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  • Hiring a Boston security company could cost anywhere from $20 to $100 per hour, depending on the services and expertise you need.
  • The types of security companies in Boston include cybersecurity, security guards, and physical security.
  • A better alternative to outsourcing security is to install your own security measures like an access control system.
  • The best access control system in Boston is ButterflyMX.


Security is an essential quality of any business, which is why you’ll find many Boston security companies offering their services, ranging from physical security to cybersecurity solutions.

However, with so many options, finding the right security company in Boston is challenging.

So, this blog details everything you need to know about Boston security companies. You’ll learn how much they cost, the types of security companies in Boston, and what the best companies are. Not to mention, you’ll learn how to effectively secure your Boston property with access control for a long-term solution.

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How much does it cost to hire a Boston security company?

The cost to hire a Boston security company is approximately $20 to $100 per hour.

Of course, rates will vary depending on the services and level of expertise you need. For instance, a guard posted overnight at a shopping mall is cheaper than 24-hour security for an executive.

Nonetheless, the price of security guards or services can quickly add up, costing you thousands of dollars in as little as a few days or even weeks. That’s why it’s essential to have adequate security measures, such as surveillance cameras, keypads, and intercoms installed at your Boston property. In turn, you can cut down on the cost of security services and potentially eliminate the need for a security guard.


Learn how access control systems secure your property:


Types of Boston security companies

While some Boston security companies offer comprehensive security services, many specialize in a specific type of security. So, it’s vital you know what you’re looking for when wanting to protect your property.

The types of security companies in Boston include:

  • Cybersecurity companies. Hundreds of thousands of cyberattacks occur every year, meaning it’s crucial your company is protected from potential threats. You can protect your digital assets with a Boston cybersecurity company. Cybersecurity companies implement best practices across your organization and dispatch cybersecurity measures across your digital spaces to deter potential intruders.
  • Security guard companies. Monitor your property and prevent damages by using a security guard. Boston security guard companies can provide your business with experienced personnel to maintain security measures, inspect suspicious activity, and patrol the property.
  • Physical security companies. Manage your entire property’s security by hiring a physical security company to install the technology you need. By using surveillance cameras, access control, smart locks, elevator controls, and other building security measures, you can protect your property long-term.


Best security companies in Boston

No matter your unique security needs, there’s no question that you need a robust security system in place at your property. After all, more than 2.5 million burglaries of residences happen each year in the United States Thankfully, there’s a Boston security company for you. Below, you’ll find the best security companies in Boston, that provide a wide range of services to increase the safety of your business.

The best security companies in Boston are:

  1. New England Security
  2. Fast Guard Service
  3. Longwood Security Services
  4. Silbar Security
  5. NENS


1. New England Security

Established in 2005, New England Security is a family-owned and operated security protection firm based out of Boston, Massachusetts. Offering a full suite of services, New England Security believes in accountability, dependability, and commitment to its clients.

For that reason, clients have 24/7 access to the management and leadership team. Moreover, New England Security is the only Boston security company that operates and maintains an operations command center 24/7. Thus, guards are required to check in every 30 minutes to ensure dispatchers have full oversight of your property.

New England Security offers the following services:

  • Armed and unarmed guards
  • Bike patrols
  • Emergency locksmithing
  • Parking enforcement
  • Electronic door lock installation
  • Security camera installation
  • Virtual security guards


2. Fast Guard Service

Fast Guard Service is a private security company in Boston. As a fully licensed and insured private security firm, Fast Guard Service provides professional security and investigative solutions customized to clients’ needs.

Most importantly, Fast Guard is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week, meaning you can receive service within two hours of calling, according to their team.

Fast Guard Service offers a vast range of security services, such as:

  • Commercial security
  • Cybersecurity services
  • Armed security guards
  • Event security
  • Fire watch services
  • Access control systems
  • Bodyguards


ButterflyMX video intercom system


3. Longwood Security Services

Founded in 1986, Longwood Security Services has provided safe and secure environments to clients within the educational, healthcare, and residential communities. Longwood has established lasting relationships with the Boston Police, Fire Department, City Hall, and other city agencies, giving their team an edge when it comes to working with the Boston community.

Furthermore, Longwood security guards go through thorough screening and training to ensure they meet client expectations. Additionally, Longwood employs a proprietary software known as Institution Security Information System to gain essential insights on reported crimes. With this information, they can effectively develop security policies that help your property stay safe.


4. Silbar Security

Established by former law enforcement, Silbar Security’s goal is to revolutionize the security industry. By using law enforcement-based technology, such as body cameras, Silbar Security has proven itself as a professional security service. Silbar Security offers services perfect for all types of businesses, ranging from apartments and HOA communities to events and industrial complexes.

Contact Silbar Security for any of the following services:

  • Security officers
  • Vehicle patrols
  • Event staffing
  • Armed and unarmed guards
  • Temporary officers
  • Emergency officers



Unlike other Boston security companies on this list, NENS is an IT solutions provider specializing in cybersecurity for businesses that can’t manage IT needs internally. NENS has more than 30 years of experience helping businesses protect their digital assets from cyber threats.

When you choose NENS for your cybersecurity needs, you’ll receive:

  • Employee awareness training
  • Anti-virus solutions
  • Annual risk assessments
  • Cybersecurity consulting
  • Technology vendor coordination

With these features and more, you can have peace of mind that your business is protected while online.

In addition to cybersecurity, NENS also offers the following services:

  • IT help desk
  • Managed IT services
  • Business solutions
  • Cloud services


How to better secure your property

While security companies are suitable for protecting your property overnight or for special events, they aren’t the best long-term solution.

Instead, your property requires a robust security solution to deter threats. So, it’s best to implement a security system consisting of effective hardware and software.

For example, an access control system is a solution used to control who can enter your property and when. Multifamily properties utilize access control systems so their residents can enter the property and its amenity spaces, keeping intruders out.

Of course, your access control system should be convenient, secure, and work seamlessly with other security features too, such as surveillance cameras. Fortunately, there is ButterflyMX.


What is the best access control system in Boston, MA?

The best access control system in Boston is ButterflyMX.

ButterflyMX is a cloud-based access control solution that enables tenants to use their phones as a credential. All of ButterflyMX’s hardware and software are compatible, providing you with a property-wide solution. Not to mention, ButterflyMX integrates with other software and hardware for a seamless security solution.


Looking for the best Boston access control system?

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