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Design, price, ease of installation, and quality – all are key decision-making components when selecting a video intercom system for your apartment building. The market is flush with options, requiring savvy multi-tenant owners and operators to consider carefully which system best fits the needs of their individual properties.

To help make the process a little easier, we’ve reviewed several apartment intercom systems on the market, including the DoorBird D21DKH.

This review includes:


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About DoorBird

Bird Home Automation Group, the creator of the DoorBird brand, was founded in Berlin, Germany in 2004. In 2009, the company launched its first smartphone-enabled intercom system, and in 2014, it launched the DoorBird product line after previously marketing intercoms under the brand names “1000eyes” and “myintercom.” In 2015, Bird Home Automation Group opened a U.S. office in San Francisco.


About the DoorBird D21DKH Intercom

The DoorBird intercom product line features a series of IP-powered video intercoms specifically designed for single-family homes, multifamily communities, health care facilities, schools, and commercial buildings. DoorBird’s open API and its proprietary “DoorBird Connect” feature allow the system to be integrated with other IoT technology, including smart locks, lighting, and more.

The DoorBird D21DKH is one of the few DoorBird intercoms designed for multi-tenant buildings. It is ideal for either multifamily apartments or commercial buildings.



  • Various entry panel options: Customers can select from flush-mounted or recess-mounted intercoms in various finishes. All housings are constructed of metal. Clients with specific configuration requirements can customize a design with DoorBird’s online configurator.
  • Access history: Choose from two cloud recording options. The free recording option includes images of the last 50 visitors. Unfortunately, you may have to pay for a premium version if you want unlimited video recording of visitors — and even that may be limited to only seven days’ worth of footage.
  • Cloud-based mobile application: With the DoorBird D21DKH intercom, tenants can use their smartphones and tablets to receive notifications and open the door.
  • RFID reader: Includes an RFID reader for touchless entry when used with compatible key card systems. Can manage up to 100 cards.




You can purchase door stations, indoor stations, and system accessories directly through the DoorBird website.

According to a recent price sheet, DoorBird intercom pricing is as follows:

  • Door stations: The DoorBird IP Video Door Station D21DKV ranges from $2,502 for brushed stainless steel housing to $2,943 with a brushed bronze finish housing. The DoorBird IP Video Door Station D21DKH ranges from $2,502 for a brushed stainless steel housing to $3,253 for a brushed bronze finish housing.
  • Indoor stations: DoorBird offers a single indoor station, the DoorBird IP Video Indoor Station A1101. The station costs $505. An optional table stand eliminates the need to wall-mount the device and can be purchased for an additional $98.
  • Housings, hoods, and other accessories are also available through the company website.

Note: Pricing is for equipment only. Installation, activation, or monthly service fees are in addition to any fees listed above. 


Pros and cons


  • The system features a camera with high-resolution, 780p image quality, and a 180-degree wide-angle field of view. A series of infrared LED lights also maximize visibility in low-light situations.
  • DoorBird intercoms feature an open API, making it possible to integrate with several different security and smart home systems.
  • Geofencing capability can automatically open gates and locks when residents enter the geofenced area.


  • The keypad system may be able to manage a maximum of 100 PINs and hold a maximum of 100 entries in its directory. This may be a limiting factor for larger communities.
  • DoorBird hardware has been reported as unreliable and prone to malfunction by some online users
  • DoorBird intercom systems may lack the modern design and visual appeal of other video intercoms. The absence of a large-format display, touch panel, and other features make the DoorBird intercom look more like a traditional apartment buzzer than some of its competitors.
  • End-user support may be limited. End-user support information on the company website is limited to an online form with no published phone support option publicly available.


Read customer reviews of ButterflyMX


Comparison of DoorBird D21DKH Intercom with the ButterflyMX Video Intercom

DoorBird intercoms may be passable for single-family homes but could lack the features and functionality that multifamily property owners and managers demand. ButterflyMX has several decided advantages that make it a better choice for multifamily properties.

The ability to support both small and large apartment communities makes ButterflyMX a preferred choice for multifamily owners and operators with communities of more than 100 units. Add in benefits like a package room, elevator controls, and a front desk station for secured-access buildings, and ButterflyMX provides a complete access solution. Plus, ButterflyMX’s ability to integrate with voice-enabled virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa offers a convenient feature for tenants that is not available in current DoorBird systems.


Watch a live customer review of ButterflyMX:


ButterflyMX vs. DoorBird

DoorBird intercoms will get residents through the front door, but they may leave a lot to be desired in terms of design, features, and functionality.  Without a video display for two-way video calling and a touchscreen for easy use, this DoorBird intercom may not deliver the exceptional experience that other intercoms offer. Plus, some users have reported DoorBird intercoms to be unreliable on various review platforms.


Feature ButterflyMX DoorBird
Built-in camera Yes Yes
Mobile app & smartphone-based access Yes Yes
U.S.-based live support Yes No
Weather- and tamper-resistant Yes Yes
Property management software integrations Yes No
Touchscreen Yes No
Elevator controls Yes No


ButterflyMX Video Intercom System

Disclaimer: ButterflyMX provides these blog posts to help our customers and potential customers make the right business decisions for them. Our blog posts are based on the information we have available to us at the time of writing.


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