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Let’s face it: the upward trend of online shopping isn’t stopping anytime soon. People are soaking in the convenience and comfort of ordering anything with a tap of the finger. There is a downside to this trend, especially for property managers. Trying to process your residents’ deliveries among all your other daily tasks can feel impossible.

But fear no more. Package lockers have been popping up to accommodate the ever-growing ecommerce industry. Whether you own or manage multifamily buildings, you need a way to get package deliveries under control. One solution you might have heard of is Package Concierge lockers.

In this post, we dive into Package Concierge package lockers. And we see how they compare to other package management solutions.

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About Package Concierge

Package Concierge is a package management solution used by both commercial and multifamily buildings. For retail businesses, it can be used as a “buy online, pick up in-store” (BOPIS) system. Most postal carriers can register with Package Concierge to deliver packages.

In multifamily buildings, Package Concierge sends an email notification to residents whenever they have a delivery. Residents can either scan a barcode or enter a delivery PIN to retrieve their package from the locker.


What package lockers does Package Concierge offer?

Package Concierge offers three different locker systems to meet your property’s needs:

  1. Element Series
  2. Premier Series
  3. Express Series


1. Element Series

Built for all types of weather, the Element Locker Series is designed for outdoor use. It has LED lights to allow for package delivery and pickup at night. This series comes in eight double-column locker modules with multiple compartment sizes. It also has a 10” x 8” touchscreen interface with a barcode scanner and camera.


2. Premier Series

Designed for indoor spaces, the Premier Locker Series comes in eight powder coat color finishes. The lockers come in eight double-column modules with multiple compartment sizes. It also offers two locker modules for dry cleaning deliveries. There’s an 8”x10” touchscreen interface with an RFID and barcode reader, and a built-in camera.


3. Express Series

The Express Locker Series is the simplest locker option that Package Concierge offers. It allows the double-column kiosk module to be a standalone system. The module has a 7″x5″ touchscreen interface, barcode scanner, camera, and six compartment sizes. You can also group it with the other seven modules in the series to build a larger configuration.

Unlike the other two locker series, the Express Series doesn’t need floor anchoring – its leveling feet allow it to be placed anywhere. This series comes in three powder coat color finishes.


How Package Concierge lockers work

Delivery couriers receive an access card and username from the management office to use Package Concierge package lockers. Once signed into the cloud system, couriers must select the recipient from a directory. Then, they scan each package for that resident and the correctly sized compartment opens. If a box is too large to fit in one of the compartments, the courier can select the “Deliver to Office” option.

The courier places the package(s) in the compartment and closes the door. They then repeat the process with the next resident’s package. After completing all deliveries, the courier signs out of the system. This automatically sends notifications to all the residents who received a package.

When a resident gets a notification that they have a package, they receive a PIN code and/or barcode in the Package Concierge app or their email inbox. They can visit the Package Concierge lockers to retrieve their packages.

When retrieving a package, the resident must enter their pick-up code or scan the barcode they received. Then, the door to the correct compartment pops open. The compartment door locks when the resident takes their package and closes the door.


Should you buy the Package Concierge system?

Whether you own or manage multifamily properties, a package locker or room can save you and your staff a lot of time. It can also streamline your property staff by freeing up your employees’ time for more important tasks. Read on to learn more about Package Concierge package lockers and how they compare to other package solution providers.


Package Concierge features

  • Customizable modular units
  • Base unit with six compartments and a touchscreen interface
  • Options for modules to be mounted into the wall or a freestanding unit


Package Concierge apartment locker cost

Package Concierge does not have its pricing available online. To get a quote, reach out to them directly. An article on Multifamily Executive says that a 34-compartment module starts at $20,000, the main expense being the touchscreen kiosk.


Pros and cons


  • Modules contain compartments of various sizes, including compartments for dry-cleaning and laundry delivery
  • Options for both outdoor and indoor environments
  • Cloud system sends email and/or app notifications to residents to pick up packages


  • An extra monthly fee of $2 per unit
  • A daily $10 fee for residents if they don’t pick up their package the day it’s delivered
  • Trustpilot rating of 1.6 stars, the main complaint being the potentially faulty tech system and service fees
  • Need to register each delivery person in the system


Alternatives to Package Concierge package lockers

So now that we’ve gone through the basics of Package Concierge lockers, you’re probably wondering if it’s the best package management solution. Or are there better solutions out there?

If you’re a multifamily property owner or manager, you need an effective system to handle deliveries. But package lockers aren’t always the best solution. A package room is the most secure and efficient way for property managers to tackle the increasing online shopping trend.


Watch how ButterflyMX’s package room works:


Why a package room is better than package lockers

Installing a package locker system can be a headache. The chances are that you already have a designated room for processing and storing packages. So why not take one more simple step to set up a package room?

Here’s why package rooms beat out package lockers:

  • More ways to adjust: Package lockers come in predetermined sizes and shapes, leaving little room for flexibility. Package rooms, on the other hand, can be arranged in any way to accommodate all types of packages. You can put various types of shelving in your package room and easily adjust the layout as needed.
  • Maintains itself: A package room just requires installing a video intercom at the door. Other than that, there’s nothing you have to do to maintain the room.
  • Saves you thousands of dollars: Package lockers can cost tens of thousands of dollars to install and maintain. Plus, most package lockers come with yearly maintenance fees.


Comparison of Package Concierge apartment locker with ButterflyMX package room

Package Concierge lockers may be difficult and inconvenient to install, especially at smaller properties. You may need to train couriers to use them and give them each access information. That means more work on your plate. Often, couriers don’t want to learn a new locker system and may even leave packages in the lobby. You could end up paying an outside company to give you more work.

Compared to package lockers, the ButterflyMX package room is a piece of cake to install and use. It’s intuitive for couriers, residents, and property staff to use. You just need to install the video intercom at the door to your already-existing package area. And voila, you now have a secured package room.

Simple package delivery is the top amenity renters look for in an apartment. By adding ButterflyMX’s package room solution to your building, you’ll be investing in an amenity that attracts prospective residents and helps retain existing ones.


Package Concierge vs. ButterflyMX

Package Concierge package lockers could be a hefty investment that may not pay off if couriers don’t even use them. You’re better off investing in a flexible and cost-effective package room from ButterflyMX.


Feature ButterflyMX package room Package Concierge apartment lockers
Flexible space Yes No
Reliable performance Yes No
No extra charge for additional storage space Yes No
Automated resident notifications Yes Yes


Download the guide to package management in multifamily

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