Gate Intercom Keypad with a camera enhances security

Access management for your gated property has the ultimate goal of being fast and efficient without compromising on security. Gate intercom systems are perhaps the best solution for controlled gate access. But there are many types of gate intercoms to choose from, such as the gate intercom keypad.

Our guide explains what a gate intercom keypad is and how it works. We go over what to look for when buying one and also provide a glimpse into the best gate intercom keypad.

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What is a gate intercom keypad?

A gate intercom keypad is any type of intercom system for gates that also includes a keypad. This dual-purpose gate entry system provides a way for residents to unlock the gate for themselves with a PIN code and for visitors to request access by calling a resident.

Numerous PINs can be programmed into any front gate intercom system, so each resident has their own code. With some systems, residents can also give repeat guests their own PINs, which means residents don’t have to be home when visitors arrive.


Components of a gate intercom keypad

A gate intercom keypad system includes:

  • Base station. This is the main device installed by the gate. It consists of a microphone and speaker to enable calls between visitors and tenants, as well as the keypad to enter codes. In some cases, it also includes a camera. The base station is what anybody approaching the gate encounters.
  • Substations. These are the multiple devices located within units throughout the property. Residents use substations to communicate with visitors and unlock the gate for them remotely. Substations are usually physical devices placed in each unit, although some gate intercom keypad systems use tenants’ smartphones as substations instead.


The base station of a gate intercom keypad


How do gate intercom keypads work?

Gate intercom keypads work by enabling property access in two ways: entering a PIN code or establishing an intercom call between visitors using the base station and residents using substations.

If a visitor needs access, they can use the gate intercom keypad to call a resident directly. Many systems include a directory that lists each tenant and their corresponding code. A visitor finds the correct code, enters it on the keypad, and then talks to a tenant. Tenants then press a button on their substation to open the gate and allow their visitor access.

Alternatively, the gate keypad works by allowing users to punch in their specific PIN codes. This sends an electronic signal to the gate release, which opens the gate.

Gate intercom keypads give people options as opposed to a strict keypad or intercom entry system. The keypad entry method in particular gives residents a lot of freedom in how they receive guests or deliveries. When delivery carriers and visitors have a designated PIN code, residents enjoy the luxury of not reworking their daily schedules to manage gate access for couriers and visitors. This makes everything from pet care to package deliveries a breeze.


Watch how ButterflyMX works:


What to look for when buying a gate intercom keypad

Look for a gate intercom keypad with these four features:

  1. Has a camera
  2. Has a mobile app
  3. Cloud-based
  4. Wireless


1. Has a camera

The ability to see who’s at the gate offers a big advantage over an audio-only intercom. Considering visitors and guests may be in a car, gate intercom systems with cameras allow residents to see who else is in the vehicle. Visitors can also see the resident, cutting down on any miscommunication issues.

Cameras also serve as a highly effective deterrent to crime and should never be compromised when it comes to your building’s entry system


2. Has a mobile app

A gate intercom keypad with a mobile app empowers residents to open the gate and manage property access with their smartphones. Residents will love not having to carry around keys since they can use their phones instead. And sending access PIN codes to delivery drivers and visitors requires only a few taps on their phones.

Being able to open a gate with a cell phone also cuts down on wait times to enter the property. Long wait times at gates can be problematic, and if residents are trying to access the gate with their cars this can lead to a minor traffic jam. If a line of cars stretches off your property and onto the street, this is a potential safety issue that smartphone-based access can solve.


open gate with cell phone


3. Cloud-based

A cloud-based gate intercom keypad system will benefit you and your staff by empowering you to manage the system remotely.

Cloud-based intercoms also boost your building’s security. Everyone who enters through the gate is logged with a time- and date-stamped photo, which is stored in the cloud. Being able to see a picture and the time of entry for every visitor is invaluable data that you never know when you’ll need.

With a cloud-based system, maintenance is a breeze. Software updates can be automatically downloaded from the internet, ensuring that your system is always up to speed.


4. Wireless

From installation to maintenance, long-range wireless gate intercoms are superior to wired intercoms. Wireless gate intercoms are much easier (not to mention cheaper) to install and maintain.

They also sync up more naturally to mobile apps. So, you won’t need to spend money installing hardware in every unit.


Best gate intercom keypad

ButterflyMX offers the best gate entry system. The ButterflyMX video gate intercom has a touchscreen that includes a digital keypad so residents can easily enter a PIN code to unlock the gate. Of course, they can also use their smartphones to open the gate since the intercom pairs with a powerful mobile app.

Guests can also enter the property through their smartphones if a resident sends them a virtual key. All they have to do is scan a QR code to gain entry, which drastically cuts down on wait times to enter the property.


best gate intercom system


If you need to control access beyond your front gate — perhaps at an auxiliary entrance — the ButterflyMX keypad might be the best fit. Our smart keypad features a built-in camera. This records and logs each person that enters through your gate, storing that information in the cloud.



Your gate entry system has a lot of responsibilities for both residents and visitors. But being easy to use and maximizing security are perhaps the biggest responsibilities.

Smart gate intercom keypads like ButterflyMX give tenants and property staff a simple way to manage access for themselves, their visitors, and delivery carriers.


control access at your gated entrance with ButterflyMX gate intercom keypad


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