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  • The best gate keypad to buy is the ButterflyMX Keypad because it features cloud-based software, easy integrations, and multiple access credential.
  • Gate keypads are a great way to manage access to a gated property without having to hand out physical credentials, like keys or fobs.
  • However, when you’re looking for a keypad, remember that there are several things you need to keep in mind before you make your final decision.
  • Factors like integrations with other software and hardware as well as cloud-based capabilities will make the difference between simplifying and complicating the access experience for your tenants. For the best access solution, choose ButterflyMX.


When you manage tenants who have chosen to live or work in a gated property, you already know that security is one of their highest priorities. Your job is to ensure security without hindering their access to the property. And one solution to achieve that is to control access with gate keypads.

In this post, we explain what a gate keypad is and how it works. Then, we go over some of the criteria you should use to choose a gate keypad. Most importantly, you’ll discover the best gate keypads to use for your property.

This post covers:


if you need a gate access control system, try ButterflyMX


Top 4 gate code boxes to buy

So, you want to invest in a gate keypad. With hundreds of options on the market, how do you find the best one for your property?

We’ve rounded up the four best gate code boxes on the market:

  1. ButterflyMX keypad
  2. Liftmaster wireless keypad model KPW250
  3. Doorking entry pad model no. 1515-080
  4. Secura Key card reader with keypad


1. ButterflyMX keypad

The ButterflyMX keypad for gates offers:

  • Cloud-based software
  • Integrations
  • Delivery access solutions
  • Entry via key card/fob, PIN code, and smartphone swipe-to-open

ButterflyMX’s unique unified access control solution empowers you to manage access for every kind of space. While keypads are an excellent way to control access at your gate, you may want to augment your keypad system with another entry solution that allows visitors to request access.

When you invest in a ButterflyMX keypad, you ensure that it integrates seamlessly with every product from ButterflyMX. So, you can also invest in the transformative ButterflyMX video intercom, giving guests the ability to video call a tenant and request property access.

Further, you can also consider the ButterflyMX vehicle access reader, which scans windshield tags in residents’ cars to seamlessly grant access.

And ButterflyMX doesn’t just offer powerful access control hardware — its software integrates with other property management services to save time for staff, freeing them up to focus on the resident experience.


2. Liftmaster wireless keypad model KPW 250

Liftmaster is an access control company that works primarily with outdoor gates. One of their most popular gate code box options is the model KPW 250.

The Liftmaster wireless keypad model KPW250 has:

  • A 250 permanent PIN capacity and 10 temporary PIN capacity
  • Internal antenna that’s protected from vandalism and harsh weather
  • Front cover made from zinc-alloy
  • Removal of certain PINs to prevent security breaches
  • Easy installation and mounting


3. Doorking entry pad model no. 1515-080

Doorking offers several gate code boxes. Among the most recommended is their model no. 1515-080.

The Doorking keypad model no. 1515-080 offers:

  • Compatibility with the Doorking Google Play App
  • Ability to program codes via the keypad or the app
  • 400 PIN capacity
  • Lighted keypad for visibility at night


4. Secura Key card reader with keypad

Secura Key (sometimes stylized as “Securakey”) is a major digital key supplier in the RFID industry. The company prides itself on ease of installation and the ability to withstand any kind of weather condition.

Their SK-KPM and SK-KPS digital keypads:

  • Reads Secura Key eTag cards
  • Offers DES encryption for data security
  • Is vandal resistant and designed to withstand severe weather conditions
  • Have a Wiegand output
  • Must be integrated with a larger access control system, as they cannot operate as standalone hardware


What is a gate keypad?

A gate keypad is a security device that opens a motorized gate when users input the correct PIN code. Users input this code by tapping the numbers on the keypad’s face. Since gated entrances are generally outside, most gate code boxes are approved for outdoor use. Look for a keypad with an IP65 rating to ensure it’s protected from all types of weather.

Gate keypads are a popular entry system among property managers and owners who want to restrict access to a given area but provide authorized tenants a simple way in. Keypads can be found on gates that manage access for apartments, HOA communities, commercial offices, or industrial complexes.

A gate keypad access control system includes:

  • Electric gate keypad. The keypad device will be installed on or near the gate it controls. Some gate keypads can also integrate with other access control hardware on the property, like video intercoms.
  • Gate release. The gate release is motorized, allowing your type of security gate to open after receiving the correct signals from the keypad.


Watch how to use the ButterflyMX for your gates:


How does a gate keypad work?

A gate keypad works by verifying that a resident has entered an authorized PIN, and then sending an electric signal to the gate keypad lock, which opens and allows the resident to enter the property.

While punching in a PIN code is easy for residents, your staff will also have to manage the gate code box system. Staff can manage access permissions, update tenant directories, and assign PIN codes as necessary.

The way staff manages a keypad entry system differs depending on the kind of technology powering your keypad. For example, you can configure a modern cloud-based keypad from any laptop or smartphone. In contrast, older legacy keypads require you to go onsite or download software to manage the system.


Gate keypad wiring

A keypad entry system for gates can use different wiring methods to send signals to the gate release. Wireless gate keypads can use the internet, cell networks, or radio frequencies called spectrum to perform this communication.

In contrast, a wired gate keypad communicates with the gate release over a wired connection. So, you’ll have to physically connect the keypad device to the gate opener.

It’s important to note, however, that even wireless gate keypads still require wiring for an internet connection and power supply.


Choosing the best gate keypad to control access

Now that you know what a gate keypad is and how it works, you might wonder which code box will best fulfill your needs.

The best gate keypads offer these features:



Cloud-based keypad systems can be managed from anywhere you have an internet connection. This allows property staff to more easily add or remove tenants and update permissions for existing tenants.

And using the cloud, residents have more control over how they interact with keypads. Residents can update their PIN codes themselves, as well as easily send virtual keys to visitors to make sure access is a breeze for all involved.


Integrations with other access control systems

There’s a good chance that you want to control access at other entryways on your property beyond just the gated entrances. After a resident uses the gate keypad entry system to enter the property, they still have to get into the building itself. Your gated community might also need to manage access to secured areas like rooftop terraces, gyms, or parking garages.

For both residents and property managers, it’s better to have one interconnected experience rather than several disjointed access systems. The best gate keypads integrate with other access control systems and devices.


Accommodations for delivery couriers

Whether you manage a residential or commercial property, you’ll have to deal with a constant stream of delivery couriers. Tenants are constantly ordering food and packages online.

Deliveries are only growing, so you would do well to purchase a keypad with Delivery Pass functionality to help tenants receive their packages more easily. Tenants can create and send a single-use Delivery Pass directly to couriers so they can access your gated property effortlessly.


Audit log

Finally, choose a gate keypad with an audit log.

Audit logs are a feature that records who uses an entry point in your property. Ensure the keypad’s audit log features detailed information, such as the user, time of day, entrance, and the credentials used. In turn, you’ll have a more effective way of narrowing down suspects if a security breach occurs.


Try the ButterflyMX gate keypad

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