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Key takeaways

  • The best alternative to a package locker is a ButterflyMX package room.
  • A package room can be integrated with your access control system.
  • A package management system is important to ensure deliveries, prevent package theft, and save time for you and other property staff.


Unsurprisingly, package lockers have become the standard package delivery solution for multifamily properties. But with so many options, how do you pick the right one for your building?

This buyer’s guide details the best package lockers for apartment buildings. Additionally, you’ll discover the difference between package lockers and rooms, why every multifamily building needs one, and the solutions to choose from.

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10 best package lockers for apartment buildings:

  1. ButterflyMX
  2. Amazon Hub
  3. Parcel Pending
  4. Luxer One
  5. Smiota
  6. Package Nexus
  7. Package Concierge
  8. American Locker
  9. SpaceSaver
  10. ParcelPoint


1. ButterflyMX

The best package management solution for multifamily properties is the ButterflyMX package room.

While not a standard package locker, ButterflyMX’s package room is a better solution because it offers more space than a locker and can accept all-size packages. The package room is also a much more secure way of storing deliveries.

ButterflyMX’s package room quickly transforms any spare room into a secure space to accept, store, and retrieve packages. By implementing an apartment package room, you or your staff won’t have to spend time accepting and sorting packages for all your residents.

Here are the top features of the ButterflyMX package room:

  • 156° wide-angle camera that captures date- and time-stamped photos of anyone. trying to access the package room — reducing package theft or loss.
  • Modern 8” and 12” inch LED screens with a sleek design and easy-to-use interface.
  • Wireless installation and retrofitting capabilities.
  • Connectivity with the top-rated ButterflyMX mobile app.
  • Vandal-resistant and weatherproof.
  • Residents are notified of package deliveries through the ButterflyMX mobile app.
  • Remote management capabilities allow you to grant couriers access from anywhere. For easier access, you can also give repeat couriers from Amazon, UPS, and USPS delivery PINs.
  • Integrates with all of ButterflyMX’s products for a seamless access control experience.


Watch how the ButterflyMX package room works:


2. Amazon Hub

Let’s start with the Amazon Hub package lockers. With great success in the e-commerce and cloud storage market, Amazon has turned its attention to package delivery. Now, Amazon offers a package locker solution for both residential and commercial real estate.

In addition to Amazon packages, Amazon Hub can also receive packages from any other vendor or delivery person.

Amazon package lockers:

  • Offer 24/7 access
  • Provide couriers and residents with touchless pickup options
  • Are modularly designed to fit anywhere

What’s more, Amazon has partnered with ButterflyMX to ensure all of Amazon’s delivery drivers can easily access a building where ButterflyMX is installed.


How it works:

Amazon delivery drivers receive unique six-digit PINs that work at properties where ButterflyMX is installed. When that delivery PIN is used, the smart video intercom grants one-time property access to that delivery person, eliminating the need for building staff or residents to facilitate their entry.

Delivery people can then put their deliveries into the Amazon package lockers or a ButterflyMX package room. The intercom also takes a time- and date-stamped picture of the delivery person, which is stored for 365 days for review, increasing security.

Contact us to learn more about our partnership with Amazon and how we can streamline deliveries at your property.

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3. Parcel Pending

Quadient founded Parcel Pending to help manage deliveries for property managers, couriers, and residents. The company offers customizable parcel lockers for universities, residential properties, retail spaces, and commercial businesses.

If you need something different, Parcel Pending offers a wide range of package locker configurations based on your unique needs. They offer indoor, outdoor, and refrigerated package lockers. Their lockers are durable and weatherproof. Parcel Pending package lockers have a modular design and are ADA-compliant to ensure accessibility.

Plus, Parcel Pending comes with a mobile app. Residents can receive notifications and manage their packages and deliveries through the app.

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4. Luxer One

Provider Luxer One offers commonly used package lockers as well as other package delivery-related products.

Luxer One’s package lockers may offer enough space to accommodate large boxes. All of its package lockers are equipped with standard HD surveillance cameras to ensure security.

Luxer One package lockers also include outbound shipping. This benefits residents, who can easily send packages when they’re trying to make a delivery or return.

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5. Smiota

Is contactless delivery and pickup important to you? Then, Smiota package lockers may meet your needs.

Smiota’s smart lockers help slow the spread of germs through app-based pickup. It’s also easy to add extra standard or specialty units. Residents who are picking up their packages don’t need to worry about crowded lines or multiple touch-points because Smiota offers staggered pickup notifications via the mobile app.

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6. Package Nexus

If missing packages are a problem at your building, worry no more. Package Nexus package lockers help prevent lost or stolen packages. Package Nexus offers package lockers for businesses, multifamily communities, and apartment buildings.

Apartment package lockers like Package Nexus have an overflow feature to ensure package delivery during busy seasons. They also offer a 15″ industrial-grade touchscreen monitor and an ADA-compliant Braille keypad. They even offer standard, refrigerated, and freezer lockers to meet just about any need.

Package Nexus also has a mobile app that will notify residents when they have a delivery. Each locker system comes standard with many sensors to keep deliveries safe.

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7. Package Concierge

Package Concierge may be a solid choice for people looking for a simple and secure locker system. The system offers numerous features, such as 24/7 access when needed and up to 7′ lockers for oversized packages. Furthermore, the lockers have a simple design, allowing for customization with various configurations.

Package Concierge lockers are both modern-looking and rugged and may be a good choice as an indoor or outdoor package locker system.

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8. American Locker

American Locker is a storage and locker solution provider founded in the 1930s. Although the company doesn’t specialize in package lockers, its Electronic Parcel Lockers are a solution for apartments, student housing, retail spaces, and commercial buildings.

