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Key takeaways

  • The ButterflyMX video intercom is the best intercom system with a speaker.
  • If you’re looking for just an intercom speaker with no further security measures like a camera or remote access control management, the top intercom system speakers to buy are Retevis, Wuloo, Contacta, and Haventech.
  • An intercom system speaker works by transmitting sound from the call station to the receiver.


Next to video, the intercom system speaker is easily the most important part of any intercom system. When buying or replacing your speakers, you’ll notice that you have a ton of options to choose from. That’s where we come in.

First, we’ll review the best video intercom system that includes a speaker. Then, we’ll review four of the top intercom system speakers to buy. Additionally, we’ll provide an overview of how intercom speakers work.

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ButterflyMX CTA


What is the best intercom system with a speaker?

The ButterflyMX video intercom has the best intercom system speaker. ButterflyMX has been installed in over 10,000 buildings and one million apartments. Additionally, they have over 20,000 five-star reviews.

The ButterflyMX video intercom system also features:

  • Face-to-face communication. Users speak with visitors directly from their mobile devices. Sound and video are streamed seamlessly. Users see exactly who they are communicating with, and thanks to the wide-angle camera lens, they also have the ability to see who else may be with their visitors.
  • Keyless entry. ButterflyMX removes the need for physical keys and allows users to enter by tapping a button on their mobile device.
  • Remote entry. Residents have the ability to grant access to guests and visitors even when they aren’t home. As a result, they have more freedom to go about their daily activities.
  • Date- and time-stamped entry events. As a security precaution, a picture is taken of every entry event. Next, this data is stored in the cloud. Managers have the ability to access this data at any time.
  • Cloud-based technology. Updates are automatically downloaded. Additionally, all user data is stored online and is accessible by managers at any time, thanks to the intercom’s cloud-based platform. Additionally, managers have the ability to update and change the video intercom permissions at any time.
  • Easy installation. Because no in-unit hardware is required for apartments, the video intercom is easy to install at your building’s access points.
  • Weather resistant. With an IP65 rating, this intercom is highly resistant to rain, dust, and other severe weather conditions, prolonging the life of your system.


Learn more about ButterflyMX:


Top 4 intercom system speakers to buy

Numerous factors go into determining which intercom system speaker is right for you. These factors include your property type and whether or not you are seeking an intercom system speaker for a home, a multifamily property, or a commercial building.

Security features that depend on the crime rate in your location are also worth looking into. Additionally, you need to consider how many people will be using your intercom on a daily basis.

The top four intercom speakers to buy are:

  1. Retevis
  2. Wuloo
  3. Contacta
  4. Haventech


1. Retevis

Retevis offers an intercom system speaker that doubles as a window speaker. It’s ideal in a guard booth for a gated property or in a check-in room at a school, hospital, bank, ticket office, or otherwise commercial property.

Cost: $39.99

Highlights of this system include:

  • An adjustable speaker that is ideal for someone sitting at a desk.
  • Simplified interface that consists of internal and external volume knobs and a switch that turns the intercom on.
  • An easy-to-transport and install system. Furthermore, the speaker plugs into any electrical outlet.


  • This device doesn’t feature a camera or other visual communication abilities.


2. Wuloo

Wuloo offers a wireless intercom system speaker that is ideal for businesses or single-family homes. With this device, users communicate from one room to another. In a commercial property with multiple offices on each floor, a Wiloo intercom speaker is ideal for communication between offices as well as a front desk station.

Cost: $52.97 for a two-pack

Highlights of this system include:

  • A keypad allows users to call other departments or offices in the same building directly, as well as a front desk area. Additionally, this device has hands-free options.
  • Wireless capabilities allow this device to be set up anywhere.
  • 5,280 feet of range.


  • Users don’t have the ability to control access with this device. It’s merely a communication tool.


3. Contacta

The Contacta dual speaker pod intercom system features a complete two-way communication kit. It comes with two speakers and a control system. This product is ideal for nursing homes, banks, retail stores, reception counters, and other commercial property types.

Cost: $800

Highlights of this system include:

  • An adjustable speaker system that is usable while sitting down.
  • Plug-in chargers allow this system to be moved around freely.
  • Easy integration with other security systems.


  • No access features.
  • An old-fashioned system that does not utilize smart technology.


A speaker from an intercom system speaker.


4. Haventech

Haventech counter-mounted intercom speakers are also ideal for commercial properties such as hospitals, retail stores, banks, and reception. Additionally, this package consists of a single, mounted speaker.

Cost: $1,400

Highlights of this system include:

  • Hands-free audio communication makes this device easy to use.
  • Background noise level reduction.
  • Weather resistance in both cold and hot environments.


  • Unlike other systems, this speaker is not easily moveable because it’s mounted.
  • There are no access control features or video communication options.


What is an intercom speaker?

A two-way intercom speaker is part of an intercom system that allows users to transmit their voices electronically from one end to the other.


Can you use a Bluetooth speaker as an intercom?

An intercom system with Bluetooth capability allows you to connect to another Bluetooth-capable device, such as a mobile phone. You may then speak through your mobile device to communicate with visitors at your intercom.


How do intercom speakers work?

Intercom system speakers work by allowing users to transmit their voices through either a wired or wireless system. Old intercoms typically have a base station at the front of a building and then additional hardware in a resident’s unit. New intercom systems allow users to use apps on their mobile devices as a substation. A visitor will typically have to push a button to electronically activate the speaker and allow them to talk to the specific resident they’re contacting.

The type of intercom speaker determines the sound quality when a user’s voice is transmitted. Poor speakers are often described as “tinny,” while excellent quality speakers have a specific level of audio depth that allows users to feel as though they are talking to someone in the same room as them.


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