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Key takeaways

  • ButterflyMX is a leader amongst proptech companies that offers the only property-wide access control solution on the market.
  • When considering a brokerage or mortgage proptech company, use eXp Realty, Redfin, HomeLight, or Opendoor.
  • If you’re looking for construction proptech solutions, consider Briq, Hover, or OnsiteIQ.
  • Lastly, streamline your property management efforts with proptech companies like EliseAI, TurboTenant, and VTS.


Proptech companies are disrupting the real estate industry with innovative products and software. The real estate professionals who embrace these technologies will help their properties stand out in an industry that’s historically slow to adopt technology.

Following the latest and greatest proptech companies is one way to stay ahead of the curve. But which companies should be on your radar? Read on to discover the top proptech companies in the United States for this year.

Keep an eye on these fifteen proptech companies:

  1. ButterflyMX
  2. Opendoor
  3. Hover
  4. Briq
  5. VergeSense
  6. HomeLight
  7. Redfin
  8. UtilizeCore
  9. eXp Realty
  10. EliseAI
  11. WeWork
  12. TurboTenant
  13. VTS
  14. Field Complete
  15. OnSiteIQ


ButterflyMX Access Control CTA


1. ButterflyMX

Solution: Smartphone-based access control offering the only property-wide solution.

Location: New York City, NY

Year founded: 2014

As a leader in real estate technology, ButterflyMX is a proptech company that specializes in access control solutions. The company has revolutionized the building access experience by introducing the industry’s first unified property access solution.

To simplify property access, ButterflyMX designs products that connect to a mobile app. With just a smartphone, users can open doors and gates and manage property-wide access.

ButterflyMX’s product line includes:

  • Video intercoms: Smartphone-based intercoms with built-in cameras that enable video calling and remote entry.
  • Keypads: An access control device that residents can control with their smartphones or a unique PIN code.
  • Vehicle readers and windshield tags. Enable hands-free vehicle access at your garage, parking lot, or gated property.
  • Package rooms: Residents don’t have to worry about missing packages with an access-controlled room for package storage.
  • Elevator controls: When a resident grants access to a visitor via the video intercom, elevator controls activate to unlock the elevator for the visitor, who can only access the floor they’re specifically allowed to visit.
  • Front desk station: This software streamlines operations for front desk personnel.
  • Self-guided tours: Empower prospective residents to check out a property on their own by allowing them entry to the property with virtual keys.

ButterflyMX products are all cloud-based, meaning data is stored online. As a result, property admins can manage their access control systems from a web-based dashboard.

Finally, the company’s access control devices have built-in cameras, which take photos of each entry event to log and record who enters the building. This provides an enticing security boost and adds peace of mind for tenants.


Watch how ButterflyMX works:


2. Opendoor

Solution: Streamlines the process of selling and buying residential property.

Location: San Francisco, CA

Year founded: 2014

Opendoor specializes in simplifying the process of buying and selling properties. The company offers the ability to sell property directly to Opendoor, who then finds suitable candidates looking to buy. Essentially, they cut out the middleman — the real estate agent — and put more control in the hands of buyers and sellers.

Notable features of Opendoor include:

  • Live video touring of a property.
  • They schedule property inspections for you.
  • No cancellation fees when it comes to selling homes.
  • Fast offers on a property.
  • Streamlined listing and buying process.


3. Hover

Solution: 3D data and modeling to conceptualize home remodeling projects better.

Location: San Francisco, CA

Year founded: 2011

Hover is a 3D modeling solution that helps homeowners and construction professionals visualize their remodeling projects before starting. Hover creates an interactive 3D model of any home with just a few photos from your smartphone. As a result, those who use Hover can test out their remodeling plans before they even begin. Additionally, Hover’s platform further benefits homeowners and their builders as it allows them to collaborate throughout the remodeling process.

Hover’s platform includes the following features:

  • Use templates for checklists or create your own for home inspections.
  • Receive measurements and property data automatically after taking a few pictures of the home.
  • Customize colors, textures, materials, and more with an interactive 3D model.
  • Generate material takeoffs for siding and roofing projects.
  • Generate estimates quickly for clients through Hover.


