Top 100 Zip Codes


Quick facts

  • 23 states and 44 cities are represented on this list.
  • New York state — where ButterflyMX got its start — appears 28 times.
  • The top 100 zip codes represent a total of 4,837 ButterflyMX installations.
  • The zip code with the highest number of ButterflyMX installations boasts a whopping 155 devices.
  • Coastal zip codes dominate, representing 66 of the total.


A revolution is happening in real estate. Every year, thousands of building owners and managers across America are investing in property technology (proptech) to reduce operating costs and boost resident satisfaction. From mobile-based access control and IoT sensors to energy management and artificial intelligence, these new technologies are transforming the way people live, work, and visit multifamily and commercial buildings throughout the country.

To recognize the cities and neighborhoods pushing us forward, we’ve analyzed data from more than 10,000 ButterflyMX customers and determined the top 100 zip codes where the future of real estate is occurring the fastest.

Read on to find out which zip codes are pioneering the future of real estate:


ButterflyMX Access Control CTA


About ButterflyMX

Founded in 2014, ButterflyMX is a mobile-based access control company that makes property access simple for multifamily and commercial properties.

Known for creating the world’s first video intercom, ButterflyMX enables property owners, managers, and residents to access their properties from a smartphone. Since the company’s start, ButterflyMX has continued developing products that expand access control beyond a property’s main door or gate.

Today, ButterflyMX offers the real estate industry’s only property-wide access control solution that enables smartphone-based access from the front entrance to every door or gate and throughout the entire property.

ButterflyMX access control products include:

  • Video intercoms
  • Package rooms
  • Access control system
  • Vehicle access control
  • Keypads
  • Smart locks
  • Elevator controls
  • Self-guided tours
  • Front desk stations
  • Amenity reservations


Behind the numbers

Adopting property technology is essential for creating sustainable, efficient, and advanced living spaces and work areas. And with the implementation of proptech, smart buildings will boom over the coming years.

In fact, the number of smart buildings is expected to rise from 45 million in 2022 to more than 155 million in 2026, according to Juniper Research. In other words, the demand for property technologies will grow to more than 150% in just four years.

To help determine which parts of the country are leading the proptech revolution, we identified the top 100 zip codes where ButterflyMX is installed.


Spotlighting 10 notable zip codes

Before we reveal the list of the top 100, let’s take a closer look at 10 of the most notable zip codes from across the country.

The 10 most notable zip codes include:

  1. 10003 – New York, NY
  2. 60607 – University Village, Chicago, IL
  3. 30308 – Sona / Midtown, Atlanta, GA
  4. 98109 – Westlake/South Lake Union, Seattle, WA
  5. 33304 – Poinsettia Heights, Fort Lauderdale, FL
  6. 90046 – West Hollywood/Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, CA
  7. 80202 – Union Station, Denver, CO
  8. 58104 – Fargo, ND
  9. 77007 – Washington Avenue Coalition/Memorial Park, Houston, TX
  10. 07030 – Hoboken, NJ


1. 10003 – New York, NY

East Village, NY

With nearly 1 million buildings and 214 zip codes, New York City is the pinnacle of big-city living. It is also home to more than 1,000 ButterflyMX video intercom systems. The zip code coming in at number one on the island of Manhattan is 10003, which covers parts of Greenwich Village and East Village.

Greenwich Village has become known for its deep cultural history of art, activism, and a vibrant LGBTQ+ community. Meanwhile, East Village offers the opportunity to spot celebrity residents like Cher and Julia Roberts and the chance to see one of 117 ButterflyMX installations. Next time you’re visiting the birthplace of American punk rock, keep an eye out for the bright purple screen of a ButterflyMX intercom welcoming you to the Big Apple!


2. 60607 – University Village/West Loop, Chicago, IL

As the zip code with the second-highest ButterflyMX installs — just over 120 — zip code 60607 was once a gritty, industrial district of Chicago. It now encompasses ultra-modern and tech-enabled residences and offices. This shift is highlighted by the installation of so many ButterflyMX devices.

University Village now represents the Windy City’s shift to smart technology and its status as a leader in property technology adoption.


3. 30308 – Sona/Midtown, Atlanta, GA

The historic city of Atlanta appears twice on our list, racking up 68 ButterflyMX intercoms in total, with the zip code of 30308 having the most installs at 35. 30308 blankets the entirety of Sono and slices of Midtown.

When stepping into these communities, you’re greeted with captivating architecture and deep history mingling amongst modern high-rises — all of which are equipped with the latest smart building technologies, including ButterflyMX.


4. 98109 – Westlake/South Lake Union, Seattle, WA

Seattle, WA

Home to tech giants like Amazon and Microsoft and known for its rainy climate, Seattle makes our list in the form of zip code 98109, which is home to 58 ButterflyMX installations. This zip code encapsulates Westlake, East Queen Anne, and South Lake Union, all of which are positioned alongside Lake Union.

Most notably, 98109 extends its reach to Uptown, where you’ll find panoramic views of the city and bay from the iconic Space Needle!

