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Key takeaways

  • Mailroom automation is the process of creating a simplified mail system for tenants and staff.
  • Best practices for mailroom security include thoroughly vetting candidates, establishing security and safety measures, and using an effective credential system.
  • An automated mailroom eliminates a number of monotonous tasks, enhances security, meets compliance regulations, makes access easier, and increases efficiency.
  • One of the best ways to improve your mailroom operations is to integrate it with a state-of-the-art package room system such as the one from ButterflyMX.


The mailroom for your building — whether it’s residential or commercial — has the potential to be either organized or a mess. And the only thing standing between these two outcomes is an effective mailroom system.

One of the most efficient ways to set up your mailroom method is to invest in an automated mailroom system. Mailroom automation has many benefits, including creating a cohesive package delivery experience for all your tenants.

Below, we outline what automating your mailroom means, how it benefits you, and more ways to enhance your mail system.

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What is mailroom automation?

Mailroom automation is the process of creating a simplified mail system for tenants and staff. For example, automated mailrooms process incoming parcels and mail, organizing them for easier distribution and retrieval.

Typically, a mail automation system combines digital software with other physical tools, such as:

  • Smart locker mailrooms. Smart locker mailrooms are wall-secured compartments that contain tenant mail, which can be retrieved via a personal credential or key.
  • Package room. A package room is a space in your building dedicated to mail and package storage. For most, package rooms are secured with an intercom system. As such, couriers can use a PIN code to open the room and drop off packages. Additionally, tenants can use the same intercom system to retrieve their mail and other deliveries.
  • Keypads. Some apartment mailrooms opt to use keypads as a means of securing mail and packages. These keypads allow tenants to use their unique PIN to retrieve their mail. Moreover, property managers and owners can use their own PIN to access the mailroom and monitor packages and letters.
  • Key cards and fobs. Key cards and fobs are options for those who don’t want to remember a PIN or use a video intercom. Each tenant is given a fob or card as their entry credential to enter the mail room.


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What are the best practices for mailroom security?

Best practices for mailroom security include:


Thoroughly vetting candidates

When hiring someone who will work closely with private parcels, it’s critical to vet accordingly. As such, background checks and a thorough interview process will weed out the trustworthy candidates from the others.

Furthermore, employees with regular access to mailrooms should undergo regular safety and compliance training.


Establishing security and safety measures

Securing your mailroom with surveillance or any comparable security system is one of the best things you can do for mailroom security. Safety measures can even include smart locks, CCTV cameras, and more.

Furthermore, if you’re concerned about your ability to maintain a secure mail room, consider installing an access control system. Alternatively, you may contact a security company that can help you complete a safety plan.


Using an effective credential system

Furthermore, you’re encouraged to use a credential system to maintain a safe mail room. This can include a keypad with PIN, key fobs and cards, or a video intercom to monitor who is entering and leaving the mail room.

Additionally, a credential system helps narrow the list of authorized personnel and members with access to the mail room.


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What are the benefits of an automated mailroom?

Automating your mailroom eliminates a number of monotonous tasks. But that’s not the only benefit.

Four additional benefits of an automated mailroom include:

  1. Enhanced security
  2. Compliance
  3. Easy access
  4. Efficiency


1. Enhanced security

When it comes to mail and packaging, security is paramount. As a property manager or owner, you don’t want to be held liable for missing, lost, or stolen mail.

Furthermore, automating mailroom systems will ultimately decrease the percentage of stolen parcels while increasing security all around. As an added benefit, a mailroom secured by an automated system helps reduce unauthorized mailroom traffic.


2. Compliance

Many states and counties have their own compliance laws by which building managers and owners must abide. These laws include a secure location in which to handle, store, and distribute mail.

Additionally, you can easily meet local laws and regulations by having a designated mailroom with an organized automation system.


3. Easy access

There’s no worse feeling than having to deal with an unorganized mail system, and many tenants put off retrieving their packages because of long wait times. Moreover, property managers don’t enjoy the heat they get if they aren’t able to find someone’s mail.

As such, a smart mailroom can solve this issue by empowering tenants to retrieve packages themselves from a package room.


4. Efficiency

The more time you save by investing in a smart mailroom, the more time you and your staff will have to spend on more pressing tasks. Moreso, you will empower your tenants to retrieve packages via an improved operation system.


How can I improve my mailroom operations?

One of the best ways to improve your mailroom operations is to integrate it with a state-of-the-art package room system such as the one from ButterflyMX.

The ButterflyMX package room includes a wide-angle camera with an LED screen and a highly-rated smartphone app with a swipe-to-open button.

ButterflyMX package room features include:

  • Audit trails. With a system like ButterflyMX, you can easily track who uses the device using a date- and time-stamped auditing system. You can view this audit trail anytime, from anywhere.
  • Property management system integration. The package room system is easily integrated with your property management system software. Then, you can edit and revoke access to the mailroom anytime.
  • Permissions and delivery management. As the property manager or owner, you can easily manage deliveries by adding or changing courier access permissions.


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