4. Briq

Solution: AI-powered platform for managing projects and more in the construction industry.

Location: Santa Barbara, CA

Year founded: 2018

Briq is a startup simplifying finances in the construction industry with its all-in-one platform. Built for the construction industry, Briq allows professionals to access the business information they need, regardless of whether they’re in the office or on a job site. Furthermore, Briq is different from others in that it doesn’t require coding skills to manage data. Not to mention, it gives customers access to construction industry experts for assistance in analyzing their business.

Briq features include:

  • Create workflows from expert-made templates.
  • Collect data from any sources so that you can track finances in one place.
  • Automate data entry, writebacks, PDF data extraction, and more.


construction workers meeting


5. VergeSense

VergeSense provides spatial intelligence software that analyzes the efficiency of office space. Moreover, they offer in-depth analysis of the tenants and employees in a building, then recommend management changes that will make employees more productive and reduce operating costs.

In-depth features of VergeSense include:

  • Agile workplace design. This analyzes the space employees utilize the most in an office, allowing insight into designing more efficient office setups.
  • Portfolio optimization. Based on past and current employee trends, VergeSense recommends cost-effective measures in real-time.


6. HomeLight

Solution: Connects real estate agents and lenders to buyers and sellers for success.

Location: San Francisco, CA

Year founded: 2012

HomeLight is one of the fastest-growing proptech companies in America, managing more than $1 billion in transactions annually. Further, the company connects home buyers and sellers with agents and lenders that fit their unique needs. By offering personalized recommendations, buyers and sellers have a better experience on their journey. Plus, agents and lenders land more wins!

HomeLight offers the following:

  • Find the value of your home using the HomeLight value estimator.
  • Search current home listings that meet your criteria.
  • Connect with a real estate agent or lender that’s personalized to your needs.
  • Grow your business and help your clients by using HomeLight as an agent.


7. Redfin

Solution: An online brokerage and mortgage platform for buying and selling homes.

Location: Seattle, WA

Year founded: 2002

Redfin is a full-service online platform for buying and selling homes. As such, Redfin aims to provide customers with a better home buying and selling experience by pairing real estate technology and local real estate agents. To achieve such a goal, Redfin offers many tools that help with organizing paperwork, scheduling home tours, and communicating with real estate agents.

Features of Redfin include:

  • Receive new home alerts via the iOS or Android mobile app.
  • Connect with a local real estate agent to price and market your home for sale.
  • Find rental properties in your area if you’re not ready to buy a home.


leasing agent showing apartment


8. UtilizeCore

Solution: Subcontractor management platform for enterprise and service management companies.

Location: New York City, NY

Year founded: 2020

UtilizeCore provides software that lets property management companies send service providers such as plumbers, janitors, and electricians to a property remotely. The software helps property managers find the best and most affordable people for a job. Furthermore, UtilizeCore also manages and archives the work that service providers do and delivers these reports to property managers.

Their software’s features also include:

  • Cost-effective analysis of service providers.
  • Equipment management for service providers.
  • Communication channel between providers and property managers.
  • Service agreement management.
  • Fast invoicing and online payment.


9. eXp Realty

Solution: Cloud-based real estate brokerage firm enabling remote real estate agents.

Location: Bellingham, WA

Year founded: 2009

Unlike other brokerage firms, eXp Realty allows real estate agents to work remotely while still helping home buyers and sellers with their journeys. While based in the U.S., eXp Realty also operates in Canada and the United Kingdom. Despite being remote, eXp Realty’s agents have a deep understanding of your local real estate market that you’ll find great value in.

Choose eXp Realty for the following:

  • Find a real estate agent that’s personalized for your needs regardless of whether you’re buying, selling, or renting.
  • Express Offers platform connects homeowners with investors for cash offers.
  • Buy and sell your home with a highly experienced agent at your side.


