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Your garage door is crucial to the security of your entire property. But what about when your garage door opener fails? Here, we’ll help you find the best way to fix your garage opener, whether that’s by fixing it yourself or contacting a repair company to do the job.

In this post, we give you a quick guide on how to fix your garage door opener. Then, we review why your garage opener might have stopped working. Finally, we help you find the best garage opener repair service.

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How do I fix my garage door opener?

You can fix your garage door opener by checking all of its components to see if anything needs replacing. Look at your garage opening system’s motor, remote, opener, or sensors. Alternatively, you can skip the troubleshooting process altogether and contact a garage door repair company.

Before we get into potential fixes for your garage door opener, let’s review all of the opener’s parts to help you understand where something might have gone wrong. Then, we’ll explain common problems with each part and how to fix them.

Your garage opener consists of these parts:

  • Remote. You use your remote to signal the motor and opener to start working. This might be a wired push-button component installed near your garage door. Or it could be a small, wireless remote that you carry around. These days, it may even simply be an app on your phone.
  • Motor. Different types of motors include chain drives, belt drives, screw drives, jackshafts, and direct drives.
  • Opener. When the motor activates, it starts moving a chain or belt attached to a system of rollers and arms that lift your garage door.
  • Sensors. Sensors use motion-detecting technology for a variety of purposes. For example, you might set them to automatically open the garage door when you pull up. Alternatively, sensors are used for safety to ensure there isn’t anything in the way of the garage door when it closes.


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Garage door opener troubleshooting guide

To fix a garage door opener, check each part for problems or malfunctions. Here are some of the most common problems each part might face.

Learn about common fixes for components of a broken garage door:

  1. Remote
  2. Motor
  3. Opener
  4. Sensors


1. Remote

If your garage opener remote isn’t working, or you have to press the button on it multiple times to open your garage door, you may be having power issues.

In this case, try the following:

  • Replace your remote’s battery.
  • If your remote is mounted to your wall, check to see if it’s still receiving power by double-checking the remote’s wiring.
  • Replace the remote with a universal opener.


2. Motor

There are a few types of motors for garage openers. As a result, troubleshooting looks different in each case. But you might be able to open it up and see an obvious, visible problem, like an obstruction or loose gear.

Assuming that the other parts of your door still work, a garage motor replacement will fix the problem altogether.


repairing motor of garage opener


3. Opener

Many garage openers depend on a belt or chain that hoists the garage door open. This belt might have been knocked off of its track or it may have broken, meaning it requires repairs.

You can also fix a gate opening slowly or unevenly. Help the belt move along the track faster by applying garage door lubricant.


4. Sensors

It’s easy to tell if a sensor isn’t working. If your door doesn’t stop when there’s an object in the way, you have a sensor problem.

If a sensor is broken, you may be better off getting a new one entirely instead of depending on your old one. However, you should also check the wiring connections between your sensor and the motor. Just be careful while you’re testing the sensor out — you don’t want your garage door to fall on you.


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What causes a garage door opener to stop working?

A garage door opener might stop working because it’s been exposed to elements for too long. While garage door openers are built to last, too much exposure could wear down even the sturdiest openers.

Garage door openers may stop working because of:

  • Intense weather events like rain, hail, or snowfall
  • Temperature swings over many years
  • Excess humidity

Even in pristine weather conditions, the passage of time will also affect your garage opener. Crucial technology, like copper wiring or the drive mechanism, will break down over time. This happens through normal wear and tear, no matter how well you take care of them.


What is the lifespan of a garage door opener?

Garage openers usually last around 10 to 15 years. If yours is older than this, look into a wholesale garage door opener replacement.


lifespan of garage opener ten to fifteen years


How to find the best garage opener repair service

If a garage opener is too far gone for you to fix, you can get outside help or get a new garage door installed entirely. Here’s how to find the right garage opener repair service for your property.

Pick the right garage door repair company by:

  1. Reviewing your timeframe
  2. Asking your friends for recommendations
  3. Checking online reviews


1. Reviewing your timeframe

The repair company you choose will depend on whether your garage opener repair needs are urgent. For example, maybe it’s the middle of the night and dozens of residents are frustrated by a stuck gate. In that case, you might want to skip right to calling a 24-hour garage door repair company.

On the other hand, say you’ve noticed a small mechanical problem, but the gate will still function over the next few days and weeks. In this case, you can take your time and pick a system installer based on other criteria.


friends garage opener repair


2. Asking your friends for recommendations

If you have time to properly pick out a garage servicing company, one of the best ways to find a reliable company is to ask your friends and colleagues.

There are no better judges of character and work ethic than people you already know and trust. You can even take a look at your friends’ garages and inspect the company’s handiwork yourself.


3. Checking online reviews

Online reviews are a great way to judge the efficiency of a garage door technician. Check websites like Google Reviews or Yelp to get the full picture.

You can learn a lot from the negative reviews a company receives, too. By looking at how the company responds to these reviews, you can see if they’ve addressed the problem proactively. What’s more, you can see how they respond to a customer with an unfounded complaint.



  • To fix your garage door opener, troubleshoot all of its parts. You can check on its remote, motor, opener, or sensors.
  • A garage door opener might stop working because of weather conditions or due to the passage of time.
  • You can hire garage door experts instead of fixing the problem yourself. In this case, find the right company by looking at your timeframe, asking your friends for recommendations, and looking up the company’s online reviews.


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