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Below is all the information you need to install our products correctly at your property.

IMPORTANT: to ensure you do not void our 2-year warranty, you must be certified to install ButterflyMX.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I double up on the extension cable for power? Eg. Can I use a 22/8 AWG for a 50-100 ft run?

No, this is not equivalent for a 16 AWG cable. For a 50-100 ft run, you must use a 16 AWG.

We have limited physical space for a UPS. Why is a UPS device required?

The UPS device is required to provide clean power to the ButterflyMX intercom, which is a full windows computer. We must treat the Butterfly product as an IT asset, not just a low voltage product. Find space for the UPS whether that’s in a drop ceiling or in an equipment box.

How many amps can the ButterflyMX relays handle?

The ButterflyMX relays should not be subjected to a larger amount of amperage. We are not concerned with the ButterflyMX relays, we are concerned with the computer behind them.

Why does ButterflyMX sometimes require a dedicated internet account for its products?

When too many networked products share an internet account, they compete for bandwidth. The dedicated internet account ensures the ButterflyMX meets its minimum network requirements.