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Key takeaways

  • A truck stop front gate intercom system allows staff members to manage access to your truck stop’s entrance remotely.
  • The benefits of installing a truck stop intercom include increased security, reduced staff workload, and integration with other security hardware.
  • The best truck stop intercom is ButterflyMX. In addition to the durable touchscreen intercom, you can integrate the intercom with other access control products.


As a truck stop operator, managing access to your truck stops is one of your most important duties. How can you easily verify a driver’s identity to give them access to your property? Further, how can you efficiently direct them to the showers or restrooms? Many truck stop operators use truck stop intercoms to communicate with drivers.

In this post, we explain what a truck stop intercom is and go over its benefits. Then, we help you choose the rest stop intercom that fits your needs best.

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What is a truck stop intercom?

A truck stop intercom is a hardware device installed at the entrance of your truck stop that allows drivers to communicate with staff members. With a truck stop intercom, you no longer have to physically station a staff member at your truck stop’s entrance 24/7. Instead, staff members can remotely chat with drivers from anywhere.

When truckers stop at a rest stop, one of their largest priorities is security for their vehicles. And with a parking intercom system, you can make sure that only verified or pre-approved vehicles enter your truck stop.

And as a truck stop operator, you likely also value the security of your staff and amenity spaces.

Some of the amenities on your property might include:

  • Restrooms
  • Showering facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Movie theaters
  • Barber shops
  • Truck weigh stations
  • Gas pumps

These days, truck stops are getting more visitors than ever. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 3.5 million people are truck drivers — an all-time national high

In addition, many truck stop operators are choosing to make their facilities available to many types of vehicles. These range from camper RVs to smaller cars.


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Benefits of installing a truck stop intercom

So, you know what a truck stop intercom is, but what are the advantages of rest stop intercom installation?

The benefits of a vehicle intercom include:

  1. Increased security
  2. Reduced staff workload
  3. Integrations with other security hardware


1. Increased security

A truck stop two-way intercom phone increases security for both visitors and staff by verifying the identity of each visitor at the stop. Plus, truck drivers will rest easy knowing that everybody at the truck stop has already been pre-approved by staff.

Further, the best electronic intercoms create an automatic audit trail of every entry event. And these electric intercoms often come with cameras. So, there are time- and date-stamped photos of every time a visitor is let into your truck stop. Staff can review this record to increase the security of your truck stop.


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2. Reduced staff workload

While truck drivers won’t take up permanent residence at your truck stop, they’ll seek keys for other uses. In order to keep your amenity spaces well-kempt, they’re probably locked, meaning drivers must borrow keys for access.

Management of physical keys is one of the most tedious parts of any truck stop staff member’s workload. And the risk that a driver accidentally hangs onto or loses a key is high.

When a key is lost, staff members will have to spend precious time getting that key replaced. In the worst-case scenario, they may have to call a locksmith to the truckstop for a full replacement. And while that’s happening, nobody will be able to use that amenity space. So, losing a key to a crucial place like a bathroom or a shower could be disastrous.

But with the help of the right truck stop access control system, such as keypads, your staff can spend less time managing rings of keys and more time on duties that require a human touch.


3. Integrations with other security hardware

While an intercom gate system will certainly help with security on your property, the best truck stops don’t solely depend on intercoms to maintain security. Instead, they use sensors, alarms, and smart locks to ensure that truckers have a convenient and secure experience.

Some intercoms have their own databases and software platforms that don’t integrate well with other products. Unfortunately, this results in staff having to manage multiple platforms. An update might be pushed out to some locks on your property, but not others. This creates security risks and inconveniences for drivers.


How Do I Let Someone In with ButterflyMX?


The best rest stop intercom system

The best truck stop intercom is ButterflyMX’s video intercom. Additionally, the video intercom is paired with the ButterflyMX front desk station software, which requires no additional hardware. With this system, staff members can ensure that truck drivers can shower, rest up, and relax. And they can do this with as little delay as possible.

Thanks to the front desk station software, staff members can communicate with truck drivers directly from the intercom. Staff can remotely do things like distributing keyless PINs that allow truckers access to certain spaces protected by keypads. They can also direct the driver to a specific parking spot or amenity space, like your stop’s restrooms or showers. Live video is also available to stream in order to keep an eye on all locations.

In addition to video intercoms and front desk station software, ButterflyMX also offers:

  • Keypads
  • Fob readers
  • Elevator controls for larger truck stops
  • Vehicle sticker readers for drivers who frequent your stop

No matter the layout or size of your truck stop, ButterflyMX stands ready to secure it with our collection of wireless intercoms and integrated security hardware.

Plus, the ButterflyMX system easily integrates with any existing hardware on your property. So, you can manage every device, including alarms, sensors, and cameras, from one place.

You may be interested in integrating with other ButterflyMX products like keypads or readers. Conversely, you may want to simplify management for existing cameras and sensors on your property. In any case, the ButterflyMX smart intercom is the lynchpin of any truck stop access control system.


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