Discover the best security companies in Louisville, KY.


Key takeaways

  • The best security companies in Louisville, KY are GardaWorld, Medley & Sons, and ADT.
  • To choose the right security company for your property, research reviews, verify licenses and certifications, and consult with industry professionals for recommendations.
  • The best security access control company is ButterflyMX.


Boasting a vibrant sports scene and rich cultural history, Louisville is home to many diverse properties and businesses. For this reason, selecting the most reliable security companies in Louisville, KY empowers you to accommodate your city’s diverse community needs. In this guide, we’ll provide a comprehensive look into the best access control companies and physical security providers to choose from.

Read on to explore the best security companies in Louisville, KY. Then, learn how to choose the right security company for your property. Finally, discover the best security access control system in Louisville, KY.

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5 Best security companies in Louisville, KY

Your choice of security services is essential for fostering a secure environment for your thriving business or apartment complex.

Here’s our round-up of the best security providers in Kentucky:

  1. GardaWorld
  2. Medley and Sons
  3. ADT
  4. Morgan Security Services
  5. Securitas


1. GardaWorld

Google rating: 4/5

Specializing in event security, GardaWorld is one of Louisville’s leading security guard vendor companies.

GardaWorld provides security services, including:

  • Trained security guards for crowd management and enhanced protection.
  • Traffic control for roads, construction sites, and special events.
  • K9 security to guarantee public safety for properties of all types.
  • Specializes in high-traffic areas like concerts, airports, and more.


2. Medley and Sons

Google rating: 5/5

Specializing in security and building automation, Medley & Sons offers smart security systems for homes and businesses.

Medley & Sons boasts enhanced security offerings, including:

  • Video surveillance services that empower you to monitor your business from anywhere.
  • Medley & Sons alarm systems automatically send real-time notifications of intrusion and burglary alerts.
  • For businesses, Medley & Sons offers access control to help reduce the risk of unauthorized access.
  • Fire protection and monitoring technology helps safeguard your building against fire-related emergencies.


3. ADT

Google rating: 3.2/5

From residential to commercial properties, ADT is a trusted choice for protecting your property and is one of Louisville, KY’s leading home security companies.

ADT is renowned in Louisville for its security services, including:

  • Video surveillance technology with 24/7 security monitoring for your peace of mind.
  • Intrusion alarms that automatically notify you of potential threats and security incidents.
  • Remote access management that empowers you to control access from anywhere in the world.
  • Flood monitoring technology that notifies you of flood-related emergencies and empowers you to protect your assets.


Security guard patrolling a property alongside security companies in Louisville, KY.


4. Morgan Security Services

Google rating: 3.1/5

Morgan Security Services is one of the best security guard companies in Louisville, KY, from construction sites to office buildings.

Morgan Security Services is a community staple with services that include:

  • On-hand security guards provide around-the-clock protection for buildings of all types.
  • Partners with experienced off-duty officers for enhanced security.
  • In residential areas, Morgan Security Services offers private security for homes.
  • Offers security for large-scale events like sporting stadiums and high-traffic venues.


5. Securitas

Google rating: 3.1/5

Securitas offers world-class technology and fully integrated guarding services that protect Kentucky properties.

Securitas offers robust security services, including:

  • On-site security guards are trained to provide elaborate protection for people, properties, and assets.
  • Electronic security services that provide access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, fire monitoring, and more.
  • Mobile patrol security guards offer on-demand response services for properties of all types.
  • Comprehensive fire and life safety consulting and fire equipment inspections.


How to choose a security company in Louisville, KY

Are you wondering how to choose the best security company for your property but don’t know where to start?

Here are some key considerations for choosing a security company in Louisville:

  • Reviews. Researching customer reviews and testimonials is a crucial first step when choosing a reliable security company. So, consider looking into different online forums when deciding which security company is right for your property.
  • Experience. Choose a trusted service provider with years of industry knowledge and experience to select the best security company for your property.
  • Peer recommendations. Real estate professionals have extensive knowledge when it comes to finding the right security providers for their properties. So, consider contacting your peers, attending conferences, and participating in online discussions to discover the best providers in your area.
  • Licenses and certifications. Choose a security company that holds the necessary licenses and certifications required by state and local regulations to operate legally in your area.
  • Customized solutions. Look for a security provider in Louisville that offers customized security solutions tailored to the unique requirements of your business or property.


Learn what you need to know regarding access control as a beginner:


How much do Louisville, KY security services cost?

