Opening an automated gate with an apartment gate opener app.


Key takeaways

  • Apartment gate opener apps make it easy to open gates, doors, and other access points at your building.
  • To use a smartphone gate opener, you must first register all residents and staff members in the system.
  • You can automate any electric gate at your building by using WiFi or Bluetooth technology to enable mobile access control at your building.
  • The top four features to look for in an apartment gate opener app are a camera, multiple ways to open gates, cloud-based software, and wireless connectivity.
  • The best apartment gate opener app is ButterflyMX.


If you own or manage a gated apartment community, you probably look for easy ways to streamline access to your property. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by making it possible to open your gate with a cell phone. An apartment gate opener app modernizes how residents open gates at your building.

Read on to learn how to open apartment gates with a smartphone. Next, find out how to automate any electric gate in your gated community. Then, explore four essential features to look for in an apartment gate opener app. Finally, discover the best apartment gate opener app on the market.

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The best apartment gate opener app

ButterflyMX is the best apartment gate opener app to make property access simple. ButterflyMX empowers you to open gates, amenity doors, and elevators with a smartphone, ensuring seamless and secure access at gated communities and apartments.

Here’s why ButterflyMX is the best apartment gate opener app:

  • Residents can communicate with visitors via two-way video calls from the mobile app before letting them in.
  • Residents and staff can send virtual keys and delivery PINs to service providers so that they can easily access your building.
  • All entry activity is logged with a time- and- date-stamped photo of everyone who enters through the gate. This log can be easily accessed through the mobile app or property management dashboard.
  • Residents can unlock their apartment gate in several ways, including swiping in the mobile app, using voice commands, entering PIN codes, and using haptic/3D touch.


Can I use my phone to open my gate?

Yes, you can use your phone to open your gate. A smartphone gate opener allows you to use any smart mobile device as your access credential. To get started, all you need to do is download the mobile app that corresponds with your gate’s access control system.


How do I open my apartment gate from my phone?

Before your tenants can open the gate with their smartphones, you must first register their information into the gate entry system. Once this is complete, your residents must download the app to be able to open the apartment gate from their phones.


Learn more about the ButterflyMX gate intercom system.


How do I set up my gate app?

Setting up your gate app is simple. Follow these easy instructions to achieve keyless gate entry at your building.

To set up your gate app:

  • First, ensure all your residents and staff members are registered in your gate entry system.
  • Then, after a resident has registered, they’ll download the mobile app via the Apple or Android store.
  • Finally, they’ll sign into the mobile app using the account details they provided when registering. Now, they can swipe to open, use voice commands, or use Apple’s 3D/haptic touch to open gates and other entry doors.


Can you automate any gate?

Yes, you can automate any electric gate. Your gate will connect with phones wirelessly using either Bluetooth technology or WiFi.

You don’t need an internet connection for a Bluetooth apartment gate opener to work, but they’re not as secure as WiFi-powered apps. This is because you can’t monitor activity remotely with a Bluetooth gate app.


Watch how ButterflyMX automates access for gated communities:


4 features to look for in an apartment gate opener app

A smartphone gate opener combines function with convenience for effortless gate access control.

Here are the four essentials to look for in your apartment gate opener app:

  1. A smart gate opener with a camera
  2. Multiple ways to open
  3. Cloud-based software
  4. Wireless connectivity


1. A smart gate opener with a camera

A smart gate opener with a camera allows you to monitor all activity securely. Because you can see exactly who’s entering your gate, it significantly reduces risks associated with unauthorized trespassing.


2. Multiple ways to open

The best apartment gate opener apps empower you to open gates in multiple ways for your convenience.

Here are 3 ways to open a gate with a cell phone:

  • Swipe to open. Quickly grants secure access when you tap or swipe within the app to activate the gate.
  • Voice commands. Use Alexa or Siri to open your gate for hands-free entry while driving.
  • 3D/haptic touch. Allows iPhone users to easily open the gate by simply tapping and holding the app widget on their smartphones, making property access more effortless than ever.


3. Cloud-based software

Cloud-based software allows you to monitor and manage all access permissions from anywhere remotely. This is incredibly convenient for property managers who live out of state or who manage several buildings.


4. Wireless connectivity

Wireless connectivity slashes installation costs by eliminating the need to run several wires throughout your property. Not only can tenants connect easily to your gate entry system, but it also facilitates remote management and automatic updates. So, you always stay in the know of who’s entering your gated community and when.


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