Commercial access control systems in Detroit can improve your building in numerous ways.


Key takeaways

  • The best commercial access control system in Detroit is the ButterflyMX suite, which includes a video intercom, RFID tags, and elevator controls. 
  • Detroit’s best access control installers are Legacy Solutions, Michigan Lockdown Security, and Central Alarm Signal, Inc. 
  • The benefits of a commercial access control system in Detroit include improved security, management, tenant happiness, and convenience. 
  • A good commercial access control system in Detroit secures parking garages and lots, is weather resistant, and handles a high volume of visitors.


Commercial access control systems in Detroit are a must-have for cutting-edge office spaces and businesses. With fast-growing commercial properties comes a need for improved security and quality-of-life upgrades. However, finding the best access control and installers can be tricky.

In this guide, we’ll provide an overview of the best commercial access control systems to buy. Next, we’ll overview local access control installers in the Wayne County area. Finally, we’ll review the benefits of commercial access control as well as what to look for to secure your Detroit property.

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The best commercial access control systems in Detroit

ButterflyMX offers the best commercial access control systems in Detroit. As a result, ButterflyMX is installed in more than 10,000 properties — and has more than 20,000 five-star ratings.

ButterflyMX commercial access control products include:

  • Elevator controls. You can control who accesses which floors of the property.
  • Vehicle access control. Authorized vehicles can enter parking spaces thanks to RFID tags with the proper credentials.
  • Video intercoms. The ButterflyMX video intercom offers a camera with a wide-angle lens that allows users to see who they are communicating with.
  • Keypads. These can restrict access to certain rooms depending on a user’s credentials.
  • Package rooms. Packages can be safely stored in these designated rooms that are secured by a keypad or a video intercom. This cuts down on package theft and provides an organized space for package deliveries that can be picked up when it’s convenient for employees.

ButterflyMX commercial access control products feature:

  • A weather-resistant rating of IP 65.
  • Cloud-based software that updates automatically.
  • Easy installation with no intrusive wiring.
  • Remote access that extends to guests and delivery personnel.
  • Temporary PIN codes for guests and visitors.
  • Date- and time-stamped entry events that keep track of who enters and leaves.
  • Keyless entry is provided in the form of a mobile app. All users have to do is download the ButterflyMX app and tap a button on their smartphones.


Discover how the ButterflyMX access control system works:


The top access control installers in Detroit

Access control installation is a task best left to the professionals.

Three of the best access control installers in your local area are:

  • Legacy Solutions. As one of the leading installers in Detroit, they have over 63 five-star reviews on Google. Legacy Solutions offers all types of access control installation as well as installation for other security systems, including cameras and alarms. Their services specifically include commercial and residential properties.
  • Michigan Lockdown Security. This security company provides 24-hour access and services to both commercial and residential properties. They install a number of different security systems, including access control systems. However, Michigan Lockdown Security’s specialty is in security cameras and alarms.
  • Central Alarm Signal, Inc. While this company specializes in security alarms, they install all different security systems. They cater to both commercial and residential properties and have been in operation since 1969.


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What are the benefits of commercial access control systems in Detroit?

Detroit is quickly growing as a city with record employment rates and booming businesses. Adopting new technologies is an important strategy to keep up with population growth. A modern access control system will literally revolutionize a building that doesn’t have one.

The modern Detroit workplace will benefit in the following ways from access control systems:

  • Improved security. Access control systems ensure that only authorized employees and visitors with the correct credentials can enter the building.
  • Increased management control. Many systems allow you to monitor when and who enters a building. You can also seamlessly extend or revoke access. Elevator controls and keypads allow you to restrict access to certain floors and rooms.
  • Increased convenience. The best commercial access control systems allow users to enter a property with a tap on their mobile devices. This cuts down extensively on foot traffic into the building and reduces the need for cumbersome physical keys. Additionally, tenants who are used to a work-from-home policy will feel more comfortable entering a workplace that requires less of an entry hassle.
  • Tenant satisfaction. Tenants benefit from features such as remote entry, which allows them to receive deliveries and welcome guests without having to physically grant access to anybody in the building. Systems that utilize smart technology will also appeal to millennials, who currently dominate the workforce.


Commercial access control systems in Detroit benefit a number of commercial buildings like this.


What is the average cost for commercial access control systems in Detroit?

Commercial access control systems in Detroit range in price depending on the number of systems you need for each property and how big or complex a property is. Costs can be as low as $1,000 and range as high as $10,000. Fortunately, many companies offer a consultation on what is best for your property before you make any commitments.


3 things to look for in a Detroit access control system

Detroit is a unique city with unique requirements for an access control system. There are many different access control models to choose from. A good access control system will have solutions for all three of the following.

You should buy a commercial access control system that:

  1. Secures parking garages and lots
  2. Is weather resistant
  3. Handles a high volume of visitors


1. Secures parking garages and lots

Detroit has an abnormally high number of parking garages and lots in the downtown metro area. In fact, the central business district of Detroit alone consists of 30% parking spaces and garages.

So, if your building has a parking garage or lot, then you will want a vehicle access control system that can do two things:

  • Secure the cars that are parked there. Tenants don’t want to worry about their cars being broken into when they’re hard at work inside your commercial property.
  • Prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering the lot/garage. Parking space is limited, and you want to make sure that your space serves the actual tenants in your building.

For example, a system with an RFID tag reader will only allow authorized vehicles with RFID tags to enter your parking space.


2. Is weather resistant

Those chill winds of winter that roll off Lake Michigan are no laughing matter. It’s important to make sure that the access control system that you choose can handle a Detroit winter without breaking on you when you need to rely on it most.

You will want an access control system with an IP rating of at least 65 or higher so that it won’t freeze. Additionally, a system with this rating will also be able to withstand strong wind, dust, and heat waves.


Snow like this means you need weatherproof commercial access control systems in Detroit.


3. Handles a high volume of visitors

Commercial workspaces receive a higher number of guests and foot traffic than their residential counterparts. As a result, a system that can properly manage a high volume of visitors is critical to prevent long lines from forming.

For example, an organized access control process will also ensure that only authorized people will be able to enter your property. Further, you will want an access control system that quickly allows users in. Additionally, you will want a system that is intuitive for new visitors to use.


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