When it comes to security, costs can significantly vary depending on the type of solution you’re looking for. From access control installation to on-hand security guards, there are a variety of cost considerations to keep in mind.

For example, an experienced security guard typically charges between $35 and $50 an hour. Alternatively, access control installation in Louisville usually costs between $500 and $1,000 per door.


Types of Louisville, KY security companies

With a bustling urban landscape and a diverse community, Louisville properties require robust security solutions that are just as dynamic as the culture.

Here are the most common types of security companies in Louisville:


Louisville parking access control

As Louisville continues to experience growth in commercial and residential real estate, the need to regulate access to parking areas becomes increasingly necessary to reduce congestion, deter unauthorized entry, and eliminate potential security threats.

Here are some common vehicle access control solutions:

  • LPR systems. LPR (license plate recognition) systems are designed to recognize license plates and grant automatic access to vehicles. However, LPR systems can be unreliable and may not recognize the plate if it is damaged or there are severe weather conditions, like a blizzard.
  • Windshield tags and vehicle readers. Windshield tags and vehicle readers are among the best vehicle access control solutions because they reliably grant automatic, hands-free access to vehicles. What’s more, they’re simple to implement. All vehicle owners have to do is adhere the windshield tag to their vehicle for easy access.
  • Automatic gates. In gated communities, gate access control is one of the most popular ways to streamline access for vehicles. Additionally, consider pairing your gate access control system with a video intercom so that you can visually verify visitors before granting them access to your property.


Louisville multifamily property security

In a city renowned for its vibrant community, prioritizing multifamily access control and security is essential for protecting your building’s occupants and property assets.

Here’s why choosing the right security company is essential for multifamily properties:

  • Diverse population. Louisville’s growing population has increased multifamily housing developments, intensifying the need for access control and security measures to manage the growing influx of residents and visitors.
  • Shared spaces and mixed-use buildings. Multifamily properties usually have high-traffic communal areas like lobbies, parking lots, and shared amenity spaces that require robust access management. What’s more, mixed-use buildings require comprehensive access control to manage access for residents and visitors alike.
  • Resident safety. Choosing the right security provider helps guarantee the safety and well-being of residents, staff, and guests.


Man monitoring a property to help security companies in Louisville, KY.


Louisville commercial property security

Commercial real estate is a cornerstone of the city’s economy, encompassing a diverse array of businesses, from small, locally owned companies to large corporations.

With this in mind, the continuous growth of Louisville’s commercial landscape requires robust access control and security measures.

Here’s how commercial properties benefit from comprehensive security:

  • Employee safety. Ensuring the safety and well-being of employees is paramount for businesses of all sizes in Louisville.
  • Emergency preparedness. Comprehensive access control empowers businesses to respond effectively to emergencies such as natural disasters, fires, or security incidents.
  • Prevent unauthorized access. Implementing access control systems allows businesses to restrict access to sensitive areas, ensuring that only authorized personnel can enter.
  • Protect your assets. Commercial properties in Louisville often have valuable assets, equipment, inventory, and confidential information that require dynamic security measures to protect them.


The best security access control system in Louisville, KY

ButterflyMX is the best access control company for making property-wide access simple for Louisville properties.

ButterflyMX offers comprehensive access control technology like:

  • Video intercom. A 156° wide-angle camera offers a crystal-clear view of all entry events. What’s more, it takes time-and-date-stamped photos of all entry activity for heightened peace of mind and security.
  • Audit logs. With a mobile app or web dashboard, view easily accessible audit logs of all entry activity. This grants you full transparency into who accessed your property and when.
  • Mobile app. Open any door, gate, elevator, or access point with just a swipe of your smartphone. So, you don’t have to lug around physical keys.
  • Remote access management. Manage, monitor, and control access to your property from anywhere. As a result, you can grant secure access to your property without needing to be physically present.
  • Vehicle access control. Enable convenient, hands-free access for vehicles at your property. Additionally, vehicle access control reduces the risk of unauthorized cars following other vehicles onto your property.
  • Smart lock integrations. ButterflyMX integrates with over 80 smart lock models, making property access easier than ever. So, users can easily open doors and other access points with their smartphones.
  • Keypads. An intuitive keypad enhances security for shared amenity spaces and communal areas, allowing only authorized individuals to access these high-traffic areas.
  • Elevator controls. Control and manage access to certain floors with your key-fobbed elevator. So, you won’t have to worry about visitors accessing floors that they’re not authorized to.


Discover the best security companies in Louisville, KY.

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