In the same way, the observation tower once represented technological optimism at the 1962 World’s Fair, every ButterflyMX device in 98109 represents a step towards the future of smart buildings.


5. 33304 – Poinsettia Heights, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Nestled on the coast, Fort Lauderdale appears two times on our list with nearly 70 ButterflyMX video intercoms. The neighborhood of Poinsettia Heights, a contemporary coastal community, makes up more than half the total number of installs at 37.

You may not expect to find many ButterflyMX devices in zip code 33304, known for its wide variety of outdoor activities, but ButterflyMX isn’t just suited to high rises and large commercial spaces! On the contrary, our smart video intercoms and keypads make property access just as simple in gated communities as they do in skyscrapers.


6. 90046 – West Hollywood/Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, CA

Hollywood Hills, CA

Just west of Downtown Los Angeles is 90046, also known as West Hollywood and the Hollywood Hills, which showcases 33 ButterflyMX intercoms.

Most notably, the zip code is located near the heart of the movie industry, making Hollywood Hills a technological oasis of hillside estates for actors and actresses. These residents need an extra layer of security — and many property owners and managers in Hollywood have turned to ButterflyMX, which offers robust security through live video without sacrificing convenience.


7. 80202 – Union Station, Denver, CO

Located in the heart of Denver, 80202 has 85 ButterflyMX installations. The zip code blankets parts of Downtown Denver and the Business and Financial District. While parts of this zip code are primarily a business district, there’s still a lot of fun to be had in the form of Larimer Square, a vivacious and historic block showcasing 19th-century architecture embracing 21st-century tech.

And because ButterflyMX devices can be easily retrofitted, they blend in seamlessly with the old and new architecture of Denver, proving that even historic properties never have to sacrifice security or convenience to preserve their history.


8. 58104 – Fargo, ND

Fargo, ND

Fargo is not only the largest city in North Dakota, but it also tallies more than 30 ButterflyMX intercoms. While its population is smaller compared to other cities on this list, its approximately 125,000 residents know how to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle that’s underpinned by temperatures ranging from -30° F to 100° F.

Fargo demonstrates that cities don’t require a booming population to join the smart building revolution.


9. 77007 – Washington Avenue Coalition/Memorial Park, Houston, TX

As the fourth most populated city in the U.S., it’s no wonder Houston made it onto our list with over 40 installations. 77007 is located just west of downtown, encompassing one of the U.S.’s largest urban recreational areas, Memorial Park.

And Houston isn’t just one of the most populated cities in the U.S. — it’s one of the most popular cities for young professionals and post-grads. These unique renters expect a high-tech living experience, and Houston property managers and owners have responded to this fact by investing in robust proptech from ButterflyMX.


10. 07030 – Hoboken, NJ

Hoboken, NJ

Finally, Hoboken, New Jersey, the city Frank Sinatra built, sits on the Hudson River directly across from New York City. 07030 features the most ButterflyMX installations in a single zip code with more than 150 video intercoms. The city of Hoboken features a distinctive mix of historic charm and modern development.

It’s home to a dynamic blend of mixed residences, businesses, and mixed-use buildings that have taken a step toward the future by integrating proptech throughout the city’s ever-evolving real estate.


All 100 zip codes

Take a look at all 100 zip codes with the most ButterflyMX installations below. Did your zip code make the list?


