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Reduce costs and increase tenant satisfaction. Our video intercom lowers development costs by eliminating in-unit wiring and hardware while improving tenant satisfaction by providing safety- and convenience-focused features.

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Founded in 1987, Trinity Financial is an industry leader in developing affordable and market rate luxury living spaces from New York to Boston. Since its founding, the company has developed more than $2 billion in transformative residential, commercial and mixed-use real estate projects. Trinity Financial chose ButterflyMX to ensure their commitment to creating Boston’s most advanced building began at the front entrance.

The standard in new development

Low cost

Reduce development costs low by eliminating in-unit wiring and hardware. Traditional intercom systems require additional wiring and in-unit wall stations that dramatically increase costs. Our smart intercom allows developers to save tens of thousands of dollars while delivering more features than traditional intercom systems.

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Easy installation

By removing in-unit wiring and hardware, we’ve made installation fast and easy. Our smart intercom requires only three connections: internet, door lock, and power. And with a small 14″ x 15″ footprint, installation of the intercom requires minimal coordination and is typically done in a few hours.

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Elegant and durable

The intuitive touchscreen design of each intercom is elegant while the casing is weatherized against even the most extreme conditions. The user interface has been built with a focus on tenants and their visitors while also providing branding opportunities to property managers such as allowing them to add their leasing information. The polycarbonate touchscreen glass is crack and scratch resistant and the casing comes in stainless steel and anodized aluminum finishes.

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Minimal maintenance

Built as a software company, our smart, video intercoms require no maintenance and will never become outdated. We leverage the power and convenience of Amazon Web Services to deliver flexible, reliable, and secure performance. And we regularly push out performance updates, new features, and system enhancement to our entire community.

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