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Key takeaways

  • The safest way to store keys is in a lock box, safe, or locker located in an area with limited access to the public.
  • The advantages of a wall-mounted key lock box are its versatile applications, convenience and accessibility, and enhanced security.
  • Disadvantages of a lock box system include the lack of an audit trail, being heavily reliant on manual processes, and the lack of integrations or smart technology.
  • A better alternative to a wall-mount key lock box is the ButterflyMX key locker.


Traditional metal keys require proper organizing and storage, so key lock boxes are popular solutions. If you’re looking for a key storage solution that will work almost anywhere, you may consider a wall-mount key lock box.

But before selecting a solution, you must learn the safest way to store keys and the pros and cons to wall-mount key lock boxes. More importantly, find a list of the best wall-mounted lock boxes and an even better alternative.

This buyer’s guide covers:


What is the safest way to store keys?

The safest way to store keys is in a lock box, locker, or safe that is secured and located in an area with limited access.

When it comes to the storage and credential option, you may secure keys in any number of ways, such as a designated key, PIN code, combination lock, or even a smartphone. Access to the credential and storage should be limited to authorized personnel only. By placing the storage in an admin area or office, you’ll reduce the risk of the storage being tampered with and the keys stolen.


Is it safe to have a key lock box?

It is safe to have a key lock box, but they are not always dependable.

Key lock boxes are often not built to withstand prolonged exposure to the elements or impacts from heavy objects. As a result, certain key lock boxes may not be suitable for your key storage needs.

Instead, you may consider a more robust and durable solution like a key locker.


Discover how to assign a ButterflyMX key locker compartment:


Where do you mount a key lock box?

A wall-mount key lock box should be installed out of the public eye in an area that’s monitored regularly.

Limiting access to the wall-mounted key safe is a best practice as it further reduces the risk of vandalism or theft.


Pros and cons of a wall-mount key lock box

Wall-mount key lock boxes are popular storage solutions because of the advantages they provide. However, they aren’t without their disadvantages. So, it’s important you know the good and the bad when it comes to wall-mount lock boxes for keys.


What are the advantages of a lock box system?

  • Versatile applications. You can use a lock box for keys in all types of situations and properties. These devices are extremely useful no matter the industry. Property managers and owners can utilize them to share keys with employees, customers, residents, and more.
  • Convenient and accessible. Cut down on the number of keys you carry around at once by storing them in a centralized location. Wall-mounted key lock boxes eliminate bulky key chains and make it easy to access the keys you need at any time.
  • Enhanced security. Control access to your keys with a secure solution like a lock box. These devices are known to reduce crime, such as theft, which will give you peace of mind.


What are the disadvantages of a lock box system?

  • Lack of an audit trail. Tracking access to a lock box is difficult without a camera or digital record. A pen and paper log isn’t reliable and can easily be manipulated. Above all, managing key usage, holding accountability, and investigating security breaches is significantly more difficult.
  • Reliant on manual processes. Dealing with physical assets like keys often requires manual processes, including placement, removal, and tracking. With that said, manual processes are time-consuming and prone to human errors. This results in misplaced keys and inaccurate tracking information.
  • Limited integrations and features. Integrating with other smart technology, such as an access control system, is ideal as it allows you to provide a seamless security solution to your property. However, most wall key safes don’t offer such integrations, leading to vulnerabilities in your property’s security.


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4 best wall-mounted key lock boxes

Wall-mounted key lock boxes come in all shapes and sizes. So, it’s difficult to determine which is right for your property. Fortunately, the list below will tell you everything you need to know about the best wall-mounted key lock boxes on the market.

The best wall-mounted key lock boxes are:

  1. Master Lock wall mount lock box
  2. Fayleeko key lock box
  3. AdirOffice combination lock key cabinet
  4. KeyGuard SL-590


1. Master Lock wall mount lock box

Master Lock is home to a variety of key safes, but their most popular wall-mounted key boxes include the combination lock and the push-button lock.

The combination key lock boxes (5401D) feature a four-digit combination lock that is customizable from the default code. Its wall mount design lets you permanently install it anywhere while holding up to four keys at a time.

On the other hand, the push-button lock box (5423D) is essentially a wall-mounted lock box with a keypad. The lock box can be installed on any surface and holds up to four keys as well. The biggest difference is the protective cover over the face to prevent the buttons from weathering and freezing.

Pricing: The Master Lock wall-mounted combination lock box is available for $56.98, and the push-button box is available for $60.52.


2. Fayleeko key lock box

Rivaling Master Lock, Fayleeko has developed a similar wall-mounted key lock box. Fayleeko’s lock box features a four-digit combination lock. To prevent weathering of the combination dials, the lock box features a sliding shield.

Additionally, it can be mounted on a variety of surfaces, such as brick, drywall, wood, and vinyl. Installation is simple, especially with the included hardware. Further, the lock box comes in black and gray variants.

Pricing: The Fayleeko key lock box price will vary among retailers but is available as low as $16.99.


3. AdirOffice combination lock key cabinet

If you’re looking for a larger key storage solution, the AdirOffice combination lock key cabinet is a great choice.

This 16-gauge steel key cabinet comes in two different sizes, storing up to 30 or 48 keys, respectively. Its three-digit combination lock does limit your code options but is reliable nonetheless. Not to mention, the key cabinet comes in four different colors: black, blue, red, and white.

When purchasing the AdirOffice key cabinet, you’ll also receive:

  • Key tags (amount based on size selection)
  • Two blank keys
  • Installation hardware

Pricing: You can find the AdirOffice key cabinet listed at $29.95.


4. KeyGuard SL-590

The KeyGuard SL-590 punch button key storage box consists of a tough ABS plastic coating with a metal frame. This wall-mounted lock box with a keypad features numbers and letters. This allows you to customize your PIN code to your specifications. What’s more, a protective trap door prevents the punch buttons from weathering due to the harsh elements.

Pricing: The KeyGuard SL-590 is available for $34.95.


A better alternative to wall-mounted key lock boxes

The best alternative to a wall-mounted key lock box is the ButterflyMX key locker.

You can overhaul how your property uses keys with these features:

  • Access control integration. The key locker integrates with all ButterflyMX access control solutions, allowing you to manage it from a single dashboard on your phone or desktop.
  • Self-guided touring. With integration across all ButterflyMX products, multifamily and commercial office properties can easily set up self-guided tours by providing prospects with a temporary virtual key. With the virtual key, prospects can enter the property, retrieve the metal key, and access the unit to tour.
  • Audit log. A built-in camera takes a time- and date-stamped photo of the user accessing the locker. This information can be reviewed later in the event of a missing key or security breach.
  • Real-time updates. The ButterflyMX key locker provides real-time updates through the ButterflyMX dashboard. The locker will provide updates to the property staff on when a key is retrieved or returned and if a compartment is left open.
  • Expansive storage. Housing 18 compartments, the ButterflyMX key locker has more than enough space to store all of your property’s keys.
  • Easy installation. Installation for the key locker is easy as it can be mounted on almost any surface and requires only two wired connections: power and internet.


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