand visibility in their target markets. As such, these marketing resources will ultimately drive business growth and profitability for participating installers.


Networking opportunities

Dealer programs facilitate networking opportunities where installers can connect with peers, industry experts, and representatives from manufacturers like ButterflyMX or LiftMaster. Networking events, conferences, and forums provide platforms for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and building mutually beneficial partnerships, ultimately expanding business opportunities and fostering growth.


Opportunities to increase revenue

Proptech dealer programs present numerous opportunities to increase revenue by empowering partners to earn from both hardware sales and installation services. What’s more, these programs create diverse income sources, allowing dealers to benefit from discounted pricing. and purchasing products at lower rates and selling them at market prices.


5 best dealer programs

The top five security system dealers are:

  1. ButterflyMX
  2. ADT
  3. Vivint
  4. Alula
  5. Bosch


1. ButterflyMX

Breaking barriers in access control, ButterflyMX offers innovative solutions that redefine the way we manage entry and security. Our cloud-based access control platform combines cutting-edge technology with intuitive interfaces, allowing users to remotely manage access, receive notifications, and streamline visitor management. With a sleek design and a robust suite of products, ButterflyMX is a top choice for modern security needs.

Top ButterflyMX products include:

  • Video intercoms
  • Front desk stations
  • Access control
  • Package rooms
  • Vehicle access control
  • Elevator controls
  • Smart locks
  • Self-guided tours



  • High quality products
  • Extensive program options
  • Robust suite of products
  • Large catalog of marketing materials
  • Installation referrals
  • Multiple member tiers



  • Doesn’t service single-family homes


Discover how the ButterflyMX dealer program works:


2. ADT

ADT, a household name in the security industry, has been in the game for a while. Specializing in comprehensive security solutions for both residential and commercial clients, ADT offers a range of services, including intrusion detection, video surveillance, and 24/7 monitoring. Further, with a nationwide presence and a track record of excellence, ADT remains a top contender in the security system market.

ADT products include:

  • Command panel
  • Cameras
  • Video doorbell
  • Monitoring services



  • Brand Recognition
  • Comprehensive Product Portfolio
  • Training and Support
  • Profitability



  • Contractual obligations
  • Dependence on ADT products
  • Competition with other installers
  • Costs and fees associated with using their products
  • Limited control of how you market the products


3. Vivint

Known for its cutting-edge smart home security solutions, Vivint offers a comprehensive suite of products and services designed to protect homes and families. From smart locks and cameras to professional monitoring and automation features, Vivint provides homeowners with peace of mind and convenience. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Vivint continues to be a leader in the security industry.

Vivint products include:

  • Smart Hub
  • Outdoor Camera Pro
  • Doorbell Camera Pro
  • Smart thermostat



  • Well-known brand
  • Support for training
  • Assistance with marketing



  • Fewer leads
  • Poor pay scale
  • Bound by contract


4. Alula

With a commitment to simplicity and reliability, Alula delivers next-generation security solutions for residential and commercial applications. Their portfolio includes intrusion detection, video surveillance, and smart automation features, all integrated into a single platform for seamless control and monitoring. Alula’s user-friendly interface and robust performance make it a top choice for security system dealers and installers.

Alula products include:

  • Connect+
  • BAT-Connect Communicator
  • Slimline sensors
  • Video services



  • Support for training
  • Assistance with marketing



  • Not as well known in some areas
  • Limited product range
  • Costs and fees associated with using their products


5. Bosch

Renowned for its quality and craftsmanship, Bosch offers a wide range of security products and solutions tailored to meet the needs of businesses and institutions. From access control and video surveillance to fire detection and public address systems, Bosch delivers innovative technologies that enhance safety and security. With a global presence and a reputation for excellence, Bosch remains a trusted partner for security system dealers worldwide.

Bosch products include:

  • B Series control panels
  • IP cameras
  • Smart alarm systems
  • Access control readers



  • Innovative tech products
  • Co-branding materials
  • Brand association



  • Limited range in products
  • Competitive market
  • Contractual obligations


Join the ButterflyMX security system dealers program


Join the best dealer program: ButterflyMX

The ButterflyMX partner program is designed to engage with and support partners in installing, promoting, and selling ButterflyMX access control hardware and software solutions, allowing you to expand your business’s revenue growth in the access control industry.

Joining our access control dealer program is simple — interested installers and dealers can submit an application online. Once submitted, participants gain access to an easy-to-use online portal that delivers resources and support to accelerate their success in the access control market.


Additional perks of the ButterflyMX dealer program

  • Installation training. Dealers are trained to install our access products quickly and correctly. This means they can accurately quote the installation for the end user, they don’t waste time on-site figuring it out, and they don’t have to worry about doing it incorrectly and having to spend time and/or money going back to the site to fix it.
  • Sales and marketing training. Dealers gain valuable insights and skills to effectively market and sell our products, positioning themselves as a true ButterflyMX expert.
  • Discounts. Exclusive discounts on ButterflyMX hardware . This enables participants to offer competitive pricing while maximizing profitability.
  • Sales support. Dealers are provided with sales training, including information on the features and benefits of our products, a sales pitch, and content, so they’re better equipped and feel more confident selling our products. We connect dealers with their local sales reps, who can help them win deals by providing sales demo and pricing support.
  • Marketing support. Dealers are provided with marketing assets, co-branded materials, and printed-out materials they can use to market ButterflyMX to their clients.
  • Marketing materials. The program provides promotional materials such as product images, videos, and brochures to help you market ButterflyMX products.
  • Access to highly-rated products. Installers who join our dealer program have the opportunity to access and sell our highly-rated suite of products and hardware — including our flagship product, the video intercom system.
  • Installation referrals. Lastly, with ButterflyMX, they are added our network of certified dealers and send them installation referrals to bring them more business


Join ButterflyMX’s industry-leading dealer program

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