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Key takeaways

  • Austin is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. With this booming population comes the need for robust access control systems at residential, commercial, gated communities, and industrial properties.
  • The best access control installers in Austin partner with industry-leading access control companies like ButterflyMX.
  • Signs that it’s time to replace your access control system include cracked screens, frayed wires, rust, or lacking features.
  • ButterflyMX access control solutions are the best in Austin because they allow you to manage and monitor access into and throughout your building easily.


Austin is known for its legendary live music scene and diverse food culture. As a property manager in Austin, you know how important it is to deliver convenient yet secure property access for your tenants. With the right access control system, your residents can focus on exploring Austin’s bustling culture instead of keeping up with keys.

This guide to access control in Austin will tell you everything you need to know about access control system installation and repair in Texas’s capital city.

This comprehensive guide includes:


How to find an access control installer in Austin

Austin’s real estate industry is booming. So, it’s no surprise that there are plenty of access control installers to choose from. But with so many options to consider, you may be wondering how to find the right installer.

Want our advice?

Hire a certified installer through your access control service provider. This guarantees that the installer is familiar with your access control system. Additionally, it ensures you get the highest quality installation possible for your building.


Properties that may need access control installation or repair in Austin:

  • Gated communities. Something that sets Austin apart from other metropolitan areas is its huge number of suburban gated communities. Appealing to the residents of these properties is key to successful property management in Austin.
  • Student accommodations. There are a whopping sixteen colleges and universities in the Austin, Texas area. So, there are hundreds of student dorms and apartments in need of robust, easy-to-use access control.
  • Multifamily apartments. It’s no secret that Austin is a fast-growing city. But with more than half of its residents living in rented spaces, the need for secure apartment access control is higher than ever. As the number of residents increases at Austin apartments, so does the need for cohesive access control solutions.
  • Industrial complexes. Similar to its neighbor, San Antonio, Texas, Austin’s expansive land gives plenty of opportunity for industrial complexes. As the number of these properties rises, so does the need for complete industrial property access control.
  • Commercial and retail spaces. One reason more young professionals are flocking to Austin than ever is the vast number of businesses establishing themselves in the capital city. Appealing to these businesses and ensuring they have easy, secure property access is key to helping the city continue to grow and thrive.



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5 Austin access control installation and repair companies

Austin is currently ranking first in the country for new apartment demand. Moreover, Austin’s residential properties aren’t the only ones feeling the weight of this population boom.

Commercial and industrial properties in Texas’s capital are also growing to meet new demands. As a result, you must have a cohesive access control system for residents at your Austin apartment or gated community.

So, are you wondering who to choose to install your Austin access control system?

Here’s our round-up of the best access control installers in Austin:

  1. Flying Locksmiths
  2. Elite Access Control
  3. Austin Entry
  4. Access Controls of Austin
  5. Tetra AV


1. Flying Locksmiths

Google rating 4.8/5


2. Elite Access Control

Google rating 4.9/5

  • Elite Access Control in Austin offers installation, repairs, and maintenance for service gates.
  • They specialize in installing cloud-based access control systems.
  • Install digital locks, keypad door locks, biometric systems, and more.


3. Austin Entry

Google rating: 5/5

  • Specialize in installing ButterflyMX’s line of cloud-based access control products.
  • Offer repairs for gate openers and video call boxes.
  • Offer diagnostic services for troubleshooting.


4. Access Controls of Austin

Google rating 4/5

  • Specialize in installing, repairing, and servicing telephone entry systems, automatic gates, and radio-controlled systems.
  • Offer free consultations.
  • Conduct welding services and repair for iron wrought gates.


5. Tetra AV

Google rating 3.5/5

  • Partnered with the best access control system providers in the business like ButterflyMX and Kantech.
  • Can customize audio-visual systems for amenity spaces like theaters, game rooms, and business centers.



Gated access control in Austin.


Signs it’s time to upgrade your Austin access control system

Signs that it’s time to upgrade your access control system in Austin include:

  • Cracked or broken screen. While a screen can still function with minor scratches or cracks, it poses a less-than-optimal experience for residents. If screen repair isn’t an option, you might be better off replacing the whole system.
  • Frayed wires. Fraying wires are not only unattractive, but they also pose a safety risk. It’s wise to upgrade your system at the first sign of exposed or fraying wires to avoid a crisis.
  • Rust. Corrosion is common in many outside units, so it’s critical only to install weather-resistant hardware. If rust begins to set in, it’s a definitive sign it’s time to replace it.
  • Fewer features. Does your current unit lack some of the more advanced features of newer models? Upgrading will ultimately improve the lives of staff and tenants alike.


What’s the best access control system in Austin?

ButterflyMX offers several access control solutions like video intercoms, key fob systems, automated front desk stations, vehicle access readers, and keypads. These allow you to remotely manage access at your Austin apartment, gated community, or commercial building.

Our smart video intercoms empower residents to launch two-way calls with visitors so they can visibly confirm their identity before letting them in. Additionally, our video intercoms allow residents and staff to seamlessly open doors and gates with just a swipe on their smartphones.

What’s more, our vehicle access readers and windshield stickers allow you to streamline access for cars entering your property with ease.


Looking for the best access control system in Austin?

Disclaimer: ButterflyMX provides these blog posts to help our customers and potential customers make the right business decisions for them. Our blog posts are based on the information we have available to us at the time of writing.

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