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Remote unlocking isn’t just for cars anymore! Instead, with the help of smart locks, residential and commercial properties alike can now let their tenants unlock doors from afar. So, how can remote control door locks help your property?

In this post, we explain what a remote control door lock is and how they work. Then, we go over their benefits.

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What is a remote control door lock?

A remote control door lock is an electronic lock that you can trigger to lock and unlock with wireless signals. You can trigger the lock even if you aren’t nearby. Remote control door locks might use Bluetooth, WiFi, or RFID to exchange signals with their remotes.

As far as remotes go, they range from credentials like fobs, to an app tenants can install on their smartphones. And in many cases, there isn’t another person on the other end of the remote. In fact, many remote control door locks lock and unlock at the direction of a controller. This controller is an access control hub that you can preprogram with certain instructions.

Wireless remote control door lock systems are made up of these parts:

  • Remote control. Tenants use remote controls to send out a wireless signal.
  • Credential reader. A credential reader receives signals and forwards data to the controller.
  • Access controller. The controller compares the data it’s received to an internal database. If there’s a match, the controller signals the actual door lock.
  • Locking mechanism. The lock physically disengages to allow the tenant to open the door.


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Can you lock a door remotely?

Yes, you can lock a door remotely if the door has an internet-connected smart lock. A remote controllable smart lock connects to WiFi so that you can lock and unlock it from a device like your smartphone or tablet.


Are remote door locks safe?

Yes, remote door locks are safe. In fact, remote control door locks may be more safe than traditional locks because it’s easier for someone to pick a traditional keyhole lock than to guess the access code for your smart lock.


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How does a remote control door lock work?

A remote control door lock works by receiving wireless signals from the remote control, such as a smartphone or clicker. Since remote control door locks connect to the internet, they can receive wireless signals. Upon receiving these signals, the lock unlocks or locks accordingly.

While there are many ways for a remote control door lock to work, two steps are always constant.

Every remote access door lock must:

  1. Receive and verify a wireless signal
  2. Open and close the locking mechanism


1. Receive & verify a wireless signal

The type of network you choose for your remote lock determines the range at which tenants will be able to open the door.

For example, a tenant can open a WiFi-enabled door lock from anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection. But other wireless signals, like NFC, only work when the credential is a few centimeters away from the sensor.

You have the best knowledge of your unique property and your tenants’ needs. So, do your own research to pick a network for your remote locks based on range and features.


2. Open & close the locking mechanism

You can choose between many types of locking mechanisms depending on the type of area you’re securing. For example, remote deadbolts extend into the strike plate on a door frame and then retreat back into the door to allow someone entry.

There are two main types of locks to choose from: a magnetic door lock for easy access or an electric strike for security.

The most important difference between maglocks and electric strikes is how they work during a blackout. Because magnetic locks unlock when there’s no power, they’re perfect for high-traffic areas people need access to in a blackout. Electric strikes are the opposite — they lock in an outage, ensuring the safety of critical areas.


Learn more about electric strikes vs. magnetic locks here:


Benefits of remote control door locks

Your tenants will enjoy the benefits of remote door locks in multiple ways.

The benefits of remote control door locks include:


Easier to receive deliveries

In these days of online delivery, it’s more important than ever for a property to be able to accept deliveries successfully. Millions of packages are delivered every day. As a result, your tenants will be counting on you to ensure that their packages arrive on time and are kept safe.

That also means giving delivery couriers an easy way to enter your property. And with remote control door locks, that’s never been easier.

The best remote door locks even have custom-built features, like Delivery Passes. These passes allow delivery couriers to securely identify themselves. Then, they can let themselves in without the need for a tenant or staff member to intervene.


Adds convenience for tenants

Delivery drivers aren’t the only ones who benefit from remote unlocking capabilities. Many of your tenants might also need an easy way to let in service providers, like house cleaners or dog walkers. And keyless entry door locks with apps are the perfect way to do this.

Instead of a long delay as staff verify a visitor’s identity and hand out credentials, tenants can simply let their guests in with one swipe on their smartphones.


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Integrations with other technology

Electronic door locks with remote controls are already set up with powerful wireless technology that allows them to send and receive large amounts of data. With the right access controller, you can integrate all of your building’s remote door locks and revolutionize access throughout your property.

For example, you can set one credential to open up multiple doors, and you can assign different levels of security to different credentials. Additionally, you can set up automatic door locking and keep your property on a set schedule without having to check every lock manually.

Further, you can also program your remote control interior door locks to work in tandem with other access hardware. This hardware includes elevator controls, garage openers, or remote control locks for gates. With one credential, a resident can walk from a parking garage into your lobby and into their apartment with the same credential. They wouldn’t even have to press a button on the elevator!



  • Remote control door locks are locks that you can control (lock and unlock) from afar.
  • Remote control door locks work by receiving a wireless signal from a network like Bluetooth, WiFi, or RFID.
  • The benefits of a remote door lock include making it easier for tenants to receive deliveries, adding convenience for tenants and staff, and integrating with other technology on your property.


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