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IMPORTANT: to ensure you do not void our 2-year warranty, you must be certified to install ButterflyMX.

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pedestal diagrams

Pedestal Diagrams

ButterflyMX pedestals

ButterflyMX pedestal

PedestalPRO manufactures pedestals for ButterflyMX video intercoms and our other access control devices.

For more information including dimensions, pricing, and ordering, please visit pedestalpro.com or call 800.660.3072.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell pedestals for your video intercom?

No, we do not sell our own pedestals. However, we work with PedestalPRO, which manufactures pedestals for our video intercoms and our other access control products.

What pedestals options are available?

Visit PedestalPRO’s website at pedestalpro.com and search ‘butterflymx’ to see all of the available pedestal options.

Can I buy a pedestal from ButterflyMX?

No, we do not sell pedestals. Please reach out to PedestalPRO who is our pedestal manufacturing partner if you’d like to purchase a pedestal for your ButterflyMX video intercom.

What types of pedestals are available?

PedestalPRO has many different types of pedestals available, including columns, goosenecks, and standard pedestals. Please visit their website pedestalpro.com, or call them at 800.660.3072