10. EliseAI

Solution: An all-in-one property management platform powered by AI.

Location: New York City, NY

Year founded: 2017

EliseAI makes all aspects of property management easier for both managers and companies. This comprehensive platform has everything from leasing and customer service to maintenance requests and payments. In summary, EliseAI enables property management to better market to and serve residents throughout the leasing process and beyond.

EliseAI includes the following features:

  • Manage incoming prospects automatically with 24/7 access to email, text, phone, and more.
  • Manage and collect rent while also reminding residents of rent.
  • Track property performance through key metrics no matter the community.
  • Compare communities or view an entire portfolio’s performance using EliseAI.


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11. WeWork

Solution: Offering flexible office and coworking spaces for long and short terms.

Location: New York City, NY

Year founded: 2010

As one of the biggest proptech companies, WeWork focuses on shaping the future of working in office spaces. Their online platform is designed to help individuals and businesses find a wide range of office spaces that meet their budgets. What’s more, WeWork has office space in more than 151 cities globally, and more than half of the Fortune 100 companies are clients.


12. TurboTenant

Solution: A property management software for landlords to find and manage tenants.

Location: Fort Collins, CO

Year founded: 2015

TurboTenant is your one-stop shop for property management, from marketing to leads to drafting leases and managing maintenance requests. Furthermore, this free DIY tool helps property managers and landlords with all aspects of managing their properties and residents. By using AI, TurboTenant helps properties screen residents, collect rent, and manage maintenance inquiries. As a free tool, TurboTenant is a standout amongst other proptech companies.

TurboTenant has the following features:

  • Advertise and market to prospects with unlimited listings on dozens of popular listing sites.
  • Customize and adjust lease agreements to your property and state’s requirements.
  • Screen tenants in less than five minutes, including financial, criminal, and eviction history.
  • Suitable for single-family homes, multifamily, room rentals, condos, and more.


13. VTS

Solution: A platform for commercial real estate leasing and management.

Location: New York City, NY

Year founded: 2012

VTS is a proptech company that offers commercial real estate a cloud-based platform designed to provide all the tools necessary for management and leasing. What’s more, the platform VTS has built offers a wide range of tools to help, such as property listings, tracking deals, and communication with tenants. Moreover, the platform leverages artificial intelligence for properties and machine learning to give owners and managers unique insights into their assets.

VTS’s platform includes:

  • Track prospects throughout the leasing journey with automatic proposals, deal tracking, connection alerts, and retention management.
  • Market your properties by enabling management and marketing to work together through a streamlined workflow.
  • Gain real-time insights into the real estate market with real data on supply and demand.


property manager speaking with guest


14. Field Complete

Solution: Project management software for contractors in the field.

Location: Atlanta, GA

Year founded: 2015

Field Complete’s cloud-based platform is designed by and for contractors, allowing them to manage their operations from anywhere. Additionally, their mobile app makes it easy for contractors to create new jobs, send messages, invoice on-site, track technicians, and more.

The features you’ll find from Field Complete include:

  • Schedule, dispatch, and track technicians to ensure customers receive the service they need.
  • Provide customers with estimates and invoices while on the job site without having to go back to the office.
  • Send messages to customers or technicians in the field or at the office to stay updated.
  • Create and customize reports related to finances, productivity, and customers.


15. OnsiteIQ

Solution: Maps and digitizes construction sites for improved management.

Location: 2017

Year founded: New York City, NY

Available in more than 18,000 zip codes, OnsiteIQ helps capture the details of construction projects so they can be better managed. First, an OnsiteIQ capture specialist regularly walks your job site to capture updates comprehensively. Then, their platform digitizes it, mapping each video so it creates an identical map for you to review. Finally, their AI engine notifies you of major milestones and reports data across your portfolio.

OnsiteIQ also includes the following:

  • Create comprehensive documentation for the transparency of all stakeholders.
  • Review and analyze data collected by OnsiteIQ’s team to effectively manage projects.
  • Verify payments, change orders, and major achievements with thorough documentation.


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