American Locker package lockers feature a touchscreen interface and 28 compartments of varying sizes. They’re ADA-compliant and come in several colors.

American Locker isn’t a leader in the package locker space, so there isn’t much information about the system available online. How property staff manages the lockers and updates the tenant directory is unclear. American Locker package lockers also don’t appear to integrate with other systems or smart products.

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9. SpaceSaver

SpaceSaver Storage Solutions is a Virginia-based company selling a wide range of storage products, including locker systems, shelving solutions, sorting stations, cold storage, and other specialized containers. The company doesn’t specialize in package lockers but sells a package locker system designed for apartments, student housing, and other multi-tenant buildings.

SpaceSaver package lockers for apartment buildings feature compartments of varying sizes and a touchscreen interface. They can be stylized to match your building’s appearance with metal, wood, or laminate finishes.

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10. ParcelPoint

Pitney Bowes was established in 1920, and the ParcelPoint Smart Locker was introduced in 2021. It has remained one of the foremost leaders in global shipping and mailing.

Designed for any property with a large number of inbound packages, the ParcelPoint Smart Locker features compartments of multiple sizes. Further, ParcelPoint can be integrated with all of Pitney Bowes’ software.

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Package locker vs. package room

So you’ve narrowed your options to package lockers or a room. But which is best, and how do you decide between lockers for packages and package rooms for your apartment building?

When deciding between a package locker or a package room, there are three important questions you should ask yourself:

  1. How much space do I have available? Take some measurements and determine how much space you can devote to a package storage area.
  2. Is it easy to use for both delivery people and residents? There’s no point investing in a package management solution if couriers don’t use it or residents don’t like it. Choose a system that both parties will want to adopt.
  3. Does it integrate with my other systems? To ensure maximum efficiency, you’ll want to make sure your package management solution integrates with other systems, like your property management software.


Overall, here’s how package lockers and package rooms compare:

Package Locker Package Room
Limited to a certain number and size of packages. Flexible in the number and sizes of packages it can store.
May be installed almost anywhere, primarily taking up vertical space. Requires a dedicated room to store packages.
Residents are sent a code to access their package. Residents use their unique PIN code or mobile phone to retrieve their package.
Doesn’t integrate with your security system or access control. Can be managed on the same platform as your security system or access control.


Importance of package management solutions

Most multifamily professionals can agree that package deliveries are a headache and a time-sucker. That said, you can’t ignore the problem. You need an effective solution to intake, organize, store, and distribute packages efficiently.

Package management systems benefit your building by:

  1. Ensuring deliveries
  2. Preventing package theft
  3. Saving time for building staff


1. Ensuring deliveries

Have your residents ever complained that the UPS driver couldn’t deliver their important package? Do they often receive “Sorry we missed you” notes?

If so, the first step to successful package management is simply ensuring couriers can get packages to the building. Comprehensive package management systems, like package rooms and lockers, offer effective methods of ensuring deliveries.


2. Preventing package theft

As package delivery continues to increase, so too does the number of stolen packages. In 2019, 90,000 packages disappeared daily in New York City. Package theft is primarily the result of buildings lacking a solution to secure packages for their residents. Package management systems provide a safe place for couriers to store packages and prevent theft.


3. Saving time for building staff

Residents aren’t the only ones who suffer from poor package management. Building staff also regularly struggle with accepting large deliveries, organizing countless boxes, and storing packages securely until residents pick them up.

Unfortunately, this process can take hours or even days. So, that’s why you need an efficient package management system. Cutting down on the amount of time your staff spends managing deliveries will allow them to focus on more important tasks.


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Types of package management systems

Managing package deliveries is a must for multifamily properties. Without a suitable solution, your residents will fail to receive their packages on time or may even never receive them. So, to satisfy your residents, you need an effective package management system.

The types of package management systems include:

  • Lockers or lockboxes
  • Package rooms
  • Scheduled delivery services
  • Off-site holding facilities

The right system for your building depends on your needs, goals, and infrastructure. That said, we recommend package rooms that are integrated with your larger access control system for multifamily properties.


Apartment package locker FAQs


How do apartment package lockers work?

Generally located at the building entrance or another common area, package lockers are designed to offer residents secure, 24/7 access to package deliveries.

When package locker compartments are assigned to specific tenants in the building, residents receive a notification (an email or text message) when a package is placed in their designated locker. Then, they use their unique PIN to open the locker and retrieve the package.

When lockers are unassigned, residents receive a notification telling them which compartment holds their packages. They also receive a PIN code to open the smart locker.

In either scenario, the process of using a package locker is the same:

  1. A courier accesses the building and enters their designated PIN into the system.
  2. The courier selects which residents received a package and places the corresponding packages in the correct compartments.
  3. The courier closes the compartment door, which locks it automatically.


Do parcel lockers cost money?

Parcel lockers do not cost residents money to use. However, the property that implements a parcel locker will have to purchase the lockers and keep up with any ongoing fees associated with it. As such, properties may charge tenants a monthly fee to use the package locker.


What are smart package lockers?

Smart package lockers are electronic and keyless delivery management systems that help residents receive packages without the worry of them being stolen or delayed.


Do you need an ID for parcel lockers?

No. Most parcel lockers only require you to scan the unique barcode that was sent to you when the package was delivered.


How long can I leave something in a parcel locker?

It depends on where the parcel locker is located.

USPS parcel lockers only allow packages to stay for about 10 days before they’re returned.

For private parcel lockers, it depends on the property and the volume of packages it receives. If you leave your package in the locker for too long, the delivery driver may send it back to make space for new packages.

With that said, it’s best to retrieve your package from the locker as soon as possible.


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