product review of TheAnalyst PRO real estate investment software.


Key takeaways

  • TheAnalyst PRO is a real estate investment software housed under the CREtech umbrella.
  • Additionally, this REI software offers comprehensive property marketing tools, automatic website building, and in-depth analysis reporting tools.
  • However, while TheAnalyst PRO is a thorough solution, its expansive suite of features can be overwhelming for new investors.


In real estate investment, the risks can be high but the rewards can be even greater. So, to balance these two factors, real estate investors often turn to real estate investment software tools to mitigate risks and maximize profits. In this space, TheAnalyst PRO has become increasingly popular among property investors looking for a comprehensive property analysis tool.

But is TheAnalyst PRO the best real estate investment software on the market? This in-depth review aims to answer that question.

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About TheAnalyst PRO

TheAnalyst PRO is an integrated software solution designed for real estate investors. It’s housed under the expansive umbrella of CREtech, a leader in technological innovation for real estate.

Its broad range of features position it as a comprehensive platform for investment evaluation. In fact, some of these features include detailed financial analytics, real estate risk analysis, demographic reports, and property marketing tools.


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How TheAnalyst PRO real estate investment software works

TheAnalyst PRO prides itself on simplicity and user-friendliness. Most of its tools require only a few inputs to generate comprehensive and professional-looking reports.

For example, the Investment Analysis tool requires only eight input fields to create a detailed Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) analysis report for five and ten years.

The Commercial Package PRO combines the most popular reports into a comprehensive commercial package for commercial real estate. As a result, with a user-friendly interface and step-by-step guidance, you can create this extensive package in minutes, not hours.

All this, combined with free online software training, ensures that even beginner investors can quickly get the hang of TheAnalyst PRO’s real estate investment software.



  • Comprehensive property marketing tools. TheAnalyst PRO’s Commercial Package PRO is a standout feature. In turn, it allows users to quickly create professional offering memorandums (OMs). It incorporates property descriptions, photos, investment analysis reports, demographic analysis, and location risk analysis.
  • Automatic website building. A property website is automatically generated upon creating an offering memorandum, providing an interactive presentation for clients and investors.
  • In-depth analysis reporting tools. Investment analysis, comparative lease analysis, lease vs. own analysis, loan amount analysis, and target CAP rate analysis are just some tools TheAnalyst PRO offers for sound decision-making.
  • Interactive infographic reports. Inform clients and investors with visually appealing infographics that deliver data in a digestible format.
  • Risk analysis. With a comprehensive Location Risk Analysis tool, you can evaluate potential investments effectively. So, this tool combines a FEMA flood map, the FBI Crime Index, and an environmental location analysis. Altogether, these offer a detailed view of any potential risks associated with a property’s location.
  • Demographic analysis. Partnering with ESRI, a geographic information system (GIS) software company, TheAnalyst PRO provides full demographic analysis within a few minutes. In addition, the report includes data such as a demographic summary, demographic and income profile, housing profile, and retail marketplace profile.


TheAnalyst PRO pricing

TheAnalyst PRO is available at a monthly subscription rate of $70.

For users seeking a longer-term commitment, an annual option is priced at $600. This equates to a cost-effective $50 per month, offering significant savings for users who opt for the yearly plan.

Regardless of the choice between monthly or yearly, subscribers gain access to all features of TheAnalyst PRO, making it a comprehensive tool for real estate analysis and property marketing.


Real estate investing requires plenty of work which can be alleviated by a real estate investment software


Pros & cons


  • Comprehensive suite of tools. TheAnalyst PRO offers an extensive range of tools, all included in one subscription. So, it’s a cost-effective solution for real estate investors.
  • Efficiency. Additionally, with automatic report generation and minimal input requirements, TheAnalyst PRO is designed for maximum efficiency. So, it saves users considerable time, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their business.
  • User-friendly. Further, the platform is designed with the user in mind. Its intuitive interface and free online training make it easy for users of all levels to navigate and utilize.
  • Cloud-based. Being a cloud-based solution, it offers the convenience of accessing your data and using the platform from anywhere.


  • Additional cost for demographic analysis. Although TheAnalyst PRO provides a comprehensive demographic analysis tool, there is an additional cost per report. So, this could be a drawback for users who frequently need such reports.
  • Overwhelming for beginners. Despite offering training, the sheer number of features and tools can be overwhelming for beginner investors.
  • Dependence on third-party data. TheAnalyst PRO relies on third-party data for its Demographic Analysis feature. As a result, there might be additional costs for this service, and users must consider the reliability and accuracy of the third-party data.


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Should you get TheAnalyst PRO real estate investment software?

If you’re a real estate professional seeking a comprehensive, cloud-based solution for property analysis, marketing, and risk assessment, TheAnalyst PRO is a solid investment.

While there’s a learning curve and a relatively high cost, its extensive features and tools can significantly streamline and enhance your real estate operations. However, you should weigh these benefits against the costs and your specific needs to ensure it’s the right fit for you.


Alternatives to TheAnalyst PRO

TheAnalyst PRO is a thorough real estate investment software. However, you should always consider several options before making an investment.

PropStream is a specialized solution for virtual real estate wholesaling, catering to a unique real estate investing niche. So, for $99 a month, investors can access an in-depth database of properties, utilize marketing features to find targeted leads, compare various available properties, and delve into extensive property historical data, including owner, mortgage, tax, and foreclosure details.

Property Evaluator, managed by Apple, is a convenient app-based solution for researching various investment properties, specifically focusing on financial specifics through analyzing past performance and current local trends. What’s more, for on-the-go investors, this application offers a range of features, including quick property analysis under five minutes, cash flow, ROI, and cap rate analysis, and the ability to create and customize PDF files within the app.


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