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Key takeaways

  • Top proptech startups include ButterflyMX, Roofr, and more.
  • A proptech startup is a company that leverages technology to create innovative solutions for the real estate industry.
  • The primary difference between a startup and a tech company lies in their stage of development and business goals.


If you’ve been feeling like the real estate industry is overdue for a tech makeover, you’re not alone. The world of property management, sales, and development is buzzing with innovation, thanks to forward-thinking proptech startups. These companies bring convenience to building management, making everything from managing tenant access to handling financials more streamlined and efficient.

What’s more, these startups are not just about flashy new gadgets; they’re offering real solutions to everyday problems in property management and development.

In this post, we give you a list of the top fifteen proptech startup companies to keep an eye on. Then, we’ll define what proptech is and answer your top questions about property technology startups.

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11 proptech startups and companies

Here are the top eleven startups and companies with the best proptech solutions:

  1. ButterflyMX
  2. Roofr
  3. Pandaloc
  4. Briq
  5. EliseAI
  6. Casavo
  7. Northspyre
  8. Engrain
  9. TurboTenant
  10. Avatour
  11. Home365


1. ButterflyMX

ButterflyMX is a leading property access control company with innovative products like our Video Intercom, Elevator Controls, and Vehicle Reader. Our system integrates seamlessly with other property technology, making it the best choice for access control at multifamily and commercial buildings.

Whether you’re managing a single building or an entire portfolio, ButterflyMX offers a comprehensive solution to enhance security and convenience. What’s more, integration of our Access Control System with your smart property management software ensures streamlined operations and improved tenant experiences.

Here are some of our top products and services that elevate any property management experience:

  • Front Desk Station. Seamless visitor management is just a few clicks away with the ButterflyMX Front Desk Station. When integrated with our suite of access control products, ButterflyMX empowers you to streamline access throughout the whole property, view a live video stream from your intercom, and grant access to amenities and beyond.
  • Access Control System. Our access control system offers a property-wide solution that enables mobile access throughout our Video Intercoms, Keypads, Card and Fob Readers, Vehicle Readers, Elevator Controls, and more.
  • Video Intercom. Our flagship product, the Video Intercom, allows residents to use their mobile devices to speak face-to-face with visitors, empowering them to see who they’re letting into the building before providing entry.


2. Roofr

Roofr is transforming how roofing services are estimated and delivered. This proptech startup uses advanced technology to provide accurate roofing estimates within minutes, making it easier for property owners and contractors to manage roofing projects efficiently.

By leveraging AI and satellite imagery, Roofr simplifies the often complicated process of roof inspections and quotes, making them a standout in the proptech industry.


3. Pandaloc

Pandaloc is at the forefront of smart lock technology, offering robust security solutions for residential and commercial properties.

Their products are designed to integrate seamlessly with various property management systems, ensuring ease of use and enhanced security. Pandaloc’s innovative approach to access control makes it a key player among proptech AI startups, providing advanced solutions that meet the evolving needs of modern properties.


4. Briq

Briq focuses on bringing financial technology to the construction industry. Their platform helps construction companies manage budgets, forecast costs, and streamline financial operations.

By using AI and machine learning, Briq provides insights that help businesses make data-driven decisions, reducing risks and improving profitability. Briq’s integration of proptech software into financial management showcases the potential for technology to transform even the most traditional aspects of the real estate industry.


5. EliseAI

EliseAI is an AI-driven platform that enhances customer interactions in the real estate sector. From virtual tours to automated customer service, EliseAI uses artificial intelligence to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of real estate operations. Their technology allows property managers to focus on high-value tasks while AI handles routine inquiries and tasks, making them a leader among proptech AI startups.


6. Casavo

Casavo is an innovative startup that simplifies the home selling process. They offer instant buying services, allowing homeowners to sell their properties quickly and without the hassle of traditional real estate transactions. Casavo uses advanced algorithms to provide fair offers, streamlining the process and offering a stress-free experience for sellers. This approach makes Casavo a standout in the realm of proptech startups, addressing a common pain point in the real estate market.


7. Northspyre

Northspyre is dedicated to improving project management in real estate development. Their platform leverages AI and data analytics to provide project managers with the tools they need to deliver projects on time and within budget. Northspyre’s technology-driven approach helps mitigate risks and ensures successful project outcomes, making them an essential player in the proptech industry.


