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From the health concerns introduced by COVID-19 to the security concerns inherent to modern living, 2020 has changed multifamily housing for renters who are prioritizing their safety. Security features are no longer seen as an added bonus in multifamily buildings — they are now a necessity. But how do you keep residents safe in multifamily housing? With technology. Technology improves resident safety by creating safer ways to enter, manage, and live in a building.

Proptech — technology that optimizes how people rent, buy, sell, and manage property — is undoubtedly reassuring to residents. It makes their homes safer while enhancing their living experiences. Technologies such as video cameras and keyless entry systems let residents see who is entering and leaving their property without any face-to-face interactions. Clearly, proptech solutions deliver the safety residents need and the convenience they crave.

As proptech evolves and expands, many forward-thinking real estate professionals have realized the benefits it offers. Not only do proptech solutions cost less than traditional security systems, but they also attract and retain residents better than other security-focused amenities. While the future of proptech multifamily hasn’t been determined, it’s clear that proptech amenities are here to stay.


Proptech alleviates social distancing and safety concerns through:

  1. Building security
  2. Digital communication
  3. Amenity spacing scheduling and monitoring 


As much as we wish we could return to a pre-COVID state, the real estate industry is forever changed. Even once we have fully managed the pandemic, renters will still prioritize health, safety, and security. That’s why now is the time to adapt and invest in innovative solutions.

We know that technology improves resident safety, but how do you implement these improvements in your own building? Through proptech. 

Here are a few ways proptech products can help you meet residents’ increasing demand for safety:


1. Building security

Renters want to know that anyone who enters their building has been authenticated and monitored. Security cameras are vital in addressing residents’ concerns and quelling their fears. Put their minds at ease by installing proptech products like doorbell cameras, ceiling-mounted surveillance cameras, and video intercoms that provide an audit trail of everyone who uses the system.


2. Digital communication

Residents prefer digital methods of communication over calls, written notes, or in-person visits. Mobile apps powered by proptech can act as an information hub for the building community. Another solution is digital signage, which you can place in high-traffic areas to keep residents up-to-date on the latest building and safety information while maintaining social distancing.


3. Amenity space scheduling and monitoring

During COVID, multifamily residences have struggled to maintain social distancing in shared amenity spaces, such as gyms, pools, and conference rooms. Mobile apps that allow residents to reserve apartment amenities ahead of time can help solve this issue. These apps prevent shared amenities from becoming overcrowded and can alert residents when an amenity is available.


Learn more about how technology improves resident safety in multifamily housing in our latest white paper: From Amenity to Necessity

Amenity to Necessity

Johanna Gruber


Johanna Gruber

Based in Los Angeles, I enjoy learning and writing about the real estate industry, and exploring how proptech can help people live and work better.

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