iloq s5 smart lock review


Key takeaways

  • iLOQ is a smart lock company that specializes in cell phone-based, battery-free locks.
  • The iLOQ s5 series is a mobile-based digital lock powered by NFC instead of cables or batteries.
  • Features in this iLOQ s5 smart lock review include smartphone access and app sharing.
  • Benefits of the iLOQ locks include access permissions, cloud-based software, and low maintenance costs.


The smart lock market is growing, with hundreds to choose from. Moreover, it can be difficult to find the perfect lock for your property, especially with such a saturated market. Not only do you want something durable and useful, but you need something affordable and versatile as well.

In this review, we introduce you to the iLOQ s5 digital lock series that’s challenging the smart lock business with its ingenuity. Then, you’ll discover what iLOQ is and how it works. Finally, we’ll cover the pros and cons and a few alternatives

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What is iLOQ?

iLOQ is a smart lock company that specializes in cell phone-based, battery-free locks. They released their first electromechanical lock in 2007, which was the start of their subsequent sustainable-focused products.

Now, iLOQ still sells their iLOQ s5 cell phone-powered lock but is branching out with iLOQ HOME designed for residential housing. Below, we’ll go in-depth about their smart lock system and its integration potential.


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How does iLOQ s5 work?

The iLOQ s5 series is a mobile-based digital lock powered by NFC instead of cables or batteries. So, instead of the lock being battery-powered and automated, the NFC chip in a user’s phone controls a magnet in the iLOQ smart lock to unlock a pin in the lock

As such, this makes installation — and retrofitting — quick and easy for property managers and owners. Furthermore, the absence of a battery eliminates the need to change batteries, as well as the risk of battery drainage that many smart locks are prone to.

To open an iLOQ digital lock, all you have to do is hold your phone up to the device. Moreover, the NFC (near field communication) chip in the phone is internalized by the lock, unlocking the deadbolt. Furthermore, for those who don’t have a phone with NFC, iLOQ offers digital key fobs.

Moreover, the iLOQ s5 series has several lever sets and deadbolts to fit with the varied types of lock cases each property might need.


iLOQ s5 smart lock review



  • Smartphone access. Any NFC-powered smartphone can access the iLOQ smart locks. This makes it possible to remain battery-free and eliminate cabled lock installations.
  • App sharing. With the iLOQ s5 series, it’s easy to share access permissions “over-the-air” using the iLOQ app.
  • Keyless. Tenants no longer need to carry around traditional keys. As such, this will cut down on the cost of replacing lost or stolen property.
  • Access rights. When you invest in the iLOQ Manager subscription, you can share access rights with more than one property manager. Additionally, you can easily integrate iLOQ Manager with other property management systems.
  • Maintenance-free. This maintenance-free product helps save time and money. Furthermore, iLOQ locks don’t require a WiFi connection, making them less expensive and less complicated in case of power outages.



iLOQ does not include their prices on the website.

However, from other examples, we can guess the price to be anywhere around $300 to $1,500, depending on which hardware you choose and whether you invest in the added software.



  • Appropriate for residential and commercial properties. Property managers and owners of both types of properties will enjoy the freedom and accessibility provided by these locks.
  • Access permissions. Rights to access can be revoked or reprogrammed with ease. For instance, exchanging permissions for new and old tenants can help enhance security for the whole building.
  • Cylinders. A number of easy-to-install cylinders are available to fit many lock cases. As such, iLOQ is simple to retrofit in any modern building.
  • Low maintenance costs. Because there are no cables or wires, there are fewer events in which maintenance is needed. The locks are weather-resistant, as well.
  • Varied catalog. iLOQ has an impressive catalog that includes products such as cylinders, cam locks, and installation kits.
  • Cloud-based software. The iLOQ s5 digital locking system is powered by cloud-based software that makes updates automatically and enables integrations.


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Should you get iLOQ s5?

Overall, the iLOQ s5 smart lock series is a reliable choice for property managers and owners looking to turn their properties into smart buildings. Tenants will enjoy enhanced convenience and smartphone-based access. Plus, staff will enjoy that the lock doesn’t have drainable batteries and thus uses no power and is easy to retrofit.

That said, iLOQ may lack some key integrations with property-wide proptech providers that would facilitate a holistic access control experience.


Alternatives to iLOQ

If a smart lock that uses no power is important to you, then the iLOQ may be your best option. However, there are other battery-powered options, like the SALTO KS XS4 smart lock, that offer powerful integrations and, therefore, may be a better choice in the long run.


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