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Building owners and operators are always looking for innovative ways to improve the resident experience while bolstering security. Installing smart locks for apartments is one way to achieve both goals. One of the most popular smart locks on the market is the Nest x Yale Lock.

The result of Yale’s hardware and Google’s software, this smart lock is a top contender for many property owners and managers. Read on to learn more about the Nest x Yale Lock. We’ll review its features, pricing, and pros and cons. Then, we’ll explore whether this smart lock is right for your building.

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About Yale & Nest

The Nest x Yale Lock combines Yale’s long-established physical lock expertise with the next-generation security of the Google Nest ecosystem.



Yale has been manufacturing top-quality physical locking technology since 1840, when its founder Linus Alloy opened his first shop for handmade bank locks. Alloy developed a unique pin-tumbler lock, a mechanical innovation that’s still widely used today.

In August 2000, Yale was acquired by the Swedish ASSA ABLOY Group. Today, Yale has evolved its offerings beyond traditional locks to produce smarter building systems for the modern era. The company’s line of smart locks, safes, and other hardware uses technology to vastly improve property security.



The Nest series is a suite of smart home products from Google that enable smart homes. These products offer services ranging from audio and video entertainment to home security.

The Nest product line includes:

  • Alarm systems
  • Smart thermostats
  • Speakers and voice assistant products
  • Cameras
  • Locks


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Review of the Nest x Yale Lock

The Nest x Yale Lock is the product of Yale’s smart lock hardware and Google’s smart home software.

This product goes beyond the benefits of the average smart lock because it’s specifically designed to communicate with Nest solutions. For example, the Nest x Yale Lock can automatically disarm your Nest Secure alarm system when you unlock your door. It can also automatically lock your door when Nest notices you leave.

Through the Nest mobile app, users can manage their Yale lock, create passcodes for visitors, and receive alerts when people come and go. On top of that, the lock connects with Google Assistant to optimize security routines.



  • No keys: The Yale deadbolt is key-free and completely tamper-proof.
  • Automatic locking: The system will automatically lock your door when Google Assistant knows you’re out.
  • Simple installation: All you need is a screwdriver.
  • Simple locking: Lock the door with a single touch on the keypad.
  • Remote unlocking: Users can lock and unlock doors from anywhere through the Google Nest app.
  • Visitor passcodes: Users can create passcodes to facilitate access for friends, family, and service providers.
  • Activity log: The app provides a log of who has accessed the property and when.
  • Automatic alarm management: When paired with the Nest Secure alarm system, alarms are automatically disabled when the door is unlocked with a safe code.


Nest x Yale pricing

The Nest x Yale Lock costs $249 to $428. The exact price depends on the finish and optional features you select, as well as the retailer you purchase from.


Pros & cons


  • Secure and easy to use
  • Easy installation requiring minimal tools and effort
  • Sleek and modern design
  • The app is intuitive and connects well with the physical hardware and the rest of the Nest ecosystem
  • Low-battery alerts



  • It doesn’t connect directly to WiFi, so you’ll need to purchase either the Nest Connect module for a WiFi connection or the Nest Guard to remotely access your lock
  • Users report that passcodes and voice recognition features are buggy
  • Some customers consider the locking mechanism to be bulky


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Should I get the Nest x Yale Lock?

With a competitive price point and a powerful integration with Google’s smart technology, the Nest x Yale Lock is a good choice for any building seeking smart locks.

Not only is the hardware stylish and modern, but it’s secure and durable, too. And since the hardware is easy to install, it won’t cost a lot to implement these smart locks throughout your apartment or office building.

The integration with Google Nest gives the Nest x Yale Lock a competitive edge against other smart locks. Tenants enjoy the benefit of managing the door lock and their other smart systems all from one app. It’s a particularly great choice for buildings whose residents are willing adopters of smart technology and already use Nest products. Owners and developers wishing to create a smart apartment building will like this lock.

However, the Nest x Yale lock isn’t compatible with any personal assistants other than Google Assistant. So, Amazon or Microsoft account users should consider alternatives.


Alternatives to the Nest x Yale smart lock

There are many smart lock options for customers not fully sold on this Yale smart lock.

One popular alternative is SALTO KS smart locks. SALTO is well-known for its integrations with other proptech. For example, you can integrate SALTO locks with some door entry systems such as ButterflyMX. This helps create an efficient access experience throughout your building.

Schlage is another popular lock provider that offers a variety of smart lock options. Some Schlage smart locks can be connected with Alexa and Google Assistant, which makes them more versatile than the Nest x Yale Lock. Consider the Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt.


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