Ranking Zip code Number of buildings Neighborhood City State
1 07030 155 Hoboken Hoboken New Jersey
2 60607 123 University Village Chicago Illinois
3 10003 117 East Village New York New York
4 60614 110 Depaul Chicago Illinois
5 53202 92 Lake Park Milwaukee Wisconsin
6 80203 85 Capitol Hill Denver Colorado
7 60657 84 Lakeview Chicago Illinois
8 10011 79 Chelsea New York New York
9 10014 78 Meatpacking District New York New York
10 92101 75 Downtown San Diego California
11 11201 75 Dumbo / Downtown / Cobble Hill Brooklyn New York
12 10012 72 Greenwich Village New York New York
13 11211 71 Williamsburg New York New York
14 94107 70 Mission Bay San Francisco California
15 10025 69 Upper West Side New York New York
16 10009 68 East Villiage New York New York
17 10002 66 Lower East Side New York New York
18 10010 65 Stuyvesant Park New York New York
19 07302 64 Jersey City Jersey City New Jersey
20 60642 59 Goose Island Chicago Illinois
21 80202 58 Union Station Denver Colorado
22 98109 58 Westlake / South Lake Union Seattle Washington
23 20009 57 Cardozo District of Columbia District of Columbia
24 20002 56 Northeast Washington District of Columbia District of Columbia
25 60647 55 Logan Square Chicago Illinois
26 10024 55 Upper West Side New York New York
27 10001 55 Meatpacking District New York New York
28 43215 54 Columbus Columbus Ohio
29 55401 53 North Loop Minneapolis Minnesota
30 07306 48 Journal Square / West Side Jersey City New Jersey
31 20001 48 Cardozo / LeDroit Park / Logan Circle Washington DC District of Columbia
32 02215 48 West Fens/Kenmore Square Boston Massachusetts
33 98004 47 Bellvue Square Bellvue Washington
34 60626 47 Rogers Park Chicago Illinois
35 90069 47 Beverly Crest West Hollywood California
36 55416 47 Minneapolis Minneapolis Minnesota
37 60622 46 West Park / West Town Chicago Illinois
38 10013 46 Soho/Chinatown Manhattan New York
39 11215 45 Park Slope Brooklyn New York
40 11101 45 Blissville Long Island City New York
41 11238 44 Prospect Heights Brooklyn New York
42 77007 44 Washington Avenue Coalition / Memorial Park Houston Texas
43 19104 44 Belmont Philadelphia Pennsylvania
44 92630 44 Lake Forest Lake Forest California
45 55414 43 Como Minneapolis Minnesota
46 10023 42 Upper West Side New York New York
47 20003 42 Capitol Hill Washington D.C. District of Columbia
48 10027 42 Morningside Heights New York New York
49 37203 42 Music Row / Edgehill / Midtown / Green Hills Nashville Tennessee
50 60610 40 Old Town / Near North Side Chicago Illinois
51 80206 40 Congress Park Denver Colorado
52 60640 39 Uptown Chicago Illinois
53 94704 39 Southside Berkeley California
54 60613 39 Boys Town / Lakeview Chicago Illinois
55 94103 38 South of Market San Francisco California
56 21202 37 Penn-Fallsway / Old Town / East Baltimore Baltimore Maryland
57 21224 37 Graceland Park / Southeast Baltimore Baltimore Maryland
58 33304 37 Poinsettia Heights Fort Lauderdale Florida
59 10016 37 Murray Hill / East Side / Midtown New York New York
60 07003 37 Brookdale Bloomfield New Jersey
61 94612 37 Uptown Oakland California
62 85251 37 Downtown Scottsdale Scottsdale Arizona
63 60050 36 Mchenry Mchenry Illinois
64 02118 36 South End Boston Massachusetts
65 53527 36 Cottage Grove Cottage Grove Wisconsin
66 80209 35 Washington Park West Denver Colorado
67 10026 35 Harlem / Uptown / Manhattan New York New York
68 30308 35 Sono Atlanta Georgia
69 07305 34 Greenville Jersey City New Jersey
70 10029 34 East Harlem / Harlem / Uptown / Manhattan New York New York
71 75204 34 Oak Lawn / Bryan Place / Roseland Dallas Texas
72 07601 34 Hackensack Hackensack New Jersey
73 11217 34 Boerum Hill / BoCoCa Brooklyn New York
74 10021 34 Lenox Hill / Upper East Side / Uptown, Manhattan New York New York
75 55403 34 Lowry Hill / Calhoun Isles Minneapolis Minnesota
76 10128 34 Yorkville / Upper East Side / Uptown / Manhattan New York New York
77 44321 34 Pigeon Creek / Copley Akron Ohio
78 30309 33 Sherwood Forest Atlanta Georgia
79 90046 33 Hollywood Hills Los Angeles California
80 60654 33 River North / Near North Side Chicago Illinois
81 90802 33 Downtown Long Beach California
82 21201 33 Seton Hill / Central Baltimore Baltimore Maryland
83 49424 33 Holland Holland Michigan
84 11222 33 Greenpoint Brooklyn New York
85 02135 33 Brighton Boston Massachusetts
86 92108 33 Mission Valley East San Diego California
87 64105 33 Quality Hill / River Market / Downtown / Power and Light District Kansas City Missouri
88 28202 33 Fourth Ward / Uptown Charlotte North Carolina
89 10028 33 Yorkville / Upper East Side / Uptown / Manhattan New York New York
90 58104 32 Fargo Fargo North Dakota
91 02210 32 West Broadway / South Boston Boston Massachusetts
92 43201 32 Columbus Columbus Ohio
93 90028 32 Los Angeles Los Angeles California
94 48864 32 Lansing Lansing Michigan
95 33301 32 Colee Hammock Fort Lauderdale Florida
96 12309 32 Niskayuna Niskayuna New York
97 90025 32 West Los Angeles Los Angeles California
98 10701 31 Yonkers Yonkers New York
99 90049 31 Brentwood Los Angeles California
100 22201 31 Clarendon / Virginia Square / Ballston-Virginia Square Arlington Virginia


Just the beginning: creating more smart cities with ButterflyMX

ButterflyMX is installed in more than 10,000 buildings, but there are still millions of multifamily and commercial buildings that need to upgrade their technology to meet people’s future demands. After all, the number of smart buildings is only going to increase as the demand for convenient, secure, and energy-efficient proptech increases.

Fortunately, implementing proptech is easier than you might think. ButterflyMX is a cloud-based access control system, meaning you’ll save money and reduce installation costs. More importantly, you’ll boost security and convenience for residents, tenants, and employees thanks to our mobile-based platform, which can be accessed from anywhere.

So, join the real estate revolution, make property access simple, and transform your building into a smart one with ButterflyMX.


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