The right PropTech amenities touch three primary areas: the property itself, each unit, and a smartphone to interact with them.

When conceived, integrated, and properly operated, a magical thing happens: Residents, visitors, and property managers experience a secure and convenient property access experience, which delivers benefits such as:

  • Automatically opening locked doors.
  • Seeing who is at the front door.
  • Granting secure access to guests or service providers.
  • Enhancing security throughout the building.
  • Enabling hassle-free food and package deliveries directly to the unit.
  • Activating in-unit appliances on demand.
  • Allowing for automatic online rent payments.
  • Submitting work orders and having them fixed without needing to be home.
  • Recording all activity in a cloud-based database.


The sidewalk to sofa experience as seen through the eyes of a resident:

“I’m coming home with groceries in both hands.  As I approach my building, the Bluetooth lock detects my smartphone, and the door opens.  I glide right in.

“As I walk through the doorway, I receive a push notification that a delivery from Amazon is in my building’s package room.  I enter the package room, collect my items, and continue walking through the lobby. Turning toward the elevator bank, I notice an elevator is already waiting to greet me.

“I carry my packages onto the elevator, which takes me to my floor.  As I approach my unit, the door automatically unlocks. When I walk in, the lighting and air conditioning automatically turn on to my preselected settings.  

“I put away my groceries, open my package, and triumphantly sink into my sofa.  I ask Alexa to play music, and I begin to unwind.

“In an hour, I order dinner from Seamless.  When it arrives, the delivery person uses a virtual key that Seamless provided to access my building.  As they scan it at the intercom, I receive a push notification on my smartphone that the delivery person has arrived.  The courier’s photo is attached. Simultaneously, the elevator is temporarily unlocked, granting them access to my floor.  A few minutes later, I hear a knock at my door. My pizza has arrived.”


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The sidewalk to sofa experience as seen through the eyes of a property manager:

“I have 300 residents in my building.  They lose keys that need replacing right now.  They have guests and visitors who need to be let in and given access to the resident’s floor through the key-fobbed elevators.  We have a normal amount of turnover, which requires new keys and changes to our intercom’s directory. The growth of food delivery apps means that couriers are arriving at all hours, and the number of packages delivered keeps growing as more of our residents shop online.

“But our property management team has actually become more efficient.  As tenants turn over, their information updates in our property management system.  Old electronic keys are instantly revoked, and new keys are issued and sent to the incoming residents’ smartphones, providing them with a seamless move-in experience.

“Similarly, the resident directory automatically updates on the building’s intercom.  This is especially important during the first couple of weeks when new residents have food and home decor delivered almost every day.  The building is more secure than ever: All property access is digitally authenticated and pictures are taken of every individual entering the property.”

The next post in this series will introduce you to 3 PropTech amenities that every modern property should have.  Learn exactly what your tenants are looking for and how your property can remain competitive in a renter’s market.


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