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Key takeaways

  • Implementing property technology like key card systems, video intercoms, keypads, alarm systems, smart locks, and more can enhance the overall security of multifamily buildings and senior living communities.
  • An end-to-end access control solution allows for a tailored approach to the unique needs of apartments and senior housing.
  • Access control systems enhance safety and peace of mind for residents.


Property managers and owners are responsible for providing a secure environment to keep residents safe. And this is especially true in multifamily buildings and senior living communities. Fortunately, technology can help improve resident safety by creating an environment that is not only more secure but enhances residents’ living experience.

Read on to discover seven ways to use technology to keep residents safe today. Then, find the answers to some commonly asked questions about how to keep residents safe.

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7 ways to use property technology to keep residents safe

We all want to live in a place where we feel safe. So, security issues can be a cause of anxiety and concern for many.

That’s why we’ve put together a list for you to discover ways to keep your residents safe and offer them peace of mind.

Here are seven property technology solutions that will keep residents safe and enhance their living experience:

  1. Key card and key fob systems
  2. Video intercoms
  3. Keypads
  4. Alarm systems
  5. Smart locks
  6. Package room
  7. Vehicle access control


1. Key card and key fob systems

Similar to what you may have seen in a hotel, residents swipe a key card to access the building or hold their key fob up to the reader at their individual units or common areas, such as the laundry or mail room Further, these cards track who is coming and going in real-time and make it easy to immediately restrict access or deactivate a keycard if it’s lost.

Many buildings combine keycard access with other forms of property technology for seamless access and end-to-end tracking throughout the building. So, residents in apartments and senior living communities don’t have to fumble around for physical keys.

What’s more, keyless access control systems make replacing lost credentials a breeze. It’s much easier to replace an access card than a traditional key or rekey a unit.


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2. Video intercoms

Most buildings, especially in large cities, come equipped with intercom systems so visitors can buzz the person they are visiting to get access to the building. The problem with old systems is that they do not offer the added security of actually being able to see who is at the door.

Video intercoms transform a resident’s smartphone into a video intercom. What’s more, residents can get a live video stream of whoever is trying to gain access to their building and can even video chat with them.

For property managers, this video feature can help keep residents safe by keeping a time-and-date stamped photo audit of each visitor.

When you upgrade to a video intercom, you get the added security of:

  • Virtual keys. Virtual keys can be assigned to visitors for single use (e.g., a one-time delivery) or regular use (e.g., a dog walker or service provider).
  • Audit logs. All entry events are tracked using a time — and date-stamped picture, so you can enhance safety and stay in the know of who’s entering your multifamily building or senior living community.
  • Remote access. Property management proptech, like cloud-based video intercoms, allows property managers to easily control who has access to the building while also making it more convenient for residents to welcome visitors.


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3. Keypads

Keypads offer a way for property managers and building staff to exercise precise control over entry points. For instance, they can limit access to authorized individuals. As a result, this not only protects residents from unauthorized visitors but also allows for smarter monitoring and management of building access.

To illustrate, keypads can keep access to shared amenity spaces like fitness centers, pools, and outdoor spaces safe. What’s more, keypads can restrict access to sensitive areas like medical record rooms, staff areas, and more.


4. Alarm systems

Alarm systems have long been part of building security to keep residents safe, but new technology makes them less expensive and easier to use than ever before. A traditional security system is a good start for a building. Most will sound an alarm or alert a security team if a door is accessed by an unauthorized individual.

Moreover, modern access control systems integrate with alarm systems. As a result, these systems work in tandem to help residents and property managers control safety from wherever they may be.


5. Smart locks

The idea behind a smart lock is simple: a resident can open a door via an app on their smartphone. Smart locks are not only convenient but also safer than traditional locks because they eliminate physical keys that can be shared, lost, or copied.

This innovative real estate technology can be used to grant access to the entire building or to individual units. If a resident wants to grant a visitor one-time access to their unit, they can simply send them an access code through a mobile app. It’s a simple solution that immediately creates a higher level of safety and convenience through controlled access.


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6. Package room

Package theft is a common problem in many buildings, especially those without a doorman or front desk to accept deliveries. Instead, packages often line the entryway and are at risk of being snatched by anyone who walks past.

Fortunately, a package room can streamline and ensure the safe delivery of packages. With a package room, staff can send delivery passes to couriers so they can access the building and deliver parcels securely.

What’s more, modern package room solutions can send real-time notifications to residents and staff once a package is delivered. So, residents never miss a package from loved ones.


7. Vehicle access control

Vehicle access control solutions keep residents safe by only admitting authorized visitors and empowering residents with hands-free access to your property. With vehicle readers and windshield tags, residents and staff won’t have to fumble around for access credentials or enter a PIN when they enter a garage or parking area. Instead, they can adhere the tag to their windshield for automatic access.

What’s more, it’s easy to monitor and track who accesses your garage or parking facility remotely.


How to keep residents safe FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about how to keep residents safe in multifamily buildings and senior living communities:


How do you ensure the safety of residents?

The best way to ensure the safety of residents is to enhance security by choosing a modern access control system or investing in gated entry.

Security is a top concern for many residents, and new technology advancements, like access control systems, make it possible for senior care staff and property managers to stay on top of threats while creating a welcoming building.


How do I ensure all of our residents feel valued?

To ensure your residents feel valued, foster a sense of community, facilitate healthy communication, and create lasting relationships with long-term residents.


Why is patient safety important in nursing homes?

Patient safety in long-term care facilities is important because ensuring the overall safety and well-being of residents is vital for every community. With this in mind, it’s important to be proactive in learning how to keep residents safe in a care home in order to improve resident safety in nursing homes.


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