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Key takeaways

  • Invictus is a software development company that specializes in property management products designed to elevate your community.
  • Invictus refers to its intercom as a “kiosk.”
  • This Invictus intercom review shows that the intercom works by being the first thing a visitor sees when they enter the building.
  • Features of the Invictus intercom include integrations, push notifications, and time-stamped photos.
  • The best alternative to the Invictus video intercom kiosk is the ButterflyMX video intercom.


As a property owner or manager, improving operations at your property is one of your most important priorities. That includes visitor management, how tenants and guests enter, exit, and move throughout your property, and how tenants access amenity spaces. In your search for the best access control solution for your property, you’ve likely come across the Invictus video intercom kiosk. But how reliable is this product, and how does it measure up to robust alternatives?

In this Invictus review, we break down the features, cost, and pros and cons of the InvictusXP video intercom kiosk. Plus, you’ll discover how the Invictus intercom works and some strong alternatives.

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What is Invictus?

Invictus is a software development company that specializes in property management products designed to empower each resident and guest to have a modern, safe, and interactive experience at your property. Founded in 2015 and based in Los Angeles, California, they tout a list of partners that includes Brivo, OpenPath, and Lockly.

While Invictus’ smart community website indicates that it provides a wide range of tech, the company’s major selling point is its video intercom system.


How does the InvictusXP intercom work?

The Invictus intercom, which InvictusXP refers to as a “kiosk,” works just like a traditionally marketed video intercom system for apartments. As the first thing a visitor sees when they enter the building, the touch-screen intercom is designed to act as a helpful guide and provide a map to help guests navigate their way through the property. Furthermore, the intercom also serves as a check-in station, making it simple for property managers and owners to track who’s entered and left their property.

What’s more, the Invictus intercom can be mounted on the wall or a pedestal, depending on your preferences.


InvictusXP intercom review



The InvictusXP intercom includes a variety of key features:

  • Integrations. Invictus offers end-to-end integration with several property management systems, such as Brivo.
  • Digital key push notifications. Push notifications are issued to residents who send out digital keys to alert them of use.
  • Time-stamped photos and videos. The InvictusXP video intercom takes event snapshots of visitors who use digital keys at the entrance and stores this information in an activity log.
  • Video voicemails. With video voicemails, visitors can leave messages for tenants or property managers in case they miss them.
  • Minimum required internet connection. Lastly, the minimum required internet connection for Invictus XP to run seamlessly is 450 Kbit/s. What’s more, property managers have the option for cellular or WiFi backup.



Invictus doesn’t publicize any of their prices on their website. However, you can request a free demo via their website by clicking the “Free Demo” button in the top right-hand corner and scheduling a complimentary 15-minute consultation with a member of their sales team.


Pros and cons of the InvictusXP video intercom kiosk



  • Intercom kiosk has a 3D, 1080p HD industrial-grade touch screen to prevent vandalism and ensure every user can intuitively use the system.
  • Users can use a mobile app to access Invictus XP systems from anywhere in the world via their smartphone.
  • Camera takes time-stamped photos which are stored in an activity log. These can be accessed in the case of a break-in to identify culprits.
  • Ability to integrate with some property management systems to increase visitor monitoring, tenant communications, and more.



  • InvictusXP’s lifestyle mobile app does not have great reviews on the Google Play Store, with users claiming that it crashes more often than not.
  • The square black design of the kiosk doesn’t add much curb appeal as opposed to some intercoms that have sleeker designs and crystal-clear screens.
  • Reviewers report that the company isn’t quick to fix app bugs, with some moving to different apps altogether.
  • Lacks diverse entry options, such as keypads and card readers. As such, tenants don’t enjoy as much autonomy throughout the property.


Should you get the Invictus intercom?

The Invictus intercom is a simple, sleek intercom system that may make visitors feel welcome at the door. Moreover, tenants may find the Invictus XP property management software helpful, especially as they receive community updates straight to their phones. Plus, property managers can easily use the online admin portal to add and deactivate users at will.

On the other hand, all of InvictusXP’s offerings may not deliver the way other systems might. For instance, their touted end-to-end system lacks enough hardware to diversify their entry methods. In fact, the only hardware available is the intercom kiosk, which does not include a keypad or card reader — which can greatly limit movement around the property.


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What is the alternative to the Invictus intercom?

The best alternative to the Invictus intercom is ButterflyMX.

ButterflyMX truly provides a streamlined entry system solution that makes it easier for tenants and visitors to access the property. What’s more, it also helps property managers monitor who’s coming in and out — which they can do remotely from anywhere thanks to the ButterflyMX OS.

Here’s how ButterflyMX’s suite of access control products makes end-to-end access possible:

  • Property-wide access control. No matter the size of your property, you can mix and match ButterflyMX’s wide array of offerings until your property is completely secure. Choose between intercoms, keypads, elevator controls, vehicle gate openers, and more to create a truly comprehensive access experience.
  • Highly-rated mobile app. One of our most popular features is our easy-to-use app — just swipe to open the door or grant access to visitors. Tenants can also use their phones to issue delivery keys and have a two-way video conversation with the intercom’s front desk station.
  • Multiple credential options. In addition to app-based access, you can use key cards and key fobs and vehicle stickers to give tenants multiple ways to open the door.


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