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Key takeaways

  • When choosing installers in Scottsdale, consider their certifications, years of experience, and reviews.
  • The best types of access control in Scottsdale, AZ include video intercoms, keypads, and vehicle readers.
  • There are four best access control installation and repair companies in Scottsdale, AZ, including Redline Alarm Company, Intelligent Casa, Monster Security & Technology, and AZ Alarm Company.
  • The best access control system in Scottsdale is ButterflyMX.


Finding the best installation and repair companies for access control in Scottsdale, AZ is a sizable task. While the reasons for finding systems and installers are varied, in this post, we’d like to make it easier by providing a list of the best local companies to help you with your request.

Plus, you’ll learn all about the best types of access control in your area and how to choose an installation company that’s right for you.

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4 best access control installation and repair companies in Scottsdale

Many access control installation and repair companies may service multiple close cities at once. The Scottsdale and Phoenix area is one example of that. So, below, we’ll include information about companies found in both cities to give you more choices.

Four best access control installation and repair companies in Scottsdale, AZ:

  1. Redline Alarm Company
  2. Intelligent Casa
  3. Monster Security & Technology
  4. AZ Alarm Company


1. Redline Alarm Company

Google rating: 4.8 stars

Redline Alarm Company offers free consultations and free estimates, which means there’s little to lose when giving them a call.

What you’ll get with Redline Alarm Company:

  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • A locally owned and operated team
  • Access control repair
  • Access control installation
  • Security monitoring services


2. Intelligent Casa

Google rating: 5 stars

With this company, the biggest asset is their years in the business. With 22 years of experience, you’ll find them very knowledgeable and with a wide range of clientele.

What you’ll get with Intelligent Casa:

  • Certified professionals
  • Customized solutions
  • Commercial and residential installations
  • A locally owned and operated team
  • Security automation installation


3. Monster Security & Technology

Google rating: 5 stars

Monster Security & Technology access control installers offers commercial and residential services, plus free estimates.

What you’ll get with Monster Security & Technology:

  • A veteran-owned and operated company
  • Parts and labor
  • Access control repair
  • Access control installation
  • Surveillance installation


4. AZ Alarm Company

Google rating: 4.8 stars

This Phoenix area-based company has been in business for over ten years, making it a stable industry choice.

What you’ll get with AZ Alarm Company:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Local knowledge
  • Progressive expertise
  • Access control installation
  • Access control and security system repair


ButterflyMX Access Control CTA


Choosing a Scottsdale, AZ access control installer and repair company

So, you know the top-rated installers in the Scottsdale area. How do you choose the best team for your property?

Things to consider before hiring an installation or repair company:

  • Partnerships and affiliations touted by the business
  • Overall cost of services and hardware
  • State licenses and certificates
  • Years in the business
  • Company insurance coverage
  • Maintenance fees
  • Negative and positive reviews


Best types of access control in Scottsdale, AZ

You might be wondering if you’re even eligible for access control. Read on to discover what types of properties in Scottsdale are good candidates for a robust access control system.


Scottsdale multifamily access control

Multifamily properties and apartments need a way for visitors to request access while allowing authorized residents to enter the property conveniently.

A video intercom empowers residents to seamlessly enter the building or grant access to their guests using their smartphones. Video intercoms can be installed at any door or gate, making it easy to remotely grant access to visitors, service providers, and deliveries.

Furthermore, property managers can also easily update the system from any remote location.


Discover how to open a gate using just a smartphone: 


Commercial access control in Scottsdale, AZ

Commercial buildings need access control just as much as multifamily properties, making a keypad a great solution to commercial access control.

A keypad is simple to use, sleek, and easy to install. Like the video intercom, a keypad can eliminate the need for keys and fobs. All tenants need is a PIN code or their smartphone to access their building, garage, or gate.


Scottsdale gated community access control

The most convenient vehicle access solution for Scottsdale gated communities is a vehicle access control system. Vehicle access control systems are made up of windshield stickers and vehicle readers. Vehicles with the appropriate windshield tag are scanned by a vehicle reader, which prompts the gate to open and allow entry.

Vehicle access control is perfect for any gated community, parking garage, or multifamily parking lot in Scottsdale.


What is the best access control system in Scottsdale, AZ?

The best access control system in Scottsdale, AZ is ButterflyMX.

With ButterflyMX, you get a versatile, highly-rated combination of integrated products that are easy to manage. These products also offer a streamlined online portal, tenant directory, and a highly-rated mobile app.

The best ButterflyMX access control products include:

  • Vehicle access control. Gated vehicle entry is streamlined with the ButterflyMX vehicle access control system. Each user places a windshield tag on their vehicle. Then, they’re granted entry when the ButterflyMX vehicle reader scans their tag
  • Video intercom. The ButterflyMX video intercom is the perfect solution for any residential or commercial property. Tenants can easily open doors and gates or grant guests access using smartphones.
  • Keypads and readers. Property managers and residents can use the ButterflyMX smartphone app or personalized PIN to access their building or amenities.


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