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With deliveries reaching never-before-seen levels and ecommerce only expected to grow, it’s nearly impossible to manage deliveries without a system in place. To make things more difficult, you have to accommodate all kinds of deliveries, not just packages. This includes groceries, prescriptions, food, furniture, and everything else your residents get delivered to them.

The greatest challenge with accommodating all these deliveries is getting them through your building’s front door. When delivery people can’t access your building themselves, you’re often the one left facilitating property access and package management. And the cost of delivery management at a typical 200-unit property can often be thousands of dollars per year. What’s worse, if packages aren’t dealt with, it can lead to package theft or the dreaded ‘sorry we missed you’ note on the front door — which could result in upset residents.

So, how can you ensure your residents never miss another delivery while also saving your building staff the time and headache of managing property access? Read on to learn 4 ways ButterflyMX solves package delivery for both residents and property managers.

Four ways ButterflyMX ensures seamless delivery management at your building:

  1. Delivery Pass
  2. Video calling
  3. Delivery PINs
  4. Package room


1: Delivery Pass



Delivery Pass empowers your residents to create a single-use, six-digit PIN for delivery carriers within the ButterflyMX mobile app.

If, for example, they order dinner from Grubhub, tenants can copy and paste the code into the delivery instructions at checkout. Their delivery driver uses that code at the ButterflyMX video intercom to get access to the building. They can only use the PIN once, and the intercom takes a time- and date-stamped photo of the delivery person for added security.

How Delivery Pass works »


2: Video calling


Opening door for delivery courier with a mobile app.


If a courier doesn’t have a delivery PIN to enter the building, they can place a video call to the resident instead. With ButterflyMX’s video intercom, residents can see who’s at the door and let them into the building from anywhere.

Video calling is great for surprise or unannounced visitors, like a partner sending flowers or a parent stopping by to see their child. Residents get a video call from the visitor, verify who they are, and let them in right from their smartphone. This feature is also useful for property managers and remote building staff who want to provide secure access to maintenance people, service providers, or even self-guided tours.

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3: Delivery PINs


Delivery courier at video intercom system.


As a property manager, you can create a delivery PIN for carriers that frequent your building. Think USPS, UPS, Amazon, etc.

When you assign a delivery PIN to a carrier, they simply enter the code at the intercom to gain property access and drop off their packages. If you have a package room, they can use the same PIN to enter the package room.

How to create delivery PINs »


4: Package rooms


Video intercom for package room.


With our package room solution, couriers have a secure place to store deliveries inside your building. This prevents package pile-ups in the lobby. Package rooms are easy to set up since you can repurpose an existing room in your building. We’ve seen buildings repurpose all types of rooms, from unused storage closets to offices.

Couriers use the same delivery PIN to enter the building and the package room. And as with all of our products, as the courier enters the package room, the intercom takes a time- and date-stamped photo for added security.

When the courier completes the delivery, ButterflyMX sends a notification to residents on their smartphones.

How to set up a package room »


Watch how the ButterflyMX package management solutions work:


Manage deliveries at your building

Using any of these features on their own will help you improve delivery management. However, it’s best to utilize all four to completely prevent missed deliveries and stolen packages.

If you’re interested in learning more about any of our delivery management features or adding them to your building, please connect with our sales team.

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