ButterflyMX pricing

The price of ButterflyMX hardware may vary depending on your application. Below are some reasons why your price may vary.


1. MSRP pricing

If you are quoted a higher price than MSRP pricing from a third-party, it may include other services such as installation; however, the hardware pricing should not exceed MSRP. Also, we do not charge for the initial setup, onboarding, or ongoing maintenance of any ButterflyMX intercom.


2. The number of units/apartments in your building

ButterflyMX is cloud-based, which allows us to deliver streaming video, virtual keys, and future updates through the internet. This also means you do not need any building wiring or in-unit hardware to use our system. Instead, we leverage smartphones to deliver a secure and convenient property access experience to every tenant in your building. To provide our hosting, services, and features, we charge a monthly fee based upon the number of units/apartments in your building. If your property has a lot of units/apartments, you may be eligible for discounted intercom pricing.


3. We have an established agreement with your company

We have portfolio agreements with some of the largest developers, owners, and property managers in the real estate industry. If we have an agreement in place with your company, we will honor those prices; however, if you purchase our intercoms through a third-party, they may not be aware of our preferred pricing agreement with your company.