8. Engrain

Engrain is reshaping property visualization with their interactive mapping and data visualization technology. Their software enhances the way properties are marketed and managed, providing detailed visual insights that improve decision-making and tenant engagement. Engrain’s solutions are a prime example of how proptech companies are using technology to transform property management and marketing.


9. TurboTenant

TurboTenant offers an all-in-one platform for landlords to manage their rental properties. From listing units to screening tenants and collecting rent, TurboTenant simplifies the entire property management process. Their user-friendly software is designed to save time and reduce the administrative burden on landlords, making them one of the best proptech startups for property management.


10. Avatour

Avatour provides a virtual reality platform for remote property tours. Their technology allows users to experience properties in immersive 3D, enhancing the buying and leasing process. Avatour’s VR tours are particularly valuable for international clients and those unable to visit properties in person, making them a standout in the proptech software space.


11. Home365

Home365 offers a comprehensive property management solution that uses AI to automate maintenance, leasing, and financial reporting. Their platform ensures efficient property management by predicting issues before they arise and automating routine tasks. Home365’s innovative use of AI makes them a leader among proptech AI startups, providing solutions that enhance efficiency and profitability.


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What is a proptech startup?

A proptech startup is a company that leverages technology to create innovative solutions for the real estate industry. These startups focus on various aspects of property management, construction, sales, and tenant interactions, using advanced technologies like AI, big data, and IoT to improve efficiency, security, and user experience. Proptech startups are at the forefront of transforming traditional real estate practices, offering cutting-edge solutions that address the evolving needs of the industry.


What is the difference between a startup and a tech company?

The primary difference between a startup and a tech company lies in their stage of development and business goals. A startup is a young company that is in the early stages of development, often focused on developing a unique product or service and achieving rapid growth. Furthermore, startups typically operate with limited resources and aim to disrupt existing markets with innovative solutions.


Key proptech trends to watch

Here is a list of the key proptech trends to watch:


Property intelligence

Property intelligence is a trend that’s transforming how real estate decisions are made. By using data analytics and AI, property intelligence tools provide deep insights into property performance, market trends, and tenant behaviors. These tools can predict maintenance needs, optimize rental pricing, and even identify investment opportunities, making them invaluable for property managers and developers looking to stay ahead of the curve.


Virtual tours

Virtual tours have become a game-changer in real estate and multifamily buildings, especially in a post-pandemic world. Using VR and 3D imaging, virtual tours allow prospective buyers and tenants to explore properties from anywhere in the world. This technology not only saves time and resources but also provides a more immersive and detailed property viewing experience, making it easier to attract and engage potential clients.


Smartphone-based access control

Smartphone-based access control systems are revolutionizing property security. These systems replace traditional keys and fobs with mobile apps, allowing tenants to unlock doors and gates with their smartphones. Features like remote access, visitor management, and integration with other smart building technologies make these systems highly convenient and secure, setting a new standard for property access management.


Property management software

Property management software is one of the most impactful proptech trends reshaping the real estate industry. These platforms offer comprehensive solutions for managing rental properties and streamlining tasks such as tenant screening, rent collection, maintenance scheduling, and lease management. Moreover, by integrating various aspects of property management into a single, user-friendly interface, this software enhances efficiency and reduces the administrative burden on property managers.


Proptech startup FAQs

Here are answers to your questions about proptech startups:


What is an example of proptech?

An example of proptech is a smart access control system that uses mobile apps to let tenants unlock doors and gates without traditional keys. These systems can include features like video intercoms that allow tenants to see and communicate with visitors remotely, smart locks that can be controlled via smartphone, and vehicle readers that grant automatic access to parking areas.

Such technology not only enhances security but also offers convenience and a seamless user experience, showcasing how proptech is modernizing traditional property management practices.


What is the strategy of proptech?

The strategy of proptech involves leveraging advanced technologies to address common challenges in the real estate industry. This includes using AI for predictive maintenance, big data for market analysis, and IoT for smart building management.

Furthermore, proptech companies aim to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance user experiences by integrating technology into various aspects of real estate operations. The focus is on creating solutions that streamline processes, improve decision-making, and provide better services to tenants